IoSCM Level 6 Qualification in Supply Chain Operations Management

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Level 6 Award in Supply Chain Management
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The Institute of Supply Chain Management (IoSCM) is the leading institute for supply chain qualifications, available at award (price listed), certificate, diploma and extended diploma.

Their courses are delivered via online learning, supported by their team of industry experts with experience across all areas of the supply chain.

IoSCM offers a unique learning method, which is adaptable around your experiences, goals and what you would like to achieve. The courses are 100% adapted to suit the individual; you select your units, hours of study and how your assessed – use your knowledge, evidence from your working role or past qualifications.

About IoSCM and their course

Guarantee success in your industry with the Institute of Supply Chain Management. We offer every student much more than just a qualification; we provide the opportunity to grow, learn and progress as a professional with our unrivalled support network.

You can custom build the IoSCM Level 6 Supply Chain Operations Management qualification in order to meet your career ambitions, future job specification or accredit your current skill set.

This qualification is industry recognised across the globe. All IoSCM qualifications are designed and developed by industry experts to provide first class study materials


Through completion of this IoSCM Level 6 qualification, you’ll receive an internationally recognised certification from IoSCM in Supply CHain Operations Management .

As well as this, you’ll be awarded an industry recognised qualification, Level 6 in Supply Chain and Operations Management from SFEDI Awards


The IoSCM Level 6 in Supply Chain Operations Management is comparable to a Masters degree.

The Level 6 is recognised and much sought after by employers and businesses. It gives you realistic, industry-specific knowledge and skills that is entirely tailored to you and the sector, giving you the best chance of gaining employment across the supply chain.

You can study around your current commitments and still save time and money in comparison to a full time or classroom based course, as you can study at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home. If you’d like to find out how an IoSCM qualification can be significantly beneficial to your career, give our expert Course Advisors a call today.

The Level 6 courses are available as:

  • Award
  • Certificate
  • Diploma
  • Extended Diploma

Assessment Based Study

No exams.

Use the knowledge you’ve developed through studying with IoSCM or other professional bodies, submit evidence of prior/current experience or learn through IoSCM expert course material and submit assignments to achieve your qualification.


Level 6 Award in Supply Chain Management


Core Units

Supply Chain Management

  • Effective Supply Chains
  • Meeting Strategic Objectives of an Organisation
  • Value of 3PL and 4PL
  • Cause of Supply Chain Failures
  • Developments in Information Technology

Optional Units


  • Internal and External Environment
  • Operating a Marketing System
  • Financial Documentation
  • Change Management Processes

Finance Management

  • Balance Sheets, Income Statements and Cash Flow
  • Cost vs. Value of Developing a Project
  • Financial Analysis and Impact on Short and Long Term Business Plans
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

Human Resource Management

  • Responsibilities of HRM
  • HRM Processes and Practices
  • HRM and Performance Management
  • Methods of Managing Employment Relationships
  • Reward Management

International Freight Management

  • Strategic Importance of Creating an International Supply Chain
  • Multimodal Freight Movement Operation
  • Legislation of the International Movement of Freight
  • Alternatives to Moving International Freight


  • Strategic Role of Inventories
  • Inventory Cost on Business Performance
  • Managing Order Levels
  • Inventory Control

Logistics Management

  • Key Requirements of Logistics Management
  • Setting up a Logistic Operation
  • Benefits of Different Transport Modes
  • Methods of Rationalising Logistic Operations
  • Technology in Logistics

Management and Leadership

  • Process of Management Activities
  • Impact of Leadership and Management Techniques
  • Risk Management
  • Organisational Cultures
  • Factors Impacting Time Management

Operations Management

  • Managing Operations and People
  • Operational Strategy
  • Managing People and Change in the Work Place
  • Methods of Managing Capacity
  • Operational Scheduling and Process Management
  • Managing Quality

Ports and Shipping Management

  • Shipping and Globalisation
  • Value of Operating and Agile Ports
  • Resource Requirements
  • Containerised Shipping Operation

Production Management

  • Production
  • Requirement of Product Design and Production Strategy
  • Location, Layout and Productivity of Manufacturing
  • Forecasting, Planning and Scheduling of Production
  • Purchasing and Inventory Management

Purchasing Management

  • Purchasing Environment
  • Purchasing Strategy
  • IT in the Purchasing Process
  • Supplier Assessment and Performance Rating
  • Support Tools for the Purchasing Process

Quality Management

  • Characteristics of Quality
  • Quality Management Systems
  • Total Quality Management Systems in an Organisation
  • European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) Excellence Model

Transport Management Planning

  • Transport Planning and Economic Development
  • Transport within a Supply Chain Infrastructure
  • Methods of Trip Distribution Modelling
  • Effective Transport Policy
  • International Movement of Freight

Warehouse Management

  • Warehouse Requirements of Business
  • Warehouse Layout for Specific Business Needs
  • Important Considerations of a Warehouse Location
  • Services of 3rdParty Distributors

Who is this course for?

As with most supply chain sectors, the roles and responsibilities of those in a Supply Chain Management and Operations position can be varied. IoSCM’s Supply Chain Academy enables those in industry to develop their skills through bespoke distance learning courses.Anyone looking to gain further knowledge of the supply chain industry. Suitable for those wanting to progress within their current job role or further in the industry.


There are no previous requirements needed to study this course and IoSCM will evaluate whether this is the right course for you, ensuring you don’t waste valuable time and resources studying the wrong course.

Career path

This course is designed to give students the opportunity to progress within the supply chain industry allowing them to further their knowledge and progress within their role.

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