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Linux Mint Training

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Linux is an open source operating system which is being widely used on servers across major organizations worldwide. Earlier people had been reluctant to use linux on their desktops. But, the situation has improved a lot for Linux and it has become more user-friendly and is becoming extremely popular among desktop users. There are many Linux distributions available to be used as Desktop operating system like Ubuntu, Mint, PCLinux OS, Manjaro, Arch,…. to name the few.Here in this course we are going to learn about Linux Mint desktop operating system.


Linux Mint Training

Linux Mint is an modern operating system. The Linux Mint project focuses on making the desktop more usable and more efficient for everyday tasks performed by regular users. The purpose of Linux Mint is to provide a desktop operating system that home users and companies can use at no cost and which is as efficient, easy to use, and elegant as possible.

In order to facilitate the process of installing software in Linux Mint, this operating system includes a tool named Software Manager. Software Manager is an application developed by Linux Mint developers specifically for Linux Mint. This tool allows you to list, install, and remove software.

The detailed course curriculum is as below:

System information:

Linux Mint offers a graphical tool to get information about the hardware installed on your computer. Linux Mint included HardInfo for displaying information about the hardware installed on your computer.


  • Configure wired connection, wireless network
  • Changing hostname

Getting familiar with Linux Mint Desktop:

  • Configuring keyboard , mouse, sound
  • Changing screen resolution
  • Changing themes
  • Managing files & folders
  • Multimedia
  • Mail client
  • Browser
  • Customize Terminal
  • Using office application

Installing additional drivers:
During the installation process, Linux Mint detects your hardware and installs the required drivers for it. Some GNU/Linux distributions don’t install or provide the proprietary drivers; however, Mint offers us the option to install these kinds of drivers.

User & Group management:

  • Add Users, Groups
  • Modify
  • Delete
  • Assign Privileges
  • Manage Passwords

Command line interface / Shell / Terminal:
A shell is one of the most important components of a GNU/Linux operating system. Using the shell, users can enter commands and execute programs.

Servers – ftp, ssh & SAMBA :
It’s very common for servers on the Internet to provide access to other servers and computers by using different network protocols.

File system, Storage & Backup :
Mint can work with some of the most popular file-system used by the Linux operating
system family. Currently, ext4 is a standard de facto for Linux partitions, and
Linux Mint uses it by default.

Security :

  • ClamAV antivirus
  • installing and configuring firewall
  • A firewall is one of the most important components in computer security. A firewall is a barrier designed to prevent unauthorized access to services and resources in a computer.

SELinux & AppArmor

  • Blocking access to certain sites

Managing passwords :

  • KeePass is a complete tool to manage passwords.

Monitoring system :

  • Processes and services
  • Starting and stoping services
  • Activating services
  • Listing the running processes
  • Displaying cpu, memory and network usage

Advanced administration :

  • Setting up cron jobs
  • Killing process
  • command alias
  • Assigning Port
  • system update
  • Bash scripting basics


  • Checking logs
  • Diagnosing boot issues
  • Reinstalling GRUB
  • Testing RAM
  • Networking problems
  • Getting help from community

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone wanting to learn about Linux mint
  • IT students/professionals
  • Software managers


  • Basic programming knowledge
  • Passion to learn and apply

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