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With four courses in one, this bundle is everything you need to become a top-class personal trainer! You'll learn how to create the best fitness plans for your clients, including intense workout regimes and the healthiest training diets. Along the way, you'll build up your business skills so that you can turn your passion for fitness into a successful venture!

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Bundle Highlights

  • Access to 7.5 hours of videos, 115 lectures, and downloadable handouts.
  • Learn the best diet and exercise routine for a healthy lifestyle and toned physique!
  • Discover how to create a fitness plan for your clients, and use psychology to motivate them to stick to it.
  • Stand out from the crowd and learn how to offer deep tissue massage to your customers.
  • Perfect for sports enthusiasts and those who want to turn their passion into a lucrative business as a personal trainer!

Bundle Overview

Physical exercise is key to any fitness plan, so with "Personal Trainer: The Complete Bodyweight Workout", you will be taught the best workout programme for busting fat and building muscle! Not only can you use this to sculpt your own perfect body, but it will be vital in enhancing your clients' physical attributes.

By taking the "Sports Nutrition & Exercise Advisor" course, you'll be able to offer a more well-rounded service to your customers. You'll learn how to create personalised plans that not only tell them what nutrients and exercise to include in their diet, but when these components are most effective!

To be the best personal trainer you can be, why not take it up a level and add massage to your repertoire? "Deep Tissue Sports Massage Diploma" will teach you the award-winning Isla-Verde Spa technique, which you can offer as the ultimate way to relax after a hard workout! You'll gain tips on how to best incorporate this winning service into your personal training business.

Finally, "Sports Psychology: Methods & Approaches" will help you motivate your customers to stick to the brilliant plans you've created for them using the other courses. Learn all about the negative mindsets that can hold us back in sports, but then discover techniques for breaking free and achieving ambitious goals! You'll be able to use these tips to empower your clients, and also to improve your own life!

Bundle Curriculum

Personal Trainer: The Complete Bodyweight Workout


  • Introduction
  • Bodyweight Basics ebook

The Science Behind Building Muscle & Losing Fat

  • Common Fitness Myths Debunked
  • Most Common Beginner Mistakes
  • Step By Step Fat Loss Formula
  • How to lose weight the right way
  • How many calories should I eat to gain muscle

Bodyweight Workout Program

  • Bodyweight Workout Program
  • Push-Up
  • Squat
  • Lunges
  • Glute Bridge
  • Pull-Up
  • Chin-Up
  • Pike Push Up
  • Bench Dips
  • Burpee
  • Body Row Normal Grip
  • Body Row Underhand Grip
  • Superman
  • Ab Crunch
  • Twisting Crunch
  • Air Bike
  • Leg Raises
  • Bodyweight Workout Routine

Motivation & Goal Setting

  • Motivation And Goal Setting
  • More Tips To Stay Motivated


  • Conclusion

Final Quiz

  • Final Quiz

Sports Nutrition & Exercise Adviser


  • The Concept of Sports Nutrition
  • Nutrition Basics


  • Carbohydrates Fuel Exercise
  • Carbohydrates Glycemic Index
  • Protein Grow Repair
  • Fats Function Structure
  • Fats Essential Performance
  • Basic Macronutrient Recommendations


  • An Introduction
  • Vitamins
  • Vitamins Handout PDF
  • Minerals Handout PDF
  • Minerals
  • Water
  • Antioxidants


  • Introduction to Supplements
  • BCAA's
  • Whey Protein
  • Creatine
  • Herbal Supplements
  • Glucose Supplements
  • Glutamine

Muscle Energy Systems

  • ATP: The Energy in Muscle Cells
  • Anaerobic Energy Systems
  • Aerobic Energy Systems
  • Macronutrients as Fuel Sources
  • Daily Energy Needs
  • Measuring Body Fat
  • Basal Energy Expenditure (BEE) Handout (PDF)

Nutrient Timing

  • Introduction
  • Pre exercise
  • During exercise
  • Post exercise
  • Conclusion

Fueling for Competition

  • During Event Plan
  • Post Event Plan
  • Pre Event Plan


  • Effects Dehydration Performance
  • How and When to Hydrate for Sport
  • Science Sport Drinks

Building a Personalized Nutrition Plan

  • Analyze diet
  • Tip Sheet: Choose My Plate
  • Tip Sheet: Healthy Eating for Vegetarians
  • Planning your diet
  • MyPlate Daily Checklist for 2000 Calorie Diet
  • Healthy meals
  • Recipes


  • What’s Next for You?
  • Frequently asked questions


  • Quiz

Deep Tissue Sports Massage Diploma

The Massage Essentials

  • Intro
  • Say hi and tell your fellow students why you're taking this course
  • Share your new course with your friends!
  • Massage intro to course
  • Contraindications in Massage

Equipment and Set Up

  • Massage Tables-The 4 Most Important considerations
  • Creams and Oils-What’s Great and what’s not
  • The Set up - Don’t do what I did
  • This factor makes a huge difference
  • It's all in the timing
  • Why I don’t include these things in my massages
  • Do no Harm
  • The Perfect Person to Practice your massage on
  • Why Most Therapists don't last!
  • Now is the time to put the time in.
  • Some Final Points
  • Putting it all together

The massage strokes-correct and incorrect ways

  • Soft hand vs. rigid
  • Kneading
  • Forearms
  • Acupressure techniques
  • Scissor stroke
  • General stroke

Full Body Deep tissue Massage

  • Massage Start Sequence
  • Back Sequence 1
  • Back Sequence 2
  • Back of Legs
  • Legs Prone Stretching
  • Neck
  • Arms
  • Front of Legs
  • Front of Legs Stretching

Full Massage Sequence

  • Massage Sequence Part 1
  • Massage Sequence Part 2
  • Massage Sequence Part 3
  • Massage Sequence Part 4
  • Massage Sequence Part 5

Sports Psychology: Methods & Approaches


  • Welcome to the Coure
  • Course Handbook

Professional Attitude Towards Mastery

  • Professional Attitude
  • Goal Setting Handout
  • Goal Setting
  • Motivation
  • Motivation Example 1
  • Motivational Example 2

Intensity Links With Pressure, Stress & Challenge

  • Intro to Control and Mastery
  • Intensity
  • Intensity Demo

Concentration & Psychological Preparation

  • Concentration
  • Psychological Preparation

Self Confidence & Emotional Control

  • Self Confidence
  • Self Confidence Imagery
  • Emotional Control Handout
  • Emotional Control
  • Emotional Matrix
  • Emotional Control - Scientific Support

Mental Toughness

  • Mental Rehearsal
  • Mental Rehearsal Demo
  • Positive Thoughts
  • Mental Toughness
  • Self Talk Handout
  • Self Talk

Team Dynamics & Cohesion: Victory In Numbers

  • Teams
  • General Teams: Example

Bonus Materials: Breathing and Relaxation Techniques

  • Breath Calming Technique
  • Focused Breathing Demonstration
  • Abdominal Breathing Demonstration
  • Relaxation Breath Control
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation Demonstration
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation
  • Deep Relaxation Demonstration
  • Deep Relaxation Meditation

Conclusion & Course Quiz

  • Conclusion
  • Course Quiz

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This course is for aspiring personal trainers or athletes.


There are no prerequisites for this course.

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Become a personal trainer with the fundamental knowledge gained in this course!

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