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Massage has been used for centuries to heal, invigorate and relax the mind and body, reaching all the major organs as well as helping the muscles, bones and soft tissue to stay healthy.The massage principle is simple: touch means stimulation. This means that wherever touch is used, the body reacts. Because of the changing landscape of the skin and the body parts it protects, differing levels of touch on the body elicit a range of responses; a soft stroke on the forearm may induce relaxation, but a deeper touch might help the blood vessels in the lower arm take blood back to the heart or stimulate and deepen blood flow to painful muscles.


You will learn how to create the right atmosphere for massage and how to conduct a session, to give the client a positive experience. This includes which oils to use for massage and how choosing specific oils can have positive effects on certain conditions of the client’s body and mind.It then moves onto the practice of the subject; massage techniques and how to deploy them to various parts of the body, and how each treatment is beneficial. The course also takes you through specific massage applications, such as massage for sports and abdominal massage, as well as the benefits, and how to perform, hydrotherapy.The course finishes off with some useful pointers and considerations for those looking to set up their own business.

Not Just a Rub: How Massage Can Improve the Life
Making Massage Part of the Life: A Massage Road Map
Origins of Massage Therapy and Massage Appointment
The Rules for Receiving Massage
Enjoying the Spa Experience (There and at Home)
Setting the Stage for a Great Massage
Stocking Your Massage Tool Chest
All the Right Moves
Putting the Moves Together: Massaging the Back of the Body
Putting the Moves Together: Massaging the Front of the Body

Who is this course for?

This course would be ideal for people who wish to work as a massage therapist, beauty therapist and holistic therapist.


There are No entry requirements. No background training or qualifications are required. Anyone can enrol at any time, beginners, intermediates and experienced all year round.

Career path

The Ultimate Massage Therapist Course will be very beneficial and helpful, especially to the following professionals:

  • Get employed in an established beauty salon, holistic therapy center, spa, health farm, health club and more.
  • Professional holistic therapist.
  • Expert alternative practitioner.

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