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Leadership & Management -

Level 7 Leadership & Management l Endorsed by TQUK l 160 Endorsed/CPD Credits l Quiz based |

Leadership & Management - Endorsed Diploma Level 7 by Training Qualifications UK (TQUK)

Leadership & Management are diverse but harmonising skills. Leadership is an easy-going talent. It alternates everywhere influence, motivation, drive, and other unquantifiable skills. Yet, while leaders set the direction, they must also use management skills to lead their individuals to the correct destination, in a smooth and efficient way.

Leadership is not an ability that can be learned immediate, it requires hard work, commitment and time. -- offers leadership development courses that can help you enhance the qualities and skills required to be a successful, effective and charismatic leader.

This course is Level 7 Diploma in Leadership & Management endorsed by TQUK, a reputable awarding body. Assessment is based on MCQ's which is challenging but less time taking and interesting method of assessment.

If you are looking to learn Leadership and Management skills and taking your career to new heights, then this advanced-level course is the best opportunity for you. Complete the Leadership & Management course on your own pace and acquire the endorsed certificate of completion from the reputable awarding body, TQUK.

‘Leader’ is the one who is followed by people and ‘Manager’ has the people working for them. A successful business owner needs to be both an influential leader and active manager to direct his/her team to achieve organisational goals. Leadership and Management of the organisation must go hand in hand. The management plan, organise and coordinates the staff, and leadership inspire and motivate them to perform on their very best. Considering this active link between both, ILC has developed this advanced level diploma in leadership and management.

This course of Leadership and Management will be beneficial for if you are already employed and managing as small as two employees or overseeing the team of many employees, or if you are looking to start a promising career as a manager, or if you want to improve your readiness for the new business venture.

This Level 7 Diploma in Leadership & Management also contains various modules related to teamwork. So, grab this opportunity of being an inspiring leader, visionary manager and take your career to new heights by achieving the desired goals.

Leadership & Management - Course Benefits

The following is included for online study with Inspire London College.

  1. Courses / Training that best suit to Work Experience, Knowledge and Skills
  2. Self-paced Training/Courses to continue working while studying
  3. Self-Paced Courses to get free from the deadlines
  4. Leadership & Management Course materials that include Training Manual, Mock Quizzes and Case Studies that challenge you to apply your knowledge that can be in PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint format.
  5. Assessment resources accessible through our online Moodle platform 24/7.
  6. A professional one-to-one tutor to provide all-inclusive assistance throughout this Leadership course online.

Leadership & Management - Course / Training Format

After successful enrolment in course, the learner will get access to ILC Moodle Platform, where all the study material / Training Manual will be available. Moodle Platform can be accessed 24/7 anywhere, anytime.

Training Manual contains several modules, each having specific knowledge and case study at the end. All the courses material will be in the form of texts (images/illustrations), and there are no video or live lectures during the training course.

The Test (MCQ’s) will be based on modules of the Training Manual.

Leadership & Management



160 CPD hours / points
Accredited by Step Ahead CPD Qualifications

Course media


Advanced Leadership & Management

Course Outline - Endorsed Level 7 Leadership & Management Diploma from awarding organisation Training Qualifications UK (TQUK) & CPD Accredited.

160 CPD/Endorsed Credits/Points

Level 7 Leadership & Management Diploma is TQUK Endorsed Certificate. To achieve a Level 7 Leadership & Management TQUK Endorsed Diploma learner must have to achieve 16 Modules with 160 Credits to get an Endorsed Certificate of Completion from Training Qualification UK.

Modules Outline

Leadership & Management - Module 1: Self Leadership

  • Understand what self-leadership is
  • Motivate yourself
  • Set goals
  • Reward yourself when positive things happen
  • Think positively

Leadership & Management - Module 2: Leadership and Influence

  • Define “leadership”
  • Explain the Great Man Theory
  • Explain the Trait Theory
  • Understand Transformational Leadership
  • Understand the people you lead and how to adapt your leadership styles

Leadership & Management - Module 3: High-Performance Teams (Inside the Company)

  • Understand the benefits of high-performance teams
  • Address challenges
  • Conduct effective meetings
  • Be able to see the big picture

Leadership & Management - Module 4: High-Performance Teams (Remote Work)

  • Define high-performance teams.
  • Define remote workforce.
  • Understand the characteristics of a high-performance team.
  • Understand how to create teamwork.
  • Understand the importance of communication.

Leadership & Management - Module 5: Team Building Through Chemistry

  • Understand the team development model
  • Identify team chemistry
  • Create vision and goals
  • Appreciate diversity
  • Manage conflict

Leadership & Management - Module 6: Team Building for Managers

  • Discuss the benefits of teamwork
  • Understand the importance of intentionally fostering teamwork
  • Determine strategies your organization can take to build teams
  • Understand the benefits of games and social activities in building a team
  • Apply the principles of team building to your own organization

Leadership & Management - Module 7: Teamwork and Team Building

  • Describe the concept of a team, and its factors for success
  • Explain the four phases of the Tuckman team development model and define their characteristics
  • Describe actions to take as a leader – and as a follower for each of the four phases (Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing)

Leadership & Management - Module 8: Organisational Skills

  • Examine current habits and routines that are not organized
  • Learn to prioritize your time schedule and daily tasks
  • Determine ways of storing information and supplies
  • Learn to organize personal and workspace

Leadership & Management - Module 9: Negotiation Skills

  • Understand the basic types of negotiations, the phases of negotiations, and the skills needed for successful negotiating
  • Understand and apply basic negotiating concepts: WATNA, BATNA, WAP, and ZOPA
  • Lay the groundwork for negotiation
  • Identify what information to share and what to keep to yourself
  • Understand basic bargaining techniques
  • Apply strategies for identifying mutual gain

Leadership & Management - Module 10: Handling Difficult Customers

  • Cultivate a positive attitude
  • Manage internal and external stress
  • Develop abilities to listen actively and empathize
  • Build a rapport with customers in person and over the phone
  • Understand the diverse challenges posed by customers

Leadership & Management - Module 11: Talent Management

  • Define talent and talent management.
  • Understand the benefits of talent management.
  • Recognize performance management and ways to review talent.
  • Identify employee engagement.

Leadership & Management - Module 12: Stress Management

  • Identify the best approach to a stressful situation (Alter, Avoid, or Accept)
  • Understand what lifestyle elements you can change to reduce stress
  • Use routines to reduce stress
  • Use environmental and physical relaxation techniques

Leadership & Management - Module 13: Time Management

  • Plan and prioritize each day’s activities in a more efficient, productive manner
  • Overcome procrastination quickly and easily
  • Handle crises effectively and quickly
  • Organize your workspace and workflow to make better use of time
  • Delegate more efficiently

Leadership & Management - Module 14: Office Politics for Managers

  • Understand the purpose and benefits of office politics.
  • Setting boundaries and ground rules for new employees.
  • Learn to interact and influence among colleagues.
  • Learn how to manage various personality types in the office.

Leadership & Management - Module 15: Business Development and Succession Planning

  • Define business Development and Succession planning and its role in your company.
  • Lay the groundwork to develop a Development and Succession plan.
  • The importance of mentorship.
  • Define and use a SWOT analysis to set goals.
  • Create a plan, assign roles, and execute the plan.
  • Communicate to develop support and manage change.
  • Anticipate obstacles, and evaluate and adapt goals and plans.
  • Characterize success.

Leadership & Management - Module 16: Microsoft Office

  1. Excel 2016 Essentials
  • Create and Manage Worksheets and Workbooks
  • Manage Data Cells and Ranges
  • Create Tables
  • Perform Operations with Formulas and Functions
  • Use Quick Analysis, Charts and Objects
  1. Outlook 2016 Essentials
  • Communicate with Email
  • Manage Messages
  • Manage Schedules
  • Manage Contacts and Groups
  • Manage the Outlook Environment
  1. PowerPoint 2016 Essentials
  • Create and Manage Presentations
  • Insert and Format Text, Shapes and Images
  • Insert Tables, Charts, SmartArt, and Media
  • Apply Transitions and Animations
  • View Slideshows and Work with Multiple Presentations
  1. Word 2016 Essentials
  • Create and Manage Documents
  • Format Text, Paragraphs, and Sections
  • Create Lists and Tables
  • Insert and Format Graphic Elements
  • Create and Manage References

Leadership & Management - Course Certification

Upon successfully passing the course (Diploma Leadership and Management) Learner needs to pay for CPD Accredited Certificate of Completion either in PDF format or Hardcopy or from the Awarding Body TQUK (Hardcopy)

CPD Accredited Certificate of Completion (PDF format) = £50

CPD Accredited Certificate of Completion (Hardcopy) = £70 + postage charges £15

Endorsed Diploma "Level 7 Diploma in Leadership and Management" from Awarding Body TQUK (Hardcopy) = £125 + postage charges £15

Offer: Exclusively for student enrolling from 12th March 2021 to 24 March 2021- Offer Ending Today 24/03/2021

Note: Free PDF Certificate & "Free Project Management Course only" Certificate of completion for Free Course is available to purchase separately.

Who is this course for?

Leadership & Management - Assessment

After studying through the training manual, Learner will have to attempt Final Test (online multiple-choice test – 2 attempts), if necessary, may attempt the test third times at no extra cost. Your test will be assessed automatically and straightaway so that you will directly know whether you have been successful or not. The passing score is 75%. You can retake the test in the case of not being successful at the first attempt.

Before attempting your Final Test, you will have the opportunity to test your proficiency with a Mock Test (online multiple-choice test - Unlimited attempts).

All test(s) / Assessment(s) are online and are taken either through or after the course; these are included in the course price.

Leadership & Management - Course Duration

The minimum time period to complete this training is between 1 - 4 Weeks. But it is a self-paced course, and the duration of completion depends on the learner’s pace and ability to give time to study.

Learners will have access to their Training via Moodle Platform for up to 12 months from the date of enrolment. During this period, flexibility will be given to learners for completing the course at any time.

Leadership & Management

Without any prior knowledge of CPD Accredited Leadership & Management, the learners can take this training course and in addition to this, there are no age restrictions. Thus, anyone who is passionate and ambitious about Leadership and Management can take the course. There are no specific deadlines for admission, and you can enrol anytime on this course.


Leadership & Management

There are no precise requirements for the Leadership and Management Diploma as no prior knowledge and experience of Leadership and Management is required.

Students seeking to enrol for this course should meet the following requirements;

  • Basic knowledge of English Language & Basic Computer Skills
  • Be age 16 years or above

Career path

Leadership & Management

After completing the course Leadership & Management, you will be able to grip yourself with specific knowledge and skills with the highest level of confidence to improve yourself and enhance the skills for your career in the relevant employment sector.

Questions and answers

No questions or answers found containing ''.

Tasha asked:

Can you just clarify how long you have to complete please?


This is a self-paced course and duration of completion depends on the learner’s pace and ability to give time to study. Learners will have access to their Course via Moodle/ VLE for up to 12 months from the date of enrolment.

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.

Ramy asked:

Is it possible to see sample certificate endorsed by ILC and TQUK?


Endorsed certificate will be issued by TQUK and ILC certificate of completion by Ourself. We will upload the sample certificate shortly.

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.

Sharmila asked:

Do we get a Diploma upon the course completion. Thank you


Upon successfully passing the course (Diploma Leadership and Management) Learner needs to pay for CPD Accredited Certificate of Completion either in PDF format or Hardcopy or from the Awarding Body TQUK (Hardcopy) CPD Accredited Certificate of Completion (PDF format) = £50 CPD Accredited Certificate of Completion (Hardcopy) = £70 + postage charges £15 OR Endorsed Diploma "Level 7 Diploma in Leadership and Management" from Awarding Body TQUK (Hardcopy) = £125 + postage charges £15

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.

Michael Go asked:

Hi, is this course CMI or ILM endorsed and will allow for formal membership to either?


Dear Michael, The course is endorsed by Training Qualifications UK, a known awarding body in UK.

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.

Michael Go asked:

Is this course at PG cert or PG dip level


The course is skills fosued and meant for professional development. It can not be categorised as qualification.

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.

Ramy asked:

In regards to awarding of certificate upon completion, do the first two types I.e pdf and hardcopy also bear the TQUK logo? Transcript issued?


ILC Certificate of Completion bear the ILC (Inspire London College) logo only as these will be issued by ILC and Endorse course will be issued by TQUK.

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.

Tochukwu asked:

Please will this course lead to MBA or masters dissertation? Is this 120 credits to progress to top up masters? Thank you very much.


Dear Tochukwu, This level 7 diploma is endorsed course for personal and professional development, not qualification progress to the master degree course. Best regards Admin

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.


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