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Word 2013 Training: Basic

  • Through this course on Microsoft Word 2013 Training- Basic, individuals will learn how to work with basic to advanced functions of Microsoft Word.
    To start with Word 2013 Training, we are going to understand the foundation module of Microsoft Word. In this section we are going to understand introduction to Word 2013, ribbons and the interface. Next we look at the backstage view & quick access toolbar, compatibility mode & navigation pane.


  • After this we will understand the working with text , its selection, using find & replace, understanding fonts, working of fonts & applying basic formatting, text effects, how to save a document, look at other file format, arranging paper margins, paper orientation & paper size, inserting columns & page break ups. Going further we would learn how to use watermark, page color & page border, checking spelling & grammar, printing a document, alignment, justifying & line spacing, use of indents, tabs & bulleted or numbering list. Also we see demonstrating of a document with pictures, positioning, wrapping & re-sizing a picture, use of tables, smart art, charts & screen shots, special effects and customizing a word & its ribbons.
  • The next section of Word 2013 Training will deal with understanding other important advanced excel functions which includes understanding themes, change style sets colors, fonts & paragraph spacing, creating quick styles & table of contents, restrict formatting & create multi-level list, understanding of tables, creating a form, use of excel spreadsheet, sorting of data & converting table into text, understanding of cover page, numbering pages, headers, footers & text box, customizing headers & footers, document sharing, tracking changes, accepting & rejecting changes, comparing & combining changes, mail merge and protecting your document.
  • At the end of this Word 2013 Training the individuals will learn the basic operations of Microsoft Word to perform their day-to-day responsibilities and also use the application to be more productive in their work.

Who is this course for?

  • Students, Working Professionals, Enthusiastic learners
  • Who wants to learn Word right from scratch
  • Microsoft Word users
  • Anyone upgrading from a previous version of Microsoft word.


  • Microsoft Word 2013 installed on your computer
  • A Computer with Internet connections
  • What am I going to get from this course?
  • More than 2.5 hours of video content
  • Learning the Word 2013 interface, Creating a word document, Entering text into your word document, Using different views,Keyboard shortcuts
  • Course objective is to make sure that every learner learns the most basic as well as the advanced features of Word.
  • Understand how to insert images, clipart and pictures, proofing and tracking tools in word

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