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Import/Export: Supply Chain Management (25-in-1 Unique Courses)

25-in-1 Unique Courses Bundle || Pay by Instalments || Gift: Framed CPD Certified Hardcopy Certificate & Mortarboard

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250 CPD hours / points
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[Updated 2023 (CPD QS)]

✦✦✦ 25 in 1 In Import/Export Bundle Course! ✦✦✦

Dive into the dynamic world of global trade with 'Import/Export: Supply Chain Management'. This course is your passport to mastering the intricate dance of international logistics. Embark on a journey that will elevate your career to global proportions.

"Import/Export: Supply Chain Management" is a comprehensive course designed for those eager to excel in the global marketplace. Covering everything from basic import/export processes to advanced supply chain management, this course offers a deep dive into logistic management, procurement, and commercial law. You'll gain insights into operations management, transport and port management, and the nuances of retail and product management. With a focus on practical applications like Six Sigma and sales negotiation, this course prepares you to navigate the complexities of international trade efficiently.

Join now and become a key player in the ever-evolving world of global commerce.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  1. Efficiently manage and optimize import/export operations.
  2. Apply principles of logistic and supply chain management in a global context.
  3. Understand and navigate the legal aspects of international trade.
  4. Implement effective strategies for procurement and inventory control.
  5. Master the tools and techniques for successful retail and product management in international trade.

★★★ Complimentary Gifts ★★★

Framed Hardcopy Certificate

Who doesn’t want to show their new skills to their friends, peers, and family? Yes! We are making it more attractive now. After completing this course, you will get a free framed certificate in Import/Export: Supply Chain Management! Get it now and hang it on your wall of achievements!

Free Mortarboard

We are making it even more exciting for you! Guess what? You will get a free mortarboard upon completion. Grab it now!

There are several benefits that you can gain by purchasing a 25-course bundle on a specific topic:

  • Comprehensive learning: With this bundle of 25 courses, you will have access to a wide range of information and resources on a specific topic, providing a more comprehensive understanding of the subject.
  • Variety of perspectives: Different courses within the bundle are developed by different experts with different backgrounds and expertise, which will provide you with a variety of perspectives on the topic.
  • Convenience: A bundle of 25 courses will provide you with a wide range of learning materials in one convenient package, rather than having to purchase individual courses separately.
  • Cost-effective: Purchasing a bundle of 25 courses can often be more cost effective than buying each course separately.
  • Flexibility: With a bundle of 25 courses, you will have the flexibility to learn at your own pace and on your own schedule.
  • Accreditation: The courses come with accreditation that can be added to your resume and may give you an edge in the job market.
  • Up-to-date knowledge: The courses will provide you with the latest knowledge and trends in the field, which will help you stay current in your field.
  • Career Advancement: This bundle is designed to help you advance your career by learning new skills, which can benefit you to advance or switch careers.

Sounds enticing enough? So, enrol in the Import/Export: Supply Chain Management bundle as soon as possible!


Digital certificate (CPD Accredited)

Digital certificate - £4.99

  • You’ll Receive Digital Certificate Absolutely Free for the Title Course!
  • The remaining courses will cost you £4.99 each.

Hardcopy certificate (CPD Accredited)

Hard copy certificate - £9.99

  • You’ll Get Free Hard Copy Certificate for the Title Course!
  • You must pay £9.99 (inside the UK) and £14.99 for the remaining courses (for international students)


250 CPD hours / points
Accredited by CPD Quality Standards

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This course provides a holistic view of the import/export sector, blending foundational concepts with advanced strategies in supply chain management. It covers key areas such as logistic management, lean process implementation, and effective purchasing techniques. Learners will explore the complexities of transport and warehouse management, gaining skills in safety and compliance. The course also emphasizes the importance of e-commerce in today's digital marketplace, equipping students with the knowledge to succeed in an online trading environment. It's ideal for those seeking a career that combines analytical skills with the thrill of international business.

Courses Included in the Bundle:

  • Course 01: Import/Export
  • Course 02: Logistic Management
  • Course 03: Supply Chain Management
  • Course 04: Certificate in Purchasing and Procurement
  • Course 05: Purchase Ledger
  • Course 06: Operations Management: Process Mapping & Supply Chain
  • Course 07: Commercial law
  • Course 08: Transport Manager
  • Course 09: Port Management Diploma
  • Course 10: Diploma in Lean Process and Six Sigma
  • Course 11: Retail Management
  • Course 12: Product Management
  • Course 13: Commercial Management
  • Course 14: SAP Controlling (CO) - Product Costing S4HANA
  • Course 15: Compliance and Risk Management Diploma
  • Course 16: Merchandising
  • Course 17: Visual Merchandising Diploma
  • Course 18: Inventory Controller
  • Course 19: Warehouse Clerk
  • Course 20: Warehouse Safety Manager
  • Course 21: Level 3 Ecommerce Management
  • Course 22: Sales Negotiation Training Course
  • Course 23: Creating Highly Profitable Sales Funnels
  • Course 24: Manual Handling Training
  • Course 25: Workplace Productivity Training

Here is What You Will Learn from this Course

Course 01: Import/Export
You will learn the processes and regulations involved in international trade, including documentation, customs procedures, and tariff classifications.

Course 02: Logistic Management
You will understand the principles of efficient transportation and distribution, covering inventory management, freight forwarding, and route optimisation.

Course 03: Supply Chain Management
You will grasp the holistic approach to managing the flow of goods, from sourcing to delivery, encompassing demand forecasting, supplier relations, and risk mitigation.

Course 04: Certificate in Purchasing and Procurement
You will acquire skills in vendor selection, contract negotiation, and procurement strategy development to optimise purchasing processes.

Course 05: Purchase Ledger
You will learn how to manage financial records related to purchases, including invoicing, reconciliation, and maintaining accurate supplier accounts.

Course 06: Operations Management: Process Mapping & Supply Chain
You will comprehend process mapping techniques and their application in enhancing supply chain efficiency and reducing operational bottlenecks.

Course 07: Commercial law
You will gain insights into legal frameworks governing business contracts, intellectual property, and dispute resolution in commercial contexts.

Course 08: Transport Manager
You will develop competencies in managing transportation operations, fleet maintenance, and compliance with transportation regulations.

Course 09: Port Management Diploma
You will master port operations, covering cargo handling, customs procedures, security protocols, and effective management of port facilities.

Course 10: Diploma in Lean Process and Six Sigma
You will understand principles of lean management and Six Sigma methodologies to eliminate waste, enhance quality, and optimise processes.

Course 11: Retail Management
You will learn retail strategies encompassing merchandising, customer experience, inventory control, and staff management for effective store operations.

Course 12: Product Management
You will grasp the product lifecycle, market analysis, and development processes required to successfully manage products from conception to launch.

Course 13: Commercial Management
You will acquire skills in financial management, contract negotiation, and stakeholder engagement for successful business operations and growth.

Course 14: SAP Controlling (CO) - Product Costing S4HANA
You will understand SAP's CO module for product costing, covering cost allocation, variance analysis, and integration with business processes.

Course 15: Compliance and Risk Management Diploma
You will learn to identify, assess, and mitigate business risks while ensuring compliance with regulations and industry standards.

Course 16: Merchandising
You will grasp the art of presenting products in appealing ways, including assortment planning, pricing strategies, and visual presentation techniques.

Course 17: Visual Merchandising Diploma
You will develop skills in creating engaging in-store displays, utilising space effectively, and enhancing brand visibility through visual merchandising.

Course 18: Inventory Controller
You will learn inventory management techniques, including demand forecasting, stock replenishment, and maintaining optimal inventory levels.

Course 19: Warehouse Clerk
You will understand warehouse operations, focusing on order processing, inventory tracking, and maintaining organised storage systems.

Course 20: Warehouse Safety Manager
You will acquire knowledge in creating and enforcing safety protocols, risk assessment, and ensuring a secure work environment within a warehouse setting.

Course 21: Level 3 Ecommerce Management
You will learn the intricacies of managing an online store, covering digital marketing, customer engagement, and order fulfillment strategies.

Course 22: Sales Negotiation Training Course
You will develop effective sales negotiation skills, including identifying client needs, objection handling, and creating win-win solutions.

Course 23: Creating Highly Profitable Sales Funnels
You will master the creation of sales funnels, understanding customer journeys, lead conversion, and optimising sales processes.

Course 24: Manual Handling Training
You will learn safe manual handling techniques to prevent injuries, covering lifting, carrying, and moving objects in various workplace scenarios.

Course 25: Workplace Productivity Training
You will acquire strategies to enhance personal and team productivity, including time management, task prioritisation, and effective communication techniques.

Assessment Process

To simplify the evaluation and accreditation procedure for students, we offer an automated assessment system. You'll have immediate access to a custom-created MCQ test or assignment after completing an online Import/Export: Supply Chain Management bundle. The results will be immediately evaluated, and the score will be shown for your assessment. Each test will have a passing mark of 60%.

Who is this course for?

  1. Professionals aspiring to work in import/export and international trade.
  2. Logistic managers seeking to enhance their global supply chain knowledge.
  3. Business owners interested in expanding their operations overseas.
  4. Retail and product managers aiming to understand global market dynamics.
  5. Individuals interested in a career in transport and port management.


This course has no set requirements for learning. All you need is a smart device, a reliable internet connection, and a basic command of English and you're good to go!

Career path

  1. Import/Export Manager (Average Salary: £35,000)
  2. Logistic Manager (Average Salary: £40,000)
  3. Supply Chain Analyst (Average Salary: £30,000)
  4. Procurement Manager (Average Salary: £45,000)
  5. Warehouse Safety Manager (Average Salary: £32,000)

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