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150 CPD hours / points
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Leadership & Management

Certificate of achievement in Leadership & Management Level 7. Additional CPD Accredited Certificate with 150 CPD points available with no extra study.

Level 7 Diploma in Leadership & Management. Endorsed Certificate of Achievement. Step confidently into your first leadership position and watch your career prospects transform before your eyes! Study in your own time and at your own pace, for the chance to enrich your CV with an advanced Level 7 Diploma in Leadership & Management!

Organisations worldwide count on confident and capable leaders to get the job done. Even the most talented and committed workforce needs deployment, supervision and motivation to perform at its best. In the absence of quality leadership, an organisation quickly becomes inefficient and unable to compete. Contrary to popular belief, not everyone is cut out to become a successful leader. There are certain leadership skills and characteristics you either have or you don’t. But even if you consider yourself to be a born leader, you’ll need to hone, refine and develop your capabilities to make it to the top.

Whether new to leadership or already working in a management position, targeted studies could fast-track your career like never before!

This exclusive Level 7 Diploma in Leadership & Management could hold the key to the top-tier career you know you’re capable of! Discover what separates an everyday manager from an inspiring leader, under the watch of your own personally-assigned tutor! Study the art of motivation and performance optimisation, the value of advanced communication skills and the importance of personal time management. Learn how proactive change management contributes to an organisation’s performance and how leading by example can be more effective than simply delegating duties.

Whatever your current position and objectives, you’ll be one step closer to making them happen with a Level 7 Leadership Diploma on your CV! Enrol today and gain immediate access to our exclusive digital learning platform!


Endorsed by ABC Awards


150 CPD hours / points
Accredited by The CPD Standards Office

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Leadership & Management

Course Benefits

Leadership & Management Diploma. Our exclusive distance learning programmes provide a flexible and accessible alternative to traditional classroom studies. Enrol online and enjoy a variety of perks and privileges including:

  1. Complete access to all course materials and study aids required to complete the course – no additional purchases required.
  2. Round-the-clock access to our advanced online learning platform from any connected device.
  3. Expert input and advice from your own personally-assigned tutor from start to finish.
  4. No deadlines, time-restrictions or fixed study schedules to worry about – complete the course at a pace that suits your lifestyle.
  5. The opportunity to study from any location worldwide for an endorsed Level 7 Management and Leadership Diploma.

Learning Objectives

Stepping into a leadership position for the first time represents the most important transition in any career path. It can also be the most difficult and daunting gap to traverse. This inspiring Level 7 Diploma in Leadership & Management has been designed for candidates at all levels with an interest in becoming confident and capable leaders. Irrespective of your current position and experience to date, this course will help you take the most important step in your lifelong career journey.

Upon completion of the course, you’ll benefit from a detailed understanding of the duties, responsibilities and challenges that accompany leadership roles. You’ll learn what it means to provide successful leadership, studying the most important characteristics of the successful leader and building the confidence to oversee a team or business of any size. Most importantly, you’ll benefit from an endorsed Level 7 Diploma in Leadership and Management on your CV that could make all the difference with employers and decision-makers.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Handle key organisational leadership duties and responsibilities
  • Confidently manage motivation and performance issues
  • Learn how to balance approachability with assertiveness
  • Organise and supervise meetings and employee interviews
  • Provide constructive feedback and deal with difficult employees
  • Build and nurture hard-working, dependable teams
  • Understand the difference between management and leadership
  • Step confidently into a leadership position for the first time

Course Outline

This intensive Level 7 Diploma in Leadership & Management could be all that stands between you and the career of your dreams. A series of 15 inspiring modules gradually details the functions, objectives and limitations of leadership in an organisational setting.

This Course Consists of the following units:

Module 1 - Understanding Management and Leadership

This module covers the following key topics:

  • Leadership Styles (Director’s Style, Coach’s Style, Supporter’s Style, Delegator’s Style)
  • Understanding Your Comfort Zone
  • Managing Performance
  • Onboarding and Orientation
  • Managers Vs. Leaders
  • Types Of Thinking
  • Concequential Thinking
  • Ethics
  • Influence Strategies
  • Plus much more

Module 2 - Improving Management and leadership Performance

This module covers the following key topics:

  • Achieving Personal Mastery
  • Your Personal Vision
  • Our Personal Vision and Our Values
  • Analyzing Our Mental Models
  • Achieving a Shared Vision
  • Team Learning
  • Systems Thinking
  • Plus much more

Module 3 - Developing a High-Performing Team

This module covers the following key topics:

  • Team Leadership
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Teams
  • How Can Teams Help Employees Grow?
  • Developing a High-Performing Team
  • Team Problem Solving
  • Plus more

Module 4 - Motivating Employees

This module covers the following key topics:

  • What is Motivation?
  • Supervising and Motivation
  • Identifying Motivators
  • Motivational Theories
  • Orientation and Onboarding
  • Setting Goals
  • The Role of Values
  • Creating a Motivational Climate
  • Expectancy Theory
  • McClelland’s Needs Theory about Motivating employees
  • Plus much more

Module 5 - Talent Management

The unit 5 covers the following topics:

  • What is Talent Management?
  • A Focused Effort to Manage Talent
  • Understanding Performance Management
  • The Shared Management Model
  • Understanding Succession Planning
  • Risk Assessment
  • Developing Your Vision
  • Understanding Competencies
  • Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence Model
  • Identifying Talent
  • Interviewing, Orientation, Retention and Development
  • Three-Phase Process
  • Development Plan
  • Understanding Abilities and Aspirations
  • Talent Review Meetings
  • Building Incentives into the Plan

Module 6 - Succession Planning

The unit 6 covers the following topics:

  • Defining a Succession Plan
  • Strong Leaders and a Strong Organization
  • Components of the Plan
  • Success Model
  • Setting the Scope
  • Identifying Resources and Analyzing Risks
  • Developing External Successors
  • Risk Assessment
  • Defining Roles, Responsibilities, and Functions
  • Individualized Engagement Plans
  • Gathering Information
  • Forecasting Needs
  • Key Ingredients of a Successful Plan
  • Develop reliable data gathering.
  • Have senior level support.
  • Continually assess your results.
  • Coaching and Mentoring

Module 7 - Business Process Management

The unit 7 covers the following topics:

  • Fundamentals of Business Process Improvement
  • The Vision Phase
  • The Design Phase
  • The Modelling Phase
  • The Execution Phase
  • The Monitoring Phase
  • The Optimising Phase

Module 8 - Communication Skills

This module covers the following key topics:

  • Communication Barriers
  • Active Listening Skills
  • Questioning Skills
  • Probing Techniques
  • The Communication Process
  • Plus more

Module 9 - Negotiation Techniques

This module covers the following key topics:

  • Practicing Negotiation
  • Phases of Negotiation
  • Negotiation Made Easier
  • High Impact Moments
  • Plus More

Module 10 - Managing Meetings and Giving Feedback

This module covers the following key topics:

  • Managing Meetings
  • Presentation Tips
  • Pumping up a Presentation
  • Personal Development
  • Giving Effective Feedback
  • Feedback Techniques
  • Mastering Your Body Language
  • Plus more

Module 11 - Managing Change

This module covers the following key topics:

  • The Change Cycle
  • Human Reaction to change
  • The Pace of Change
  • Adapting to Change
  • Plus more

Module 12 - Managing Time

This module covers the following key topics:

  • Prioritising your Time
  • The Power of a Change
  • Changing Our Perspective
  • Setting Goals with SPIRIT
  • Planning Tips and Tricks
  • Setting Up a Routine
  • Doing it Right
  • Putting an End to Procrastination
  • Planning Wisely
  • Organizing Your Files
  • The Batching Technique
  • Managing Your Workload
  • Workload Analysis
  • Plus more

Module 13 - Stress Management

This module covers the following key topics:

  • Understanding Stress
  • Strategies to Manage stress
  • Time Management

Module 14 - Managing Conflict

This module covers the following key topics:

  • Benefits of Confrontation
  • Preventing Problems
  • Getting Focused
  • Managing Anger
  • Dealing with Problems
  • Conflict Resolution Techniques
  • De-Stress techniques
  • Plus more

Module 15 - Risk Management

This module covers the following key topics:

  • Risk Management
  • Types of Risks
  • Benefits of Risk Management
  • Risk Management Tools
  • Risk Management as a Business Factor
  • Establishing Your Risk Management Context
  • Types of Processes
  • Responding to Risks
  • Reporting and Monitoring
  • Reviewing and Evaluating the Framework
  • Plus more

Who is this course for?

Leadership & Management

A high-level Diploma in Leadership & Management is ideal for anyone looking to climb to the very top of the ladder in any business setting. Our courses are designed specifically for distance learning, providing a flexible and accessible alternative to traditional classroom studies. Pursue a position with an established organisation, or consider starting your own business and become your own boss. Business owners, entrepreneurs and managers at all levels could find the teachings of this leadership course invaluable.

With no entry-requirements to fulfil, our complete course catalogue is open to enthusiastic and ambitious candidates worldwide. Study online at a pace that suits your lifestyle, accessing all course materials and learning resources via our dynamic digital learning platform. Your personally-assigned tutor will provide the support you need to ensure you gain maximum value from this exclusive management and leadership course.

Enrolment is open 365 days a year – sign up today and start working towards a more successful tomorrow!


Leadership & Management

No particular entry requirement

OPTION-I:Endorsed Certificate of Achievement from ABC Awards

On course completion, learner can claim endorsed certificate by paying £120 accreditation fee+postal charges.

Certificate of course Completion

Soft copy:£15

Hard copy of this certificate you will pay £25

OPTION-II: CPD Certificate

CPD Standards Office Accredited Certificate can be claimed on course completion, which will be issued in association with Oxford Home Study (PDF format or hard copy)

CPD Accredited Diploma (PDF format)=£30

CPD Accredited Diploma (Hard copy)=£95

Postage Charges:

National £9

International £15

Career path

Leadership & Management

An advanced Level 7 Diploma in Leadership & Management could help you take the first decisive step towards starting and running a successful business. Alternatively, typical job roles and titles in management and leadership include:

  • Team Leader
  • Manager
  • Controller
  • Principal
  • Assistant Manager
  • Executive
  • Director
  • Coordinator
  • President
  • Administrator
  • Controller
  • Officer

Questions and answers

No questions or answers found containing ''.

Patrícia asked:

Usually how long is the duration of the course?


Dear Patricia You can complete this leadership & Management Diploma course in 3 to 6 months time. Course duration is flexible and it entirely depends on how much time you give to your studies.

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.

Theresa Doherty asked:

Is this course all distance learning?


Dear Theresa Yes , this is a flexible distance learning programme, which is assignment based. The course can be completed from anywhere in the world. You are not required to visit any centre for exams or study. You can complete the course from the comfort of your own home.

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.

Sarah asked:

Is there any assignments to complete with this course? Or is it just an online assessment at the end of the module?


Dear Sarah Diploma in Leadership & Management level 5 is delivered over a series of nine modules. Each module concludes with an Assignment , which will be submitted to your personally-assigned tutor for marking and feedback.

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.

Caroline asked:

Hi, is this based on assignments only or is there an exam at the end? If so is the exam something we do online it is there somewhere we have to go?


Dear Caroline Diploma in Leadership & Management level 5 is delivered over a series of nine modules. Each module concludes with an assessment, which will be submitted to your personally-assigned tutor for marking and feedback.There will be no formal Exams at the end of course.

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.

Naomi asked:

Do I need to compete the levels before to complete this course?


Dear Naomi You can enrol directly on this Leadership & Management Diplom Level 5. The course starts from the basics and takes to advanced levels. We, therefore, do not ask for any previous knowledge or qualification in this subject.

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.

Greg asked:

how long do I have to complete the course?


Dear Greg The course is totally flexible and suits those who are in full-time employment or have busy schedules. You can complete the course in 3- 6 months time. Depends entirely on how much time you dedicate to your studies.

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.

Rachel asked:

Are the modules tests multiple choice or assignments ?


Dear Rachel Assignments may have different types of questions i.e Multiple choices or subjective type

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.

Durmush asked:

Hello Dear Sir/Madam How the course works , can I study from home only and online? I am asking because I don’t have much time to visit classes...


Dear Durmush This is an online assignment based course. The course can be completed from anywhere in the world. You are not required to visit any campus for study or to take exams.

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.


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