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ILM Level 7 Certificate in Leadership & Management

Effective leaders recognise the effect of their own behaviours on other people and on the organisation.

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Level 7 Certificate Leadership & Management
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End date: 09/01/2020

Additional info: The course is run over 4 consecutive days as a block residential course in Keswick.

Station Road

End date: 18/06/2020

Additional info: The course is run over 4 consecutive days as a block residential course in Keswick.

Station Road

End date: 17/09/2020

Additional info: The course is run over 4 consecutive days as a block residential course in Keswick.

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End date: 06/02/2020

Additional info: The course is run over 4 consecutive days.

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East London


This Level 7 Certificate in Leadership and Management is designed for senior managers and leaders who recognise they have to satisfy various stakeholders and also want to invest in their own personal brand.

You may manage day to day operations and activities, and in doing so seek to make best use of your resources, understand the need to innovate and have a constant awareness of the need to optimise performance. You may also have to present arguments for change, construct business cases, lead change implementation and evaluate the impact of that change.

Becoming a more effective leader involves delegates in a complex process of changing behaviours, based on an understanding of leadership and on the development of a range of personal and interpersonal skills.

Simply understanding what leadership involves, or developing insight into the effect of one’s own emotional state or values on decision-making, or being good at communicating with thers is not sufficient, although each is a necessary component of any leadership role.

It is the synthesis of this that enables effective leaders to recognise the effect of their own behaviours on other people and on the organisation, and to manage those behaviours to achieve the goals that they have agreed.

Our ILM Level 7 Certificate in Leadership & Management development programme places great emphasis on developing this ability; if you are to continue to improve your performance beyond the programme itself.

The ILM Level 7 Certificate in Leadership & Management is delivered offsite as a 4 day experiential learning programme in Keswick, Cumbria or as a 4 day open course in London.


Level 7 Certificate Leadership & Management

Course media


  • ILM L7 Leadership & Management - download


This ‘tools’ based leadership and management development programme focuses on the practicalities of leadership and management from a delivery perspective and, through a series of competency based leadership and management skills assessments and experiential leadership development exercises, develops confidence within the leader.


The Certificate in Leadership and Management consists of one mandatory unit and allows Results Driven Group and the learner to identify an area, or areas, for investigation into an area of leadership and management in their own work context of particular interest and relevance, and will result in a strategic evaluation of the impact of the area of investigation, thus delivering a positive ROI for the learner and the organisation.

Support materials

There is a comprehensive set of online support materials that underpins the practical nature of the course, allowing delegates to explore the academic side of leadership further pre and post programme

Group size

This programme is limited to 12 delegates.

The programme consists of one module which is the development of leadership and management capability through enquiry, which involves delegates in using a complex situation to gain an insight into the development of a robust project which will enhance the core skills needed to become a results driven strategic manager and leader, through the research, delivery and evaluation of the project.

Programme content

• The use of action learning as a strategic leadership development medium

• Using ROI in the decision making process at a strategic level

• Engaging with stakeholders at a strategic level either internal or external to the organisation, getting buy in to change

• Organisational mapping, dealing with barriers that enhance strategic productivity

• The development of a personal brand which inspires confidence at a strategic level

• The creation of added value at a strategic level

• A range of contrasting traditional and contemporary models of leadership are considered, their research methodologies discussed and critical assessments made of them

• Ethics, values, power and authority, responsibility and accountability in leadership

• Knowledge, skills, behaviours and other characteristics of effective leaders

• Organisation type, purpose, values and culture and their interaction and their impact on the leadership role

• Characteristics of the sector in which the organisation operates and their impact on expectations of leaders; comparisons with other sectors

• The nature of the external environment and its impact on the organisation; the demands and expectations this places on leaders

• The criteria used to judge effective leadership in different types of organisation

• The behaviours associated with effective leadership in different types of organisation

• The leadership knowledge and skills that underpin effective leadership behaviour

• The effect of personal characteristics (e.g. personality, intelligence, emotional literacy, personal integrity and honesty, values and beliefs, on leadership behaviour

• Skills and techniques for evaluation of personal behaviour and performance

• The use of feedback and awareness of others' responses such as emotional literacy to own behaviour

• Techniques and skills in seeking and objectively evaluating feedback

• Models of reflective learning (e.g. deep and surface learning, ACT, learning transfer, double loop learning, Activity Theory - NB learners must have an insight into process of learning and the role of structured reflection to enable learning)

• Techniques for developing leadership in others (e.g. through coaching or mentoring, delegation, etc)

• Techniques of reflective learning (learners must be enabled to use practical techniques to enable a structured approach to reflection to enable learning)

Client testimonial

“The Trainer is full of energy and reinforced the fact that there is always an achievable solution with good communication in any given situation.”

Area Manager – Charity

In house delivery options

We can deliver this program in house for a minimum of 7 delegates, contact us for further details

Who is this course for?

Experienced or aspiring senior managers/directors/future leaders in your organisation.


There are no formal entry requirements but participants usually have management responsibilities at a senior level.

Career path

Enhance your C.V

  • further develop your leadership and management skills
  • increase your earning potential

Course delegate responses:

“Thank you for your efforts in making the course a truly worthwhile experience. Appreciated all your hard work and thoroughly enjoyed myself!”

“I believe the way we were coached and educated was absolutely brilliant. Chris is great at what he does.”

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