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Human Resources Management

Level 7 Advanced *Complete Diploma *|FREE PDF Certificate*| 210 CPD Points | FREE Recruitment Skills & COVID-19 Courses*

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210 CPD hours / points
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Human Resources Management

**4 Courses Bundle**

**FREE FREE Recruitment Skills Course** FREE COVID-19 Course**FREE Administration Course

Diploma of achievement in HR Management QLS Level 7. Additional CPD Accredited HR Management Certificate with 210 CPD points available without extra study. This HR Management course comes with easy to understand e-learning study materials.

It is ideal for you whether you are a novice or professional in this niche. You will gain creative, innovative and efficient strategies that will make you a transformational leader in Human Resource field.

Human Resources Management

This HR Management Diploma is a unique and well designed course in HR Management. Today’s business is defined by the quality of its workforce. It’s often said that even the biggest organisation is only as strong as its weakest link. Those who thrive in HR management gain access to a broad and dynamic job market - both at home and on a global basis.

What Will I Learn From This HR Management Diploma:

At the end of the HR Management - Level 7 Course, the learners will be able to:

  • Human Resources Management - Understand the importance of human resources and their management within organisations;
  • Human Resources Management - Recognise the importance of good employee relations;
  • Human Resources Management - Discuss mutual value and benefit of providing the workforce with the highest quality training on an ongoing basis,
  • Human Resources Management - Explore professional strategies for measuring the effectiveness of employee training
  • Human Resources Management - Investigate various interview techniques
  • Human Resources Management - Understand how to performance reviews, behaviour evaluation and the a professional performance management checklist.
  • Human Resources Management - Recognise the importance of managing attendance and rewards
  • Human Resources Management - Discuss employee contract termination, exit interviews and the importance of the four-step disciplinary system.

Why Students prefer this HR Management Diploma from STS:

  • Fully Endorsed Human Resources Management Course
  • Human Resources Management Specialist Tutors
  • Human Resources Management - course does not expire till you successfully complete it
  • Human Resources Management - No deadlines, no time restrictions and no fixed schedules
  • Human Resources Management - Quality course materials included
  • Human Resources Management - Online assessments to test your new skills and knowledge

*** 3 Free Gifts included ***

1. ***FREE Recruitment Skills Course***

This Free Recruitment Skills course covers the following topics:

  • Human Resources Management - An Introduction to Recruitment
  • Human Resources Management - The UK Recruitment Industry
  • Human Resources Management - The Structure of the Industry
  • Human Resources Management - Executive-level recruitment
  • Human Resources Management - Middle to Senior Management
  • Human Resources Management - Knowledge-Based Specialists and Professional Staff
  • Human Resources Management - Permanent Staffing Solutions
  • Human Resources Management - What Do Recruitment Consultants Do?
  • Human Resources Management - What Is The Recruitment Process?
  • Human Resources Management - Essential Skills for a Recruitment Consultant
  • Human Resources Management - How Do I Become A Successful Recruiter?

2. ***FREE COVID-19 Course***

This Free Covid-19 course covers the following topics:

  • Human Resources Management - What Are Coronaviruses?
  • Human Resources Management - What is COVID-19?
  • Human Resources Management - What Are the Symptoms of COVID-19?
  • Human Resources Management - Is it a Cold, the Flu or COVID-19?
  • Human Resources Management - Mild vs Severe Infection
  • Human Resources Management - How is the Coronavirus Transmitted?
  • Human Resources Management - What Does ‘Community Spread’ Mean?
  • Human Resources Management - When to End Self-Isolation at Home
  • Human Resources Management - Is There a COVID-19 Vaccine?
  • Human Resources Management - Is There a Treatment for COVID-19?
  • Human Resources Management - What Happens Next?

***FREE Administration Skills Course***

This Free Administration Skills course covers the following topics:

  • Human Resources Management - The Steps to Feeling Good
  • Human Resources Management - Understanding and Improving your Assertiveness
  • Human Resources Management - Improving Your Assertiveness Skills
  • Human Resources Management - Communication Skills
  • Human Resources Management - Asking and Listening
  • Human Resources Management - Non-Verbal Messages
  • Human Resources Management - Writing Skills
  • Human Resources Management - Getting Ahead
  • Human Resources Management - Self-Management
  • Human Resources Management - Setting Goals

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210 CPD hours / points
Accredited by The CPD Standards Office

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Human Resources Management

This HR Management Diploma is a course that has the capacity to take your career to the next level of excellence. Feel free to register for it whether you have any prior knowledge of HR Management or not. You will also gain great insights in various multidisciplinary areas like staff motivation and strategies, managing conflict analysis among the workforce, remuneration strategies and so on. All these principles are geared towards enhancing the organizational excellent performance.

This Diploma in HR Management field is a veritable resource material for those that wants to make a transformational sustainable impact in this field.

HR Management - Course Syllabus:

Human Resources Management - Unit 1 Human Resource Management Introduction

This HR Management Unit covers the following topics:

  • HR Management - The Objectives of HRM
  • HR Management - Primary Objectives
  • HR Management - The Scope of HRM
  • HR Management - The Code of Ethics of Human Resources

Human Resources Management - Unit 2 Develop and Implement Recruitment & Selection Strategies

This HR Management Unit covers the following topics:

  • HR Management - External Sources of Recruitment for Organisations
  • HR Management - The Recruitment Process
  • HR Management - Evaluating the Selection Process
  • HR Management - Complexity and Challenges of Recruitment
  • HR Management - Ethical Standards and Manpower Recruitment

Human Resources Management- Unit 3 Employee Relations and Recognition - Human Resources

  • HR Management - Concept and Scope of Industrial Relations
  • HR Management - Elements of Employee Relations
  • HR Management - Employee Relations Processes
  • HR Management - Employee Relations Policies
  • HR Management - Employee Relations Strategies
  • HR Management - Role of Trade Unions

Human Resources Management - Unit 4 Appraising Employee Performance

  • HR Management - What is Appraisal?
  • HR Management - Goals of Performance Appraisal
  • HR Management - Objectives of Performance Appraisal
  • HR Management - Performance Appraisal Methods
  • HR Management - Problems in Performance Appraisal

Human Resources Management - Unit 5 The Importance of Training & Development in the Workplace

This HR Management Unit covers the following topics:

  • HR Management - Objectives of Training
  • HR Management - Assessment of Training Needs
  • HR Management - Identifying Training Needs
  • HR Management - The Training Process
  • HR Management - Standard Areas of Employee Training

Human Resources Management - Unit 6 Conducting Effective Performance Reviews

This HR Management Unit covers the following topics:

  • HR Management - Performance Management Process
  • HR Management - Creating Performance Development
  • HR Management - Maintaining Performance

Human Resources Management - Unit 7 Performance Management of Workers

This HR Management Unit covers the following topics:

  • HR Management - Performance Counselling
  • HR Management - Features of 360 Degree Appraisal
  • HR Management - Career Development
  • HR Management - Succession Planning
  • HR Management - Effective Performance Appraisal

Human Resources Management- Unit 8 Motivating and Rewarding Employees

  • HR Management - Motivational Aspects
  • HR Management - What is Motivation?
  • HR Management - Types of Incentives and Rewards
  • HR Management - Competence-Related Pay
  • HR Management - Corporate Reputation
  • HR Management - Developing Pay Structures

Human Resources Management - Unit 9 Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

  • HR Management - Discrimination on Grounds of Religion or Belief
  • HR Management - Part-Time Workers
  • HR Management - Managing Diversity
  • HR Management - Disability Requirements
  • HR Management - Age Discrimination

Human Resources Management - Unit 10 Health, safety and welfare of employees

  • HR Management - HRM and Health, Safety and Welfare
  • HR Management - Health and Safety Law
  • HR Management - Criminal Law
  • HR Management - Managing Health and Safety at Work
  • HR Management - Health and Safety Policies
  • HR Management - Managing Stress and Emotional Welfare
  • HR Management - Managing Physical Welfare
  • HR Management - Safety Training and other Methods of Persuasion

Human Resources Management - Unit 11 Absence Management and Attendance

  • HR Management - Process and Causes of Absence
  • HR Management - Employee Absence and the Recession
  • HR Management - Managing For Attendance
  • HR Management - Absence Targets and Benchmarking
  • HR Management - Training and Support for Line Managers
  • HR Management - Absence Notification Procedures
  • HR Management - Use of Disciplinary Procedures

Human Resources Management - Unit 12 Handling Grievance, Discipline, Termination and Dismissal

  • HR Management - Grievances
  • HR Management - Causes of Grievances
  • HR Management - Effects of Grievance
  • HR Management - Disciplinary Procedure
  • HR Management - Authorisation of Penalties
  • HR Management - Selection for Redundancy

Human Resources Management - Unit 13 - Talent Management

  • HR Management - Creating a Talent Management Plan
  • HR Management - Talent Development within an Organization
  • HR Management - Role of Communication in Talent Management

Human Resources Management - Unit 14 - Succession planning

  • HR Management - Understanding the value of Succession Planning
  • HR Management - Elements of a Succession Plan
  • HR Management - Development of a Succession Plan

Human Resources Management - Unit 15 - Anger Management

  • HR Management - The Assertiveness Formula
  • HR Management - Questioning Skills
  • HR Management - Basic Problem Solving Tools
  • HR Management - Force Field Analysis
  • HR Management - Other Ways of Managing Anger
  • HR Management - Relaxation Techniques

Human Resources Management - Unit 16 - Communication Techniques for the Workplace

  • HR Management - Communication Styles
  • HR Management - Dichotomies in Theory
  • HR Management - Creating a Positive Self-Image
  • HR Management - Frame of Reference
  • HR Management - Techniques for the Workplace
  • HR Management - Prepare, Prepare, Prepare
  • HR Management - Assertiveness
  • HR Management - Self-Attitude

Human Resources Management - Unit 17 - Developing a Workplace Violence Prevention Policy

  • HR Management - Risk Assessment
  • HR Management - Hiring Practices
  • HR Management - Workplace Design
  • HR Management - Security Systems and Personnel

Human Resources Management - Unit 18 - Overcoming the Generation Gap at Workplace

  • HR Management - The Value of Planning
  • HR Management - Coaching and Mentoring
  • HR Management - Retention Considerations
  • HR Management - Filling in the Gaps

Human Resources Management - Unit 19 - Conflict Resolution

  • HR Management - Understanding Conflicts and Its Types
  • HR Management - Different Stages of Conflict
  • HR Management - The Role of Communication in Conflict Resolution
  • HR Management - Conflict Management

Human Resources Management - Unit 20 - Talking to Employees About Personal Hygiene

  • HR Management - Guidelines for Difficult Conversations
  • HR Management - Resolving Hygiene Issues at Workplaces

Human Resources Management - Unit 21 - Workplace Wellness Program

  • HR Management - Need of Workplace Wellness Programmes
  • HR Management - Designing and Implementing a Workplace Wellness Programme

This advanced Level 7 HR Management Diploma is ideal for anyone looking to reach the very top of the ladder in an HR setting. Along with the basic functions and objectives of HR Management, this endorsed course examines the recruitment and selection process, the importance of quality training for staff members, how to conduct employee appraisals and managing workforce attendance.

Who is this course for?

(HR) Human Resources

  • Human Resources Management - Candidates interested in a basic introduction to HR
  • Human Resources Management - Individuals planning to continue studying at a higher level
  • Human Resources Management - Existing HR workers looking to enhance their knowledge and skills
  • Human Resources Management - Business owners interested in enhancing HR skills
  • Human Resources Management - Anyone looking to enhance their CV and career prospects


Human Resources Management

There is no particular entry requirement.

Option 1

Diploma in HR Management QLS Level 7 endorsed by Quality Licence Scheme

Certificate Fee: £170 + postal charges

Option 2

HR Management Diploma issued by STS

PDF Certificate - FREE

Hard copy - £25 + postal charges

Option 3

CPD Accredited Certificate

(PDF format)=£30

(Hard copy)=£150 + postal charges

*Postage Charges: National £9, International £15

Career path

Human Resources Management

This HR Management Diploma course primarily helps learners to lead on to further studies at a higher level. However, it can also prove useful for those already working in HR capacities with no formal training.

Questions and answers

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