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Green Rock Consulting Business Analyst Mentorship Program

Business Analyst Mentorship Program

Green Rock Consulting


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3 Months
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The business environment of today is more complex than it used to be. Political and regulatory changes are taking place rapidly, affecting the way how business operation must be carried out. Technology and connectivity have become the norm, that businesses must be online to stay relevant and to keep in touch with consumers. Likewise, the shopping preferences of customers are also changing, requiring unique goods, services and marketing approaches targeted to their needs.


With these dramatic changes, it is more critical for companies to be prepared. Those that are able to thrive and grow in this complicated time are those that know how to make effective use of business analysis for seeking out opportunities, determining issues and implementing the best solutions that meet their objectives.

Business analysis is a discipline that is concerned with helping businesses determine the needs and issues they are facing and formulate and implement ideas and solutions to address those needs and issues and to drive the business forward. Such ideas and solutions may come in the form of technological development, process improvement, organisational change or policy development. The one who makes sure that these ideas and solutions are aligned with the mission, objectives and strategies of a business is none other than the business analyst.


The Business Analyst Experience Program brings together training and mentoring under one roof. It is designed to give you the work experience, knowledge, and skills necessary so you can launch your career as a business analyst.

Through this program you will be able exposed to different aspects of business analysis and know exactly what being a business analyst entails. It will also give you the opportunity to perform tasks that are common to the BA role, whilst also receiving mentoring, guidance, support and feedback from an experienced business analyst. Some of the key areas that you will be exposed to and learn about in this program include:

  • Business analysis industry and practice
  • The business analyst’s characteristics, roles and responsibilities
  • Process of analysing business issues
  • Alignment of business strategies and objectives with solutions
  • Business analysis process, from needs analysis to solutions identification and implementation
  • Making sense of organisational change and its value
  • Adapting to and managing organisational change

Benefits you can gain from the program

The Business Analyst Experience Program is an excellent tool that will help you prepare for and transition into the BA role. With it, you will be able:

  • Expand your understanding of the realities and challenges of working as a business analyst by giving you hands-on experience in doing some of the core day-to-day functions expected of a BA.
  • Develop key skills that will enable you to step into the business analyst role with confidence.
  • Receive mentoring, guidance, support and constructive feedback from an experienced business analyst, which should positively impact your professional development and advancement.
  • Gain relevant work experience that is integral in finding a job in today’s competitive job market. Having a relevant work experience will serve as your competitive edge against your peers.

Who is this course for?

Anyone seeking to start a career as a business analyst or a business consultant.

  • New graduates with a business degree and would like to complement their classroom learning with real-life work experience in the field of business analysis.
  • Individuals who want to develop business analysis skills so they can advance in their current role.
  • Those planning on taking a certification that is related to business analysis, such as the Entry Certificate in Business Analysis (ECBA), Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP), or ACCA’s Advanced Performance Management or Advanced Financial Management.


  • The Business Analyst Experience Program is a remote arrangement, allowing you to undertake it alongside your other commitments. This will also give you the flexibility you need to accomplish the assigned tasks at your own pace.
  • Throughout the program, support will be readily available to you, giving you the peace of mind that there will be someone to help you settle into the program and address any problems you may encounter.

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