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Playing with Animations in iOS 9

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This course covers both theory and practical aspects ofiOS 9 Animations. It explains theoretical aspects such as what are animations, animating changes in properties in view, creating animated transitions between views and detailed approach to core animation.


Playing with Animations in iOS 9

We explained animations with five examples in the practical session. In the first example, we see how controls (text field and button) can be animated in the login view. In the second example, when we switch from one image to another, we see how to create fade animation. In the third example, we see how animation can be used to reject a view. We see how to animate table cells in the last, fourth example. Overall, this tutorial gives you the ability to play with iOS 9 animations. We covered this tutorial with quick language, as well as Xcode 7.2 and iOS 9.2.

Course Objective:

  • To study animations in iOS 9 using swift language
  • To enhance your knowledge by learning the concept of animations

Please find the below curriculum of the courses:

Section: Introduction

  • Video Name: Introduction to Animations in iOS 9
  • Video Name: Table of Content
  • Video Name: Changes You Can Make
  • Video Name: Starting Animation Using the Block-Based Methods
  • Video Name: Creating Animation Transitions Between Views
  • Video Name: Linking Multiple Animations Together
  • Video Name: Designing with Animation
  • Video Name: Animation in iOS 9 (practical)
  • Video Name: Navigation Item

Section: Example

  • Video Name: Example Part 1
  • Video Name: Example Part 2
  • Video Name: Example Part 3
  • Video Name: Example Part 4

Who is this course for?

  • Students
  • Professionals


  • Basic knowledge of Xcode and iOS programming
  • Basics of swift language

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