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Managing Difficult And Demanding Customers

Watson Martin


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This Managing Difficult And Demanding Customers course gives front-line personnel the skills to react calmly and positively with difficult customers. It offers an understanding of the causes of difficult behaviours and effective techniques to diffuse them. Delegates will learn how to distance themselves from any personal remarks and respond professionally without entering into arguments. Please note: this course covers verbal aggression only – not physical aggression or violence.

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  • Different communication channels and their effect
  • Engaging the ‘professional brain’ instead of the emotional, reactive brain
  • Managing difficult situations using a variety of frameworks
  • Learning how to say ‘no’ when you can’t say ‘yes’
  • How to give unwelcome news
  • How to handle criticism, put-downs, arrogance, persistence or patronising behaviours
  • Professional guidelines for handling extreme and unacceptable behaviours

By attending this course you will gain:

  • a greater understanding of what causes customers to be demanding or difficult
  • the personal skills to stop taking things personally or becoming emotional
  • recognition of the best way to manage your responses, engaging “the professional brain”
  • strategies for handling different types of difficult situations
  • an ability to stand your ground when unable to say “yes”
  • confidence and guidelines for dealing with unacceptable behaviour

Who is this course for?

Our Managing Difficult And Demanding Customers course is for anyone who has to maintain professional customer service when dealing with difficult customers, either face-to-face or on the phone.

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