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Mini MBA (Business Management)

Classroom based course with study materials, lecturer support and CPD Hours included

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£3,960 inc VAT
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Online, self-paced
5 Days
No formal qualification
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The Mini-MBA program is a dynamic and intense course that provides a carefully crafted, extensive business management curriculum. From sound management and leadership principles, to finance for non-financial managers, to marketing, communications and legal aspects of business, attendees will receive a solid grounding in business management and administration in a condensed workshop setting. This potent learning experience will boost every attendee’s career. Participants from diverse backgrounds and experiences (HR, operations, engineering, general administration, accountancy...) have all enjoyed and benefited from the broad range of subjects and timely topics addressed in this program.


Module 1 - Market & Business Strategy

  • A framework for strategy development
  • Exploring opportunities from the business environment
  • Re-thinking marketing – a strategic viewpoint
  • Where are our present and future markets/customers? Who is serving them and how? What are the risks?
  • How can we maximise the returns from these opportunities?
  • The Marketing Strategy
  • Corporate mission and vision
  • Making the strategy work through the marketing mix

Module 2 - Financial Management

  • Finance – a strong tool for better marketing decisions
  • Understanding the main financial statements
  • Cash Management
  • Case Study
  • Vital insight into companies through their financial statements
  • Costs – understanding them to make more profitable decisions
  • Project evaluation and getting approvals

Module 3 - Communication principles, self-management, announcing tough decisions

  • Understanding leadership in the business environment
  • Lifting our personal barriers to success
  • Communication at its best
  • Handing challenging management situations
  • Customer Satisfaction and quality

Module 4 - Situational Leadership - Getting the best from team members

  • Understanding your personal leadership style, areas to build and develop
  • Applying the appropriate style to every management situation
  • Practice on your own situations
  • Personal success plan

Module 5 - Strategic Business Planning and Integrated management

  • Reinforcing the skills of management and subjects covered in the preceding four days through application to an authentic business situation
  • Developing the objectivity necessary to sort out pertinent information from a mass of confusing data
  • Thinking strategy – making decisions that impact directly on the bottom line
  • Appreciating the knock-on effect of decisions on all functional areas and the importance of strategic linkage between them
  • Making a case for change and anticipating the problems of implementation
  • Presenting ideas and proposals at board level and generating positive outcomes

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