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In this Blues Guitar course, you’ll advance your existing skills by learning the unique finger picking techniques of over 15 blues guitar players. Learn through tutorials on beautiful blues songs, with slow motion, close up and full speed demonstrations. You will also develop skills in the Texan style of blues, using a bottleneck, and even how to play like the King of Ragtime Blues – Blind Blake!

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Course Highlights

  • 42 lectures, containing over 12 hours of video demonstrations on 40 great blues songs, plus 40 PDFs with a description of the song and artist’s style to enhance your understanding.
  • Learn the finger picking styles of over 15 guitarists who shaped the world of blues!.
  • Slow motion and close up tutorials to help you master the techniques.
  • Downloadable TAB files for every song, so you can play wherever you go!
  • Full-length performances by blues guitar expert, Jim Bruce.
  • A whole section dedicated to the King of Ragtime Blues – Blind Blake!

Course Overview

Follow in the footsteps of the greatest blues guitar players from Texas to the Delta with this Masterclass! You’ll learn the characteristic finger picking techniques of blues guitar legends like Lightnin’ Hopkins, to lesser known but highly influential musicians like Floyd Council. Discover how to emulate their incredible acoustic guitar styles, and become an expert in the diverse sounds of the blues!

Instructor Bio

Jim Bruce knows everything there is to know about blues guitar, and he’s here to share his passion with you! Jim was voted Number 1 acoustic blues instructor by Truefire in 2013, and is a regular performer across Europe, entertaining audiences with his range of finger picking expertise. Jim’s love for blues guitar makes this a really exciting way to explore the genre.

Course Curriculum


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  • Introduction
  • Blues Guitar Masterclass Guide

A Varied Genre - Blues Guitar from Texas

  • Introduction to Blues Guitar from Texas and Carolina
  • Baby Please Don't Go - Description
  • Baby Please Don't Go - TAB
  • Baby Please Don't Go - Lightnin' Hopkins
  • Woman Called Mary - Description
  • Woman Called Mary - TAB
  • Woman Called Mary - Lightnin' Hopkins
  • Reap What You Sow - Description
  • Reap What You Sow - TAB
  • Reap What You Sow - Mance Lipscombe
  • Goin' Down Slow - Description
  • Goin' Down Slow - TAB
  • Goin’ Down Slow - Lipscombe

A Varied Genre - Blues from Carolina

  • Untrue Blues - Description
  • Untrue Blues - TAB
  • Untrue Blues - Blind Boy Fuller
  • Careless Love - Description
  • Careless Love - TAB
  • Careless Love - Blind Boy Fuller
  • Weeping Willow - Description
  • Weeping Willow - TAB
  • Weepin' Willow - Blind Boy Fuller
  • Poor Ain't Got A Dime - Description
  • Poor Ain't Got A Dime - TAB
  • Poor Ain't Got A Dime - Floyd Council

Walkin' With The Devil - The Dark Side of Blues Guitar

  • Introduction
  • Me and the Devil - Description
  • Me and The Devil - TAB
  • Me and The Devil - Robert Johnson
  • Love in Vain - Description
  • Love in Vain - TAB
  • Love In Vain - Robert Johnson
  • Blues Before Sunrise - Description
  • Blues Before Sunrise - TAB
  • Blues Before Sunrise - Scrapper Blackwell
  • Blue Day Blues - Description
  • Blue Day Blues - TAB
  • Blue Day Blues - Scrapper Blackwell
  • Kokomo Blues - Description
  • Kokomo Blues - TAB
  • Kokomo Blues - Scrapper Blackwell
  • Nobody Wants You When You're Down and Out - Description
  • Nobody Wants You When You're Down and Out - TAB
  • Nobody Wants You When You're Down and Out - Scrapper Blackwell

Bottleneck and Open G & Open D Tuning

  • Crossroads - Description
  • Crossroads - TAB
  • Crossroads - Robert Johnson (Open G)
  • Walkin' Blues - Description
  • Walkin' Blues - TAB
  • Walkin' Blues - Robert Johnson/Muddy Waters (Open G)
  • Mobile Texas Line - Description
  • Mobile Texas Line - TAB
  • Mobile Texas Line - Leroy Carr (Open G)
  • Police Dog Blues - Description
  • Police Dog Blues - TAB
  • Police Dog Blues - Blind Blake (Open D)
  • Down The Country - Description
  • Down the Country - TAB
  • Down The Country - Blind Blake (Open D)

Swing Blues - Broonzy & McGhee

  • Key to the Highway - Description
  • Key To The Highay - TAB
  • Key To The Highway - Big Bill Broonzy
  • Hey Hey - Description
  • Hey Hey - TAB
  • Hey Hey - Big Bill Broonzy
  • Glory Of Love - Description
  • Glory of Love - TAB
  • Glory Of Love - Big Bill Broonzy
  • Worryin' You Off My Mind - Description
  • Worryin You Off My Mind - TAB
  • Worryin' You Off My Mind - Bill Bill Broonzy
  • Livin' With The Blues - Description
  • Livin with the Blues - TAB
  • Livin' With The Blues - Brownie McGhee

Ragtime Blues Guitar

  • Satisfied and Tickled - Description
  • Satisfied and Tickled - TAB
  • Satisfied and Tickled Too/Pallet on the Floor - Mississippi John Hurt
  • Spike Driver Blues - Description
  • Spike Driver Blues - TAB
  • Spike Driver Blues - Mississippi John Hurt
  • Stateboro' Blues - Description
  • Statesboro Blues - TAB
  • Statesboro' Blues - Blind Willie McTell
  • South Carolina Rag - Description
  • South Carolina Rag - TAB
  • South Carolina Rag - Willie Walker
  • Dupree Blues - Description
  • Dupree Blues - TAB
  • Dupree Blues - Willie Walker
  • Truckin' Little Baby - Description
  • Truckin Little Baby - TAB
  • Truckin' Little Baby - Blind Boy Fuller
  • CC & O Blues - Description
  • CC & O - TAB
  • CC&O Blues - Pink Anderson

Blind Blake

  • That'll Never Happen No More - Description
  • That'll Never Happen No More - TAB
  • That'll Never Happen No More - Blind Blake (in G)
  • Come On Boys - Description
  • Come on Boys - TAB
  • Come On Boys - Blind Blake (in G)
  • Too Tight Blues - Description
  • Too Tight Blues - TAB
  • Too Tight Blues - Blind Blake (in G)
  • Early Mornin' Blues - Description
  • Early Morning Blues - TAB
  • Early Mornin' Blues - Blind Blake (Lesson in C)
  • Southern Rag - Description
  • Southern Rag - TAB
  • Southern Rag - Blind Blake (in C)
  • Diddle Wah Diddie - Description
  • Diddie Wah Diddie - TAB
  • Diddie Wah Diddie - Blind Blake (in C)
  • Tootie Blues - Description
  • Tootie Blues - TAB
  • Tootie Blues - Blind Blake (in C)
  • West Coast Blues - Description
  • West Coast Blues - TAB
  • West Coast Blues - Blind Blake (in C)


  • Conclusion


  • Course Quiz

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Who is this course for?

  • Anyone who knows the basics of blues guitar and wants to advance their abilities.
  • Advanced players looking to expand their blues repertoire.
  • People with a love of blues music and a desire to recreate the sounds of the greats.
  • Guitarists who want to bring a diverse range of songs to their performances.


This course has no prerequisites

Career path

This course will provide you with the fundamental Blues Guitar skills to launch a career as a musician or song writer.

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