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The modernization and revolution in the commercial world have introduced Information Technology as a part and parcel of the entire process of the business. The more advanced the technology, the more is the efficiency and productivity of the business. IT security course works like a bloodline that connects the entire departments altogether for better and synchronized workflow.

With the incorporation of Information Technology in the business world, the information is stored on the servers. Due to various malpractices like damage or theft by miscreants, it disrupts the workflow. That is why Information Technology Security (IT security) is one of the main concerns of the corporate world to save their confidential data from the cyber thieves.

IT Security course is the practice, the organization adopts that comprises of standards, policies, implementation of various technologies and management policies to keep the classified information safe and secure from the external threats.

What is the company’s valuable information?

The value of a company is in its data that are stored and protected. The gathering of information is well regulated by governing authorities and needs to be protected well enough. It can be:

  • Information regarding new product designs, patent applications, drawings, strategies, etc.
  • Information about the financial segment of the business like records, assessment reports, etc.
  • Information about the consumers.


Why IT security?

In this era of advanced technology almost all organizations are adopting and depending on the information technology as they grow and flourish and in this age, information is the most valuable thing. This is why the organizations are very concerned about the security of their information. Cybercrime and terrorism can create havoc if they gain access to the sensitive information.

The value of the business depends on the value of the stored information. This is the reason why an organization must have proper control of it. An efficient security system is a proper framework that assesses the risk-prone segments and the loopholes which can be the gateway to the cyber mischief. Let’s take the following examples.

  • When the sensitive customer information’s confidentially is lost it will have devastating results with unwanted legal consequences. The goodwill built with long hard toil will be lost and the company will certainly lose the faith of the customers.
  • When there is an intruder in the system, it might pass all the confidential data and corporate secrets to the competitors. This means that the company will lose its competitive edge in the market and there will be a huge setback in the future.

These examples clearly suggest that losing data of any sector is not healthy for the organization. The list of reasons why a robust IT security training is needed is cited below.

  1. The system is an absolute surety to the company that the confidential data is stored properly in a safe place or sent through protected channels and who is accessing them. The security system is a sign of protection and control over flow, usage, and location of data. The system is built as per the priorities set by the organization and act likewise.
  2. The security system acts as a shield from the external threats but also checks the internal breach possibility from suspicious employees. It means the security will be a 360 degrees surveillance which will detect the malicious activities inside and outside the circle. This is why most of the security system uses a data encryption technique to get rid of the leak of the sensitive information.
  3. When the company is concerned about the information that can harm the reputation like negative exposure, lost revenue, liabilities, fines, etc then it is better to adopt a good security system in order to keep the words inside the room. Data breaches in these cases can cause huge problems for the brand image of the company.
  4. Cloud applications in the IT system have made it mandatory to have a proper security system otherwise it will be difficult to track the misuse of sensitive data. The system will be capable to recognize confidential data and henceforth will encrypt it to prevent illegal transmission.

About the Security Fundamentals course

The online IT security course on fundamentals of the IT security is aptly designed by expert professional and segregated into distinct sections so that the learner can absorb the knowledge to the highest degree.

  • Section 1

Section 1 introduces the learner about the basic of IT security and its necessity in the organization. This part will vividly discuss what an IT security stands for and where it is implemented to make sure the important information is safe within the walls.

  • Section 2

This section of the IT security online curriculum imparts the knowledge of defense, the IT security measure adopts. Layered security is the term quoted from the military defense where an intruder exhausts its resources just by encountering the multiple layers of securities implemented to protect the system. This layered security stops rapid penetration. This measure has multiple faces which are implemented like policies, user training, authorized access, and others. This tactic of multiple security layers slows down the attacks and the system can buy some time to recover itself from the intrusion.

The second part of this section deals with the knowledge about domains in the security system. The domains are applications that allow authenticated users to enter and use the sensitive data and that also for a particular time period. These applications are nothing but authentication and authorization managing part of the security system.

  • Section 3

The third section deals with all types of securities incorporated in the IT security system to stop external or internal threats.

  1. Server security deals with the measures taken to protect the server where the data is stored and can be accessed by physical or virtual methods. An apt server security measure can prevent malicious attacks and does not hamper the performance of the servers.
  2. Database security is the measure where the database is protected and secured from threats with the help of a multitude of processes and tools.
  3. Web and Internet Security deal with the security of the websites, applications, and services used by the organization.
  4. LAN security deals with the threats that emerge in the local area network like unauthorized access from any device connected with the network.
  5. Role of cloud applications and computing in an organization will be taught in this segment.

Other than the varieties of securities the third section deals with the standards and certifications given by the regulatory bodies. The certifications work like a label for an organization which can be trusted by customers or business partners. The security mark also enhances the brand image of the organization.

Requirements for the IT Security Course

Other than a computer with good internet connection, a learner needs enthusiasm and zeal to know. If the learner is previously introduced with the basics of computer and Concepts of Information Technology then he or she will understand the security concepts easily.

Contents of IT Security Course

The entire security fundamentals course is aptly segregated into valuable lectures from the expert professionals from the same background. The material is so well organized that a novice learner can earn good insights about the concepts. It has 9 lectures and 48 minutes of conceptual content from where an enthusiast can imbibe the fundamentals of the IT Security measures.

Target Audience of this IT security course

The security fundamentals training is best for the IT professionals who are in this domain. To gain more knowledge about this particular field the course is the best medium. In fact, anyone who is interested to know about the security measures implemented in the Information Technology sector can go through this online course for enlightenment.

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