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German as a Foreign Language is suitable for anyone aspiring to or already working in this field or simply want to learn deeper into German as a Foreign Language. You will be able to add this qualification to your CV by downloading your certificate instantly without any cost.

To make this German as a Foreign Language course more accessible for you, we have designed it for both part-time and full-time students. This German as a Foreign Language course is packed into the bite-size module for your convenience. You can study at your own pace or become accredited within hours!

If you require support, our experienced tutors are always available to help you throughout the comprehensive syllabus of this German as a Foreign Language course and answer all your queries through email.

Language cannot be confined within boundaries. It flies like your dream and desire. Most often you feel a deep urge to learn different language especially German when you want to spend your holiday in that place. But your lacking of German language creates a phobia that you cannot communicate with them that may be a cause your ravishment. Don’t worry. You may look at the German Language Level 2 course that can assist you to elevate your phobia.

The German as a Foreign Language course will assist you to learn language structure, effective daily used vocabularies, and common sentence structure to communicate with people based on the situation. German as a Foreign Language course provides you with some logical techniques that attract you to learn German with lots of fun. It enables you to makes the exact sentences what you actually want to express in front of the audience. The repetition method of practising never let you forget your learning.


What will you learn in this German as a Foreign Language:


  • Introduction

Lesson: 01

  • Lesson 1a
  • Lesson 1b
  • Lesson 1c
  • Lesson 1d

Lesson: 02

  • Lesson 2a
  • Lesson 2b
  • Lesson 2c
  • Lesson 2d
  • Lesson 2e
  • Lesson 2f

Lesson: 03

  • Lesson 3a
  • Lesson 3b
  • Lesson 3c
  • Lesson 3d
  • Lesson 3e
  • Lesson 3f
  • Lesson 3g

Lesson: 04

  • Lesson 4a
  • Lesson 4b
  • Lesson 4c
  • Lesson 4d
  • Lesson 4e
  • Lesson 4f
  • Lesson 4g
  • Lesson 4h
  • Lesson 4i

Lesson: 05

  • Lesson 5a
  • Lesson 5b
  • Lesson 5c
  • Lesson 5d
  • Lesson 5e
  • Lesson 5f
  • Lesson 5g
  • Lesson 5h
  • Lesson 5i
  • Lesson 5j

Lesson: 06

  • Lesson 6a
  • Lesson 6b
  • Lesson 6c
  • Lesson 6d
  • Lesson 6e
  • Lesson 6f
  • Lesson 6g

Lesson: 07

  • Lesson 7a
  • Lesson 7b
  • Lesson 7c
  • Lesson 7d
  • Lesson 7e
  • Lesson 7f
  • Lesson 7g
  • Lesson 7h
  • Lesson 7i
  • Lesson 7j

Lesson: 08

  • Lesson 8a
  • Lesson 8b
  • Lesson 8c
  • Lesson 8d
  • Lesson 8e
  • Lesson 8f
  • Lesson 8g
  • Lesson 8h
  • Lesson 8i
  • Lesson 8j
  • Lesson 8k

Lesson: 09

  • Lesson 9a
  • Lesson 9b
  • Lesson 9c
  • Lesson 9d
  • Lesson 9e
  • Lesson 9f
  • Lesson 9g

Who is this course for?

German as a Foreign Language is suitable for anyone who is to gain extensive knowledge, potential experience and professional skills in the related field.


Our German as a Foreign Language is open to all from all academic backgrounds and there are no specific requirements to attend this German as a Foreign Language course. This German as a Foreign Language course is compatible and accessible from any device including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Tablets etc.

Career path

This German as a Foreign Language course opens a new door for you to enter the relevant job market and also gives you the opportunity to acquire extensive knowledge along with the required skills to become successful. You will be able to add our qualification to your CV/resume which will help you to stand out in the competitive job industry.

Questions and answers

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Snjezana Metikos asked:

Hi, would it be possible to get an insight into the content of the lessons as I already have a certain knowledge of the language? Thank you


Hi Snjezana, Thanks for your query. You can see the course module name and units name before purchasing the course. Only you can see the content of the lessons after purchase. Many thanks.

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.

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