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Microbiology is study of microorganisms as to how can they be beneficial or harmful in various field of industries or medical.

Microbiology is the study of this hidden world of organisms that affect our health, help make our food, and influence our environment.


About the Microbiology Course

To begin with we will learn about various techniques like use of Microscope, Staining procedure, Sterlization techniques, Pure culture. Use of Microorganism in Dairy industry has been a very important. Emerging infectious diseases, Bioterrorism, Pathogens and links to chronic disease, bacteria and our body, epidemiology will be some topics that will be covered in this coursework.

Lets have a look at the sections of the course and see briefly what all is included in the course curriculum;

  • Introduction to Microbiology:

In this section we are going to learn the meaning of microbiology, microscope, staining techniques and sterlization.

  • Media Preparation:

This section is for you to understand the media preparation and its significance.

  • Microbial Growth and Taxonomy:

In this module we are going to understand the microbial growth concepts and taxomony.

  • Microbiology Of Air, Milk, Soil, Food:

This module deals with studying the microbiology of air, milk, soil and food. we also understand the Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cell Structure.

  • Microorganism role in food poisoning:

Here we are going to study the microorganisms and its role in food poisoning.

  • Medical Microbiology:

In this study we will study medical microbiology in Respiratory Tract Infection, Bacterial-Skin and Wound Infection, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Infection of Urinary Tract, Infection of Central Nervous System, Gastro intestinal Tract infections, Fungal Diseases, Polio, Influenza, Amoebiasis, Malaria, Rabies, Zoonotic Diseases and AIDs.

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