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The complete Human Resources guide with certified knowledge from the most experienced HR professionals.

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Discover how you can easily become a Human Resources Professional in less than 12 weeks using this complete Human Resources training system from Basics to Advanced.

The reliable experience of the Human Resources professionals with whom we’ve closely worked on this complete online course proved that the success or the failure of a business depends on the quality of the people who work for that business and the quality of the management.

One of our collaborators, the CEO of a big recruiting company, told us once: “Throughout my career I’ve met so many brilliant persons that had great ideas and started businesses that eventually failed just because they didn’t give the proper importance to some essential human resources activities like recruitment and selection or the evaluation and the motivation of the employees.

Neglecting these activities, it resulted a poorly prepared and uncommitted workforce. I believe these are the three ingredients of an imminent business failure.”

Given the huge importance of the Human Resources activities within a company’s life, mastering the knowledge in this field will bring you immediate benefits, either you are a business owner, a manager, a person looking for a career in Human Resources or a Human Resources professional looking to refine your skills.

This is the reason why we’ve gathered only certified knowledge and endorsed techniques based on years of valuable experience in human resources and we share it with you through this human resources online course.

The success of your career in Human Resources depends on how skillful you are in choosing and managing the people. The success of the business depends on the people that work for your business.

Ensure your success discovering how you can easily choose the right people and how you can manage them to always get the results you want. Enroll now!

You will know how to:

  • Recruit the right person for a specific job knowing what are the most relevant abilities, skills and competencies for that job
  • Define the requirements and the candidate profile for a certain job
  • Write an effective job ad and choose the most appropriate media channel to publish it
  • Easily get only the relevant information when you analyze the resumes
  • Ask the right questions in order to get the most out of an job interview
  • Properly use the situational, the behavioral interview and the star technique
  • Use the under stress, the panel and the group interview
  • Apply the best induction techniques for a new employee
  • Effectively train the employees using the 6 main methods of internal training
  • Elaborate the career plan using the real life certified methods we offer you
  • Effectively motivate people starting from the 5 essential human needs and applying real life certified methods
  • Write and implement rewarding plans with measurable results
  • Effectively evaluate the employees using the management by objectives and the 360 degree feedback
  • How to write and use the internal regulations policy
  • Properly apply the labor equity and non-discrimination
  • Give the proper rewards in order to get a higher motivation and involvement of the employees
    …and so much more

What do I get from this Human Resources course?

  • 209 course pages in a premium business magazine format that you can easily print
  • 31 real life examples with extra knowledge from the most experienced professionals
  • 17 high quality infographics that help you understand everything easier and quickly
  • 29 real cases practical applications with role playing for easily putting into practice everything you learn
  • Feedback for every answer and option you choose on the real cases practical applications
  • Full Guidance & Support
  • Graduation Certificate downloadable as pdf and optionally the printed version

Course media



Module 1 - How We Can Always Recruit the Best People for Our Company
1.1. A very important recruitment issue - the difference between abilities, skills and competencies
1.2. Case study for understanding the competencies requested for a Manager position
1.3. The key questions we ask ourselves when we want to hire a new employee
1.4. How to define the job requirements and the candidate profile - case study for Executive Secretary
1.5. How to prepare the job offer and with whom we must consult for it

Module 2 - How to Write the Best Employment Ad. How to Analyze the Resumes
2.1. How to conceive the job announcement and what are its important elements
2.2. The most appropriate media channel: newspapers, internet, “in company” and what are the costs
2.3. Recommendations from my personal experience to increase the effectiveness of an employment ad
2.4. The key points that are important to consider when we analyze the resumes

Module 3 - Which Are the Concrete Steps for Conducting a Job Interview
3.1. How to prepare a successful interview
3.2. The magic questions used by HR professionals during the job interview
3.3. Using the situational and the behavioral interview, the star technique or the Skype interview
3.4. For what kind of jobs we use under stress, panel and group interview
3.5. What is the head-hunting and for what positions we can use it
3.6. How we can find out from a candidate testing what we could find in 10 hours of interview
3.7. When is the best time to discuss about special clauses: mobility, non-competition, confidentiality

Module 4 - How to work with the Procedures and the Forms Used in HR
4.1. How to communicate with the employees within the company
4.2. When we use memos, internal rules, weekly reports and decision notes
4.3. Practical rules for a better internal communication
4.4. How to organize the human resources department in 5 separated divisions
4.5. Why it is important to elaborate the internal organizational chart
4.6. Which are the mandatory and necessary job description items
4.7. Case study on the job description for Marketing Specialist
4.8. Case study on the job description for Internal Communication Assistant
4.9. How to write an HR procedure and what it actually comprises
4.10. Employment procedure model with immediate practical implementation
4.11. What are the forms and documents used in HR – the complete list

Module 5 - The Integration of the New Employees and the Career Plan
5.1. What is the induction of a new employee and why it is important for the company
5.2. How we go through the 3 integration steps of the new employee
5.3. How to establish the integration period for each job
5.4. What documents and information we provide for integrating the new employee
5.5. Who are the most indicated people to integrate the new employee
5.6. How to ensure the professional training of the new employee
5.7. How to identify the need for training and how to elaborate the employee training plan
5.8. The 6 methods used by large companies for the internal training of their employees
5.9. How to elaborate more easily the Career Plan by dividing it into 5 major motivations
5.10. 12 real life certified methods for employees’ career development
5.11. How to apply the organizational culture for developing the employees’ career

Module 6 - How to Evaluate the Performance of Human Resources
6.1. How to organize the evaluation activity and what objectives we have to pursue
6.2. How to set the objectives for human resources evaluation
6.3. How to define the performance criteria
6.4. What methods and tests we can use within the evaluation
6.5. How we can apply the evaluation method based on the behavior of the employee
6.6. What are the benefits of the management by objectives as an evaluation method
6.7. How to use the 360 degree feedback method to generate both feedback and solutions
6.8. How and when we should use the Assessment Centers
6.9. How to conduct the exit interview and which are its practical benefits

Module 7 - Regulations and Discipline at Work
7.1. What are the rights of the employee and the employer regarding discipline at work
7.2. How to create a good organizational climate
7.3. What contains the Internal Regulations Policy
7.4. What is the essential in the Code of Professional Conduct
7.5. Example - when the dress code can be imposed and what specific regulations it contains
7.6. How we can apply equity and non-discrimination in labor
7.7. What is the disciplinary offence and what are the specific sanctions we can apply

Module 8 - Practical Methods to Motivate Human Resources
8.1. What is motivation and what is our role as Human Resources specialists
8.2. How we can find out what motivates employees to be more proficient and how to apply this
8.3. Before using any motivation method it is necessary to meet the basic needs of the employees
8.4. Why the need for security and safety is so important for employees
8.5. How we can use belongingness to increase the employees’ motivation
8.6. Which buttons we have to push to meet the employees’ need for esteem and importance
8.7. How to meet the self-realization needs of the company’s employees
8.8. 7 nonfinancial ways to increase the employees’ motivation in the real life
8.9. When we should give rewards to achieve a higher motivation level for employees
8.10. What are the major factors that lower the employees’ motivation
8.11. Top 10 priorities of employees to efficiently motivate them
8.12. 20 tested methods to increase the employees’ motivation and involvement

Module 9 - Rewarding the Employees – How to Make it Work in Real Life
9.1. How to give the reward to maximize its positive effects
9.2. How to implement the Rewarding Plan for the company’s departments
9.3. What specific targets we set for giving the rewards
9.4. How to establish the criteria for giving the rewards
9.5. Case study – making the rewarding plan for the Sales Representative at Almetech Ltd.
9.6. How to choose the best reward - trips, private insurances, days off, training, discounts
9.7. Over 38 Real Life Rewards you can apply in your company starting from tomorrow
9.8. How to present the employees the Rewarding Plan and the rewards
9.9. The 8 golden questions to quickly check if your Rewarding Plan works

Your Benefits

  • High quality courses delivered in a premium business magazine format through engaging and captivating content.
  • Instant access to up to date valuable knowledge from the industry leading experts that you can put into practice immediately.
  • Clear and concise language, easy to understand regardless of the complexity of the topic.
  • Real life case studies offering role play, seamlessly putting into practice everything you learn.
  • Captivating infographics, illustrating key points that help you understand and remember quickly and easily.
  • Relaxed course schedule - you are free to organize your time as you wish andyou can learn at your own pace 24/7 from anywhere in the world.
  • Stress-free assessment methods - you can repeat the course activities until you’re happy with the results.
  • Amazing customer service and administrative support from the moment you enroll until you complete your courses.
  • Certification - instantly download your graduation certificate as a pdf or get the official printed version.
  • Accessible learning – for many of our courses you don’t need previous experience or certain qualifications to enroll.
  • User friendly online learning platform – simple and easy to use for everyone.
  • Great value for money - premium courses at the most affordable prices.

Who is this course for?

This Human Resources Management Masterclass is for:

Anyone who wants to start a career in Human Resources
HR professionals looking to enhance their knowledge and skills
Business owners who need to better manage their employees

No prior knowledge is necessary.

Can I find a job easier by graduating this Human Resources course?

By enrolling in this course, you will take part in a superior professional training program designed by specialists in their fields and you will get the practical knowledge that will definitely help you differentiate from other competitors when you will apply for a job or for a promotion.

How long will it take to complete my course?

The course takes 12 weeks and every week we recommend you to spend 3 to 5 hours learning and participating in your course activities, any day and time that suits you best.

How will I be assessed?

You can take all our courses even without being assessed. You decide how much you are willing to engage in your course. However, if you want to receive a certificate of completion, you have to get a pass mark (minimum 5/D) as a result of your participation in the course activities.

After each module, you will participate in real case simulations and practical applications in order to apply what you’ve just learned to actual real life situations. You will receive feedback for every solution you propose.

At the end you will attempt the final assessment in order to finish the course. Because the practical applications are the most important part in the learning process, the final assessment questions are quite easy to answer and the final assessment is only an official requirement, not a stressful exam. You don’t have to pay anything for the assessment.

Full Guidance & Support

When you enroll in a course with BigMainStreet, you will have a Tutor who will watch over your course progress and will send you notifications by phone or email whenever it will be necessary.


  • There is no previous experience or qualifications required for enrollment on this course. It is available to all students aged 18 or over, of all academic backgrounds.

  • Basic understanding of English language is required to attend this course.

  • You’ll need a computer or tab with an internet connection.

Career path

This Human Resources Management Masterclass allows you to fulfill various roles, including:

Human Resources Assistant
HR Consultant
HR Officer
Employee Relations Manager
HR Information Systems Manager
Human Resources Manager
Hiring Manager
HR Executive
Training & Development Manager
Labour Relations Manager
Payroll Specialist
HR Administrator
Senior HR Specialist

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