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The food industry is competitive, fast-paced and it can take many years to climb the ranks and make it as an executive or head chef. If you have a passion for food and like the idea of being your own boss, then catering is a growing field that may appeal to you.

It’s not just the rich and famous who seek out the services of a caterer; even average Joes and Janes may hire a caterer to cook for their next dinner party or to prepare their meals for the week. The demand for talented and reliable caterers is hot right now, so it’s the perfect time to open up shop and start your catering business.

As a professional caterer, you may be asked to prepare food for special events, large-scale conventions, small dinner parties, or even private meals like client meetings or romantic dinners for two! You’ll be working directly with clients to execute their culinary visions and bring their events to life. The best part, is that you’ll have complete control of your career and business. You can decide whether to specialize in a niche field, such as weddings, corporate events or private functions, or a type of cuisine, such as pastry and desserts, Asian fusion, traditional French, etc. As a caterer, you’ll also be a business owner, and therefore the key decision-maker in your day-to-day work. If you want to take that next step and turn your love of cooking into a fulfilling career, then register today!

In this course, we’re going to cover a wide range of practical training topics to support you in starting a catering business.

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Food Service 101

We’ll assume that you already have some training and experience under your belt, and have already mastered a few recipes. We won’t be teaching you how to cook,; we’ll show you how to use your existing knowledge to make the transition from home cook to professional chef. We’ll start with the basics of food and beverage service, and cover everything from service procedures to food handling, serving sizes, nutritional considerations, understanding ingredients, and getting familiar with your product.

Cocktail and Bartending Wizardry

Because alcoholic beverages are a staple at every event, we'll turn you into an expert mixologist, so you can offer your clients the whole package. Why hire a bartender when the caterer can do it all? Exactly. Not only will we cover the basics – different types of alcohol, the legal considerations of alcohol service, how to pair alcohol to your meal, etc. but we’ll also teach you advanced cocktail-making techniques, flair bartending, and how to create your own delicious concoctions. Having a healthy cocktail menu and bartending repertoire under your belt will always make you more versatile and attractive to potential clients.

Getting Down to Business

You may have all the training and technical skills of a great chef, but it takes more than culinary chops to be a successful caterer. You’ll need to approach cooking as your business, and it can be difficult for home cooks to transition into this mentality. We’ll start from scratch and show you how to do all the prep work – market research and analysis, registering your business, how to manage your budgets and cash flow, and how to create a viable business plan. Then you’ll be ready to launch your business and start generating leads and clients.

Marketing Your Services

This is when the marketing kicks in. You’ll have to be able to sell your services to clients and know when, where, and how to market your business. We’ll show you how to create a marketing plan, how to build a unique brand, how to build an online presence with your own website and using social media, how to advertise and promote yourself using various medias, and how to create the perfect sales pitch to clients. Being a business owner means you'll have to get marketing savvy, but if you don't know what you're doing, you can waste a lot of time and get few results. We'll teach you smart and effective marketing techniques so you can keep your focus on what you do best - making delicious food for your clients.

Crunching the Numbers

To round out your education, we’ll be going over pricing strategies. Margins can make or break a small business, and we want you to be well equipped to price your services and products, so that you maximize your profits. We’ll teach you to understand the relationship between product and price, how to research the existing market and forecast demand, how to determine your own rates based on costs, hours, and skill, and how to make adjustments down the road.

Catering can be a fun and rewarding career if you want to work in the food industry, have an entrepreneurial spirit, and want to be your own boss. There’s no limit to the success you can achieve, and there is enough market demand that the industry would welcome you and your business with open arms. If you're serious about starting your own catering business, then tie on an apron, get out your notebook, and start your training today!

Course Modules:

  • Foodservice management
  • Catering
  • Nutrition
  • Beverage management
  • Product development
  • History of cocktails
  • Introduction to liquor
  • Introduction to cocktails
  • Preparing the bar
  • Interacting with the customer
  • Flair bartending
  • Pouring technique
  • Mixology
  • Popular cocktails around the globe
  • Pairing cocktails with food or events
  • Preparation-before you start your business
  • Introduction to marketing
  • Setting up your business
  • Running your business
  • Business plan
  • Launching your business
  • Marketing
  • Your marketing plan
  • Low cost marketing techniques
  • Developing your brand
  • Your website
  • Social media and online marketing
  • Public relations & advertising
  • Sales
  • Considerations to Make When Pricing a Product
  • Pricing your Product
  • Pricing your Service
  • Making Pricing Adjustments
  • Continuing Practices for Price

Who is this course for?

f you’ve considered a career in the food and restaurant industry but would prefer to call the shots, then starting your own catering business may be the perfect fit! In this course, you’ll get the training you need to transition from home cook to professional caterer and business owner – now that’s a real recipe for success!


No previous experience is necessary.

Career path

Experienced: £25,000

Highly Experienced: £40,000

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