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Google Analytics Training Course

The entire world is going digital and if you as a brand do not stay updated with trends in the online world, then it is very easy to get lost. Many brands, especially in the beginning of their establishment fail to realise the importance of having an online reputation and brand image. In their defence, the importance of online website traffic can be pretty vague and unclear as well. But with time many brands have realised that the success of their brand, both in the short term and long term depends on the success of their online persona and power. That is why websites are such important aspects to the digital success of any brand because a website is one of the most important and critical personification of a brand’s online image.

So while a website is an important weapon in the arsenal of the digital brand, a thing that really gets up many digital brand mangers and entrepreneurs is the need to get effective traffic on a regular basis to their website. So what exactly is website traffic? Website traffic can be defined as the number of people that visit a particular website, the pages that they visit and the length of time that they spend on each of these pages. When a person visits a particular website, then their visit is recorded and so also are the links that they visit. At the end of the day, the number of people that visit the website completely decide the popularity of the website. So as more and more people visit the website, the more popular the website would become. All this means that getting people on the website was really important from a marketing point of view for all brands and companies. In addition, visits to a website can be both organic and inorganic. When people come to your website automatically without having being brought there by financial marketing campaigns then the number is counted as organic. If a brand invests in marketing campaign, with financial goal and this eventually results in a rise of the number of visitors, then it is called inorganic traffic.

So why is website traffic so important?

Website traffic is therefore the base on which all digital campaigns and policies are built. This is because a lot of things are based on the number of visitors that a website can garner during a particular period of time. If a brand or a company is not able to attract visitors in an effective fashion, then it is easy for that said website to get lost in the huge and ever growing digital world. This means that even if a website has the best content and information, it will be of no use if it is not able to reach its target audience in an effective fashion. This will in turn affect the sales and overall growth and marketing plans of the campaigns and that also in a negative manner. The competition on the digital medium is high and it is very easy to lose focus and attention.

All this means that when people are searching for your brand, they need to find it almost immediately. Because otherwise there are many similar companies that will capture their attention. In short without steady and constant flow of visitors from your target demographics, websites will eventually have to look at failure and closure.

So what are some of the reasons why brands need to understand the importance of website traffic?

It therefore goes without saying that website traffic is one of the most critical elements for the success of any brand on the online platform. Here are three main reasons why you need to invest in increasing your website traffic, especially from a brand point of view:

  1. Increased traffic will help you generate better and more sales, thereby boosting your revenue which is one of the main goals of any brand
  2. Targeted traffic is a proof that it is targeting people who are interested in the products and services that you are offering. If you are successful in connecting with them, they will refer you to others, thereby helping you to build your brand power and image
  3. An increase in the amount of time that a particular person spends on your website makes them a loyal customer, thereby helping you create strong and powerful relationships with your customer base. And all brands know that in today’s age, a connected customer is one of the most valuable asset that any brand can have!


How can brands increase the traffic to their websites in an effective fashion?

There are several factors, techniques and methods that can be implemented by a brand in order to successfully improve and enhance their website traffic. Some of them include creating good and effective content and also posting regular content. This is because content is what drives a majority of traffic today. when your customer base finds out that your websites posts good and effective content, they will keep returning to it on a regular basis. In addition for promotion of content, social media channels are also effective platforms as they have amazing reach and popularity. Today social media channels like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are effective mediums through which you can drive traffic to your website in a successful manner.

Another important an effective way in which brands can increase the targeted visitors to their website is through optimisation of content on search engines. When you optimise content for website it ensures that it reaches only those people who are searching for your products and services. In short, search engine optimisation or SEO is one of the biggest and most important factor through which online brands can have sustained success in the field of driving targeted traffic to websites.

A common misconception about website traffic is that all traffic is good. This is not true because if your website is niche market then your target audience needs to be targeted in such manner. That is why it is important that brands only target audience that are interested in their products and services for long term comprehensive growth.

Why is targeted audience important and reason for investing in it?

Many digital marketers believe that targeted traffic is qualified or quality traffic in reality. This is because when people arrive through targeted means, they are more keen to purchase your products and services. That is why all brands must try to improve their digital marketing efforts by targeting traffic that is both qualitative and qualified. Here are some reasons why targeted traffic is so important:

  1. Targeted traffic enables better conversion rates: There are more chances of targeted traffic getting converted to sales and that is why it is important to invest in this medium. So even if you have millions of people visiting your website and none of them are getting converted into sales, then that is all your marketing efforts down the drain as well.
  2. Targeted traffic ensures better ROI on your campaigns: Embarking on a PPC campaign is one successful way to generate traffic to your landing page of your website. At the same time it is important to know that PPC requires investment and is not free of cost. SO if your PPC campaign does not result in sales, it is quite some time and money that you have lost. When you have targeted traffic, it can result in faster and more effective returns and therefore allow you to create bigger and better plans.
  3. Targeted traffic helps to build your brand power and reputation: People on the internet are constantly searching for information and content that they require, every single minute. Very often these people get redirected o websites wither through search engines or through relevant PPC campaigns and that is why it is extremely important that they find what they are looking for. If this does not happen and the information they find is useless, they will not return to the said website and avoid using it, resulting again in loss of revenue and targets.

Course Description

  1. Introduction to Web Analytics: Here you will learn about how web analytics and why it is so important
  2. Different web analytics tools and method of web analysis: Here you will learn about web analytics tools and the various methods that revolve around web analysis
  3. Structure of Google Analytics: This section will help you understand the structure of Google Analytics
  4. Implementation of goal setting: In this section, you will learn about goal setting and implementation
  5. Understanding email and export options: Here you will learn about email and export options in a better manner

What are the requirements/pre-requisites to learn about Google Analytics

A basic training in Google analytics will help you understand the importance of online websites and how you can use different techniques and methods to improve traffic to a website in an effective fashion. Here are some skills that individuals will need to have before they enrol for this course:

  1. If you want to do a course in Google Analytics, you need to have at least a basic understanding of how a computer system operates
  2. Being a passionate learner will help you learn more about the industry in an effective manner
  3. You must have some level of interest in data analysis
  4. You must have a passion to learn about digital/internet marketing

Who should undertake this training?

The ideal target audience for this course would include individuals who are trying to learn more about google analytics in a more comprehensive manner. So these would ideally include students and marketing professionals who are keener to learn about how to effectively get more traffic to a website. In addition, anyone who wants to analyse website data and performance are a great fit for this course as well.


  1. Is it difficult to become trained in the field of Google Analytics?

Definitely not. In fact, most of the skills needed for students who want to learn about Google Analytics is pretty simple, especially if you are keen to broaden your knowledge on this topic. Many people who have a basic understanding of how website function and perform can undertake this course without much of a problem. In fact after learning about Google Analytics, you can successfully implement new techniques on one hand and help brand mangers to create new campaigns to achieve better rankings in the online world.

  1. Where can one apply to learn about Data Science Using R Programming?

There are many institutes and organisations that offer specialised courses and training for individuals who want to learn more about this field. In fact, learning about Google Analytics is very important if you want to succeed in the digital world. At EDUCBA, we bring together some of the best resources and courses to help students to gain a better understanding of not just Google Analytics but also the manner in which websites function. After this course, individuals will become great assets to their work place as well because they will have gained important information and knowledge about the manner in which the internet functions.

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