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Horticulture is the art of planting trees or gardening. Many people do this as a hobby, but what if you want to turn that into a stable career? That’s where this well-designed Horticulture Level 3 course comes in.

With this Horticulture course, you will learn everything you need to know, starting with selecting a suitable place to grow your plants and when and how you should feed them. This is followed by lessons explaining the importance of the time, weather, soil fertility and market value of your plants. Finally, you will learn how you can plant the same trees in the same bed, which plants are suitable considering the weather and how to take care of your plants effectively.

This Horticulture course is suitable for anyone who wishes to be a horticulturist or is already involved in this field and would like to learn more. Our tutors are always available to help with any queries you may have, and you will receive a digital certificate absolutely free upon completing the horticulture course.

Learning Objectives

The primary learning objectives of the Horticulture Level 3 are to:

  • Broaden your understanding of the scientific study of plants, known as botany.
  • Provide the skills and knowledge needed to pursue a professional career in garden design and landscaping.
  • Explain how to take care of plants and cultivate the land.
  • Develop your knowledge of soil management and plant conservation.
  • Provide knowledge of plants and ways to care for them.
  • Teach you how to make correlations between environmental factors and plant cultivation.
  • Introduce essential topics, including landscape management, landscape design, plant sciences, and plant diseases.
  • Create a world of potential for every nature lover and assist you in becoming a horticulturist.
  • Provide expert training to help you earn your diploma in Horticulture and will open doors for you in a range of industry sectors, including landscape construction and design, local government, botanic gardens, horticultural enterprises, consultancy services and contract maintenance.

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What will you learn in this Horticulture Level 3:

Basic Botany

  • Basic Structure of A Plant
  • Plant Tissues
  • Plant Cells
  • Structure and function
  • The basic structure of a flower
  • Pollen and Nectar
  • Pollination
  • Fertilisation
  • Basic Plant Physiology
  • Photosynthesis
  • Nutrient Uptake & Transportation

Plant Classification

  • Non-Vascular Plants
  • Vascular Plants with Spores
  • Vascular Plants with Seeds
  • Flowering Plants (Magnoliophyta)
  • Divisions of the Plant Kingdom
  • Coniferophyta and Allies Division

Soil Science

  • The soil profile
  • Factors affecting soil formation
  • Characteristics of Soils
  • Soil Structure and Its Importance
  • Different types of soil structure
  • Understanding pH and Testing Soil
  • When to test soil pH
  • How to test soil pH
  • Interpreting the results of a soil pH test

Plant Nutrition Requirements

  • 16 essential nutrients
  • Natural Amendments
  • Organic Methods of Gardening
  • Climatic Factors That Contribute To the Health Of Plants

Plant Pests, Diseases & Problems

  • Minimise Pest and Disease Problems
  • Care of Your Plants
  • Common Garden Pests and Controls
  • Diseases

Basic Concepts of Organic Gardening

  • Organic Gardening
  • Organic Gardening Practices
  • Pest Management
  • Selecting Good Sites

Weed Control

  • Preventative Weed Control
  • Cultural Weed Control
  • Mechanical Weed Control
  • Biological Weed Control
  • Chemical Weed Control

Plant Propagation

  • Sexual Propagation
  • Good quality seed
  • Germination
  • Methods of Breaking Dormancy
  • Temperature and Light
  • Transplanting and Handling
  • Containers for Transplanting
  • Propagation of Ferns by Spores

Amenity Horticulture, Plant Selection and Native Plants

  • Areas of work
  • Plant selection factors
  • Basic Procedure for Planting a Tree
  • Planting Bare-Root Trees and Shrubs
  • Care Prior to Planting
  • General Plant Care
  • Benefits of Native Plants

Indoor Plants

  • What are indoor plants?
  • Which indoor plants require low light?
  • What are the best indoor plants?
  • How do you re-pot indoor plants?
  • What are some of the common reasons indoor plants die?
  • What is the best kind of indoor plant fertilizer to use?
  • How do I know when to water my indoor plant?
  • How do I care for peace lily plants indoors?


  • Traditional Lawn Turf
  • Fine Turf
  • Shade Tolerant Turf
  • Wildflower Turf
  • Factors that Affect Cool Season Turf Grass Growth

Who is this course for?

Horticulture Level 3 is suitable for anyone who wants to gain extensive knowledge, potential experience and professional skills in the related field.


Our Horticulture Level 3 is open to all from all academic backgrounds and there wants no specific requirements to attend this Horticulture course. It is compatible and accessible from any device including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Tablets etc.

Career path

This Horticulture course opens a new door for you to enter the relevant job market and also gives you the opportunity to acquire extensive knowledge along with the required skills to become successful. You will be able to add our qualification to your CV/resume which will help you to stand out in the competitive job industry.

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How is this course assessed is it online multiple choice or essays also Is the exam online


Hi Samantha, Thanks for your query. The exam will be online multiple choice question for this course. Many thanks.

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Hi Mark, Thanks for your query. This course is not at NVQ level. This is certified by CPD accredited. This is a personal development skills training course. This is not compared with any levels set by any other bodies. Many thanks.

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Alfonso asked:

Can I put the name of other person on the certificate? I only want to buy it, it is for a gift


Dear Alfonso, Good afternoon. Yes, you can purchase the course as a gift for someone else. Thanks

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