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ITIL V3 Foundation Course Overview

In this exciting as well as dynamic course, you will obtain an introduction to the lifecycle of the managing IT services to distribute to business expectations. Utilizing an engaging case study, you’ll study the core disciplines of ITIL most excellent practices. Upon completing this course, you’ll be well positioned to productively complete the associated ITIL exam requisite for entry into the prospect ITIL intermediate-level training courses.

ITIL cover up the five core disciplines:

  • Service related Strategy
  • Service related Design
  • Service related Transition
  • Service related Operation
  • Continual Service related Improvement

These disciplines symbolize a service lifecycle framework that more enhances alignment to the business whilst demonstrating business value as well as ROI along with enabling IT to solve exact operational needs.

This course includes handouts in addition to references helpful after the class, as well as practice sessions, the quizzes, the exam strategies, as well as test-taking tips. The one-hour ITIL Foundation exam will be proffered on the last day of class.

The IT Governance is not longer just pleasing, it has become obligatory. Information Technology is documented as a critical enabler as well as key differentiator for the business achievement today. IT, earlier a support element, has now turn out to be part of the fabric of the business as well as clientele expect certain levels of service.

ITIL is documented as the de facto standard for the IT Service Management, which is officially adopted by U.K., E.U. as well as Canadian Government along with the private enterprises. It forms the basis for the ISO 20000 implementation plus certification (official international standard for the IT Service Management).

Organizations utilizing ITIL have reported quantitative as well as touchable profit, like as

  • Savings of almost $200 million annually
  • More than 80% decrease in the service related downtime
  • 50% reduction in the new product cycles

The ITIL v3 Foundation course is one type of an interactive training delivery, with classroom lectures, exercises as well as mock exams to sustain the theoretical concepts. These go much beyond just allowing the course participants productively clear the ITIL V3 Foundation examination, whilst explaining the practical concepts that make easy completion of these good practices within their organization.

WHO NEEDS TO ATTEND-Targeted participants

Anybody seeking the ITIL Foundation certification as well as everybody fascinated in aligning IT with the business, controlling or plummeting the IT costs, boosting the IT service quality, as well as balancing IT property along with assets in the most flourishing way, All the IT trained people , the IT related project managers, the IT related managers, IT related project or the team members, all the coordinators, the network operators, the business process analysts, IT architects, all the consultants, the system integrators, the help desk managers as well as the staff, the planners, the managed service providers, the outsourcers, the application developers, as well as other IT-related positions.

WHAT they’LL LEARN in this training

  • Key notion of the ITIL
  • Significant principles for improving the IT operations
  • Vital processes as well as functions
  • Practical guidance for applying the ITIL to daily IT situations
  • How to bring into line with the business, control costs, as well as improve IT service quality
  • Strategies to poise along with IT resources

ITIL training course content and SyllabusIntroduction

  • The Evolution of the ITIL
  • The Service Management as a Practice
  • The Concept of Good Practice & ITIL
  • The Concept of a Service
  • The Concept of Service Value
  • The Concept of Service Management
  • The Value Creation through Services
  • The Technologies Private Limited
  • The Functions and Processes
  • The Process Model & Characteristics
  • The Role Definitions & RACI Model
  • The Service Management Technology & Automation

The Service Lifecycle

  • Define & understand the follow
  • The Service of the Lifecycle
  • The ITIL Library
  • The Role of The IT Governance
  • The Lifecycle Phase: The Service Strategy
  • Functions and Processes in Service Strategy
  • Financial Management
  • Service Portfolio Management (SPM)
  • The Demand Management


ITIL training duration

Regular Classes( Morning, Day time as well as in the Evening)

period: 2 weeks

Weekend Training Classes( Saturday, Sunday & Holidays)

The below said topics would be covered up in this training workshop with interactive sessions to appreciate the concepts.

The Introduction

The Service Strategy

  • The Financial Management
  • The Service Portfolio Management
  • The Demand Management

The Service Design

  • The Service Catalogue Management
  • The Service Level Management
  • The Availability Management
  • The Capacity Management
  • The IT Service Continuity Management
  • The Supplier Management
  • The Information Security Management

Service Transition

  • The Change Management
  • The Asset as well as Configuration Management
  • Release as well as Deployment Management
  • The Knowledge Management

The Service Operations


  • The Service Desk
  • The Technical Management
  • The Application Management
  • IT Operation Management

The Event Management

Incident Management

The Request Fulfilment

The Access Management

The Problem Management

Continual Service Improvement

  • Service Management
  • The Service Improvement

ITIL Version 3 Qualifications

Required skills, qualifications and training of this training

  • More than 5 Years of experience in the ITIL Implementations
  • Has worked on 6 real-time ITIL implementation
  • Working in a MNC company
  • Trained 37 Students so far.
  • Strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge
  • ITIL certified Professionals
  • ITIL (itil v3 foundation) Placement Training in any part of India

Workshop objectives

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Comprehend related individual certifications as well as organizational certifications
  • Attain a holistic sight to understanding ITIL V3
  • Learn regarding the core books as well as principles of ITIL practices for Service Management
  • Obtain an insight into objectives as well as concepts of ITIL processes
  • Learn how to use ITIL effectively within any organization
  • Perceive ITIL processes from an implementation viewpoint
  • Identify the benefits of an implementing ITIL processes in an organization
  • Balancing guidance would be provided to support the examination viewpoint
  • As a bonus, an indication of the ISO/IEC 20000 would also be proffered

Who should do this course?

ITIL certification is a necessary prerequisite for professionals who needs an essential understanding of ITIL framework as well as how it may be utilized to improve the quality of IT service management within an organization. This certification is most right for:

  • The IT Managers as well as Support teams
  • The System Administrators as well as Analysts
  • The Operations Managers
  • The Database Administrators
  • The Service Delivery Professionals
  • The Quality Analysts
  • The Application Management team as well as Development team
  • The Process Owners as well as Practitioners

What further training or education is obtainable in this Training course?

There are three main kinds of the training providers:

  • All the related Business schools
  • All the Universities
  • All the Independent training providers

FAQ-What is ITIL?

ITIL is the only consistent as well as comprehensive documentation of finest practice for IT Service Management. Utilized by a lot of the organizations around the world, a whole ITIL philosophy has grown up about the guidance contained within the ITIL books as well as the supporting specialized qualification system.

  • What is the procedure of the teaching for the ITIL examinations?

Training for ITIL is obtainable from the network of an qualified training organizations ( like as ATOs) who are reviewed as well as certified by an APMG-International.

  • Do I have to obtain training to sit the exam?

Candidates are talented to self study (i.e. take the examination at a community exam center without attending an attributed training lessons) for the ITIL Certificate in IT Service Management as well as ITIL Practitioner assessment only.

All the higher level ITIL examinations necessitate a candidate to complete obligatory accredited training prior to being able to take the examination.

This decision has been completed by the ITIL Qualification Board as the high level ITIL courses are focused toward the useful application along with analysis of ITIL principles as well as information.

As a result, the test requires candidates to demonstrate a deeper level of thoughtful than would be increased through self study, as well as the benefits to a applicant once they return to the workplace following conclusion of attributed training, will be far greater.

  • How do I sit the exams?

The best part of ITIL recognized training organizations hold the examinations as part of the linked training course.

  • What is the cost to appear ITIL examinations?

If you are sitting the appraisal throughout a qualified training organization, the costs of the exams are usually incorporated in the course fee.

  • What examinations are obtainable as well as what are the entry requirements?

The following certifications are accessible under the ITIL Qualifications system:

  • The ITIL Foundation related Certificate in the IT Service Management .
  • The ITIL Practitioner related Certificate is the succeeding step after the Foundation for professionals who have earlier learned the basics of IT Service Management. Foundation is a precondition for this certification.
  • The ITIL middle Level is the core of the scheme. To take an appraisal at this level, applicants must hold the ITIL Foundation qualification as well as must finish an accredited training course. The subsequent examinations are available at the transitional level:
  • Planning Protection as well as an Optimization; Release Control as well as Validation; Operational Support as well as Analysis, as well as; Service Offerings along with Agreements.
  • Which kind of the languages are ITIL examinations reachable in?

ITIL Examinations have been translated into a diversity of languages, reflecting the international coverage as well as application of the ITIL framework.

  • How long will it take to learn the ITIL material?

For the individuals self-studying it is almost unfeasible to say. As all candidates have dissimilar experience as well as an amount of time obtainable for study, it varies from person to person.

For those studying with an credited training organization, individual providers will be capable to advise on course durations as well as the level of study involved with the various course options.

  • What is the structure of the ITIL examinations?

Summaries of the arrangement of the ITIL examinations can be seen at their website:

  • Is the ITIL Expert Level a higher or equivalent certification level to the ITIL Service Manager qualification?

The ITIL Expert is a little higher level certification than the Service Manager qualification as it encompasses the knowledge base from earlier ITIL versions together with the broader Lifecycle elements.

  • How one can get an ITIL Pin?

APMG-global supply candidates with the relevant are able to close of their examination. Your pin will be mail with the equal certificate.

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