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Forensic Scientist

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This Forensic Scientist Bundle consists the following professional career oriented courses:

  • Crime Scene Investigation Skills and Forensic Science
  • Lab Technician
  • Forensic Psychology Course
  • Criminology, Profiling and Forensic Psychology Training

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Course media


Course Curriculum

**Forensic Scientist**

**Crime Scene Investigation Skills and Forensic Science**

  • Module 01: Forensic Science: The History and Organisation
  • Module 02: Crime Scene Investigation
  • Module 03: Collecting and Packaging Physical Evidence
  • Module 04: Fingerprints: Your Personal Signature
  • Module 05: Bloodstain Analysis
  • Module 06: DNA Analysis
  • Module 07: Drug Analysis
  • Module 08: Firearms Examination
  • Module 09: Questioned Documents: Handwriting And Forgery Examination
  • Module 10: Digital Evidence
  • Module 11: Forensic Psychology: Delving into the Criminal Mind

** Lab Technician **

Module 1~ Lab Technician - Introduction to Microbiology

  • Lab Technician: What Is Microbiology?
  • Lab Technician: Why Is Microbiology Important?
  • Lab Technician: How Do We Know? Microbiology in Perspective: To the Golden Age and Beyond
  • Lab Technician: Light Microscopy
  • Lab Technician: Electron Microscopy

Module 2~ Lab Technician – Cell Structure and Organisation

  • Lab Technician: Two Fundamentally Di?erent Types of Cell
  • Lab Technician: Prokaryotic Cells
  • Lab Technician: Eukaryotic Cells

Module 3~ Lab Technician – Microbial Diversity: Prokaryote Diversity

  • Lab Technician: A Few Words About Classification
  • Lab Technician: Domain: Archaea
  • Lab Technician: Domain: Bacteria

Module 4~ Lab Technician – Microbial Diversity: Eukaryote Diversity

  • Lab Technician: The Fungi
  • Lab Technician: The Protista

Module 5~ Lab Technician – Viruses, Viroids, and Prions

  • Lab Technician: What Are Viruses?
  • Lab Technician: Viral Structure
  • Lab Technician: Shapes of Viruses
  • Lab Technician: How Virus Replicate
  • Lab Technician: Animal Viruses
  • Lab Technician: Viruses and Infectious Disease
  • Lab Technician: Plant Viruses
  • Lab Technician: Viroids
  • Lab Technician: Prions

Module 6~ Lab Technician – Interactions between Microbes and Humans

  • Lab Technician: The Human Host
  • Lab Technician: The Progress of an Infection
  • Lab Technician: Healthcare-Associated Infections
  • Lab Technician: Universal Blood and Body Fluid Precautions

Module 7~ Lab Technician – Human Microbial Diseases

  • Lab Technician: Bacterial Diseases in Humans
  • Lab Technician: Viral Diseases in Humans
  • Lab Technician: Parasitic Diseases in Human
  • Lab Technician: Fungal Diseases in Humans

Module 8~ Lab Technician – Microorganisms in the Environment

  • Lab Technician: The Carbon Cycle
  • Lab Technician: The Nitrogen Cycle
  • Lab Technician: The Sulphur Cycle
  • Lab Technician: The Microbiology of Soilt

Module 9~ Laboratory Equipment (Part-01)

  • Lab Technician: Introduction to Laboratory Equipment
  • Lab Technician: General Labware
  • Lab Technician: Types and Functions of Labware
  • Lab Technician: Bottles

Module 10~ Laboratory Equipment (Part-02)

  • Lab Technician: Common Laboratory Equipment
  • Lab Technician: Centrifuges
  • Lab Technician: Autoclaves
  • Lab Technician: Laboratory Balances

Module 11~ Solutions Used in Clinical/Medical Laboratory

  • Lab Technician: Solutions, Solute and Solvent
  • Lab Technician: Percent Solutions
  • Lab Technician: Molar Solutions
  • Lab Technician: Normal Solutions

Module 12~ Sterilisation, Disinfection and Decontamination

  • Lab Technician: Definition of Sterilisation
  • Lab Technician: Methods of Sterilisation
  • Lab Technician: Decontamination- Sterilisation and Disinfection

Module 13~ Laboratory Accidents and Safety

  • Lab Technician: Chemical Hazards
  • Lab Technician: Electrical Hazards
  • Lab Technician: Fire Hazards
  • Lab Technician: Glassware Hazards

** Forensic Psychology **

Forensic Psychology: Introduction

  • Forensic Psychology: Interventions to reduce risk of re-offending
  • Forensic Psychology: History of development of Forensic Psychology

Forensic Psychology: Research Methods in Forensic Psychology

  • Forensic Psychology: Research Design and Methodology
  • Forensic Psychology: Critical evaluation of psychological research

Forensic Psychology: Theories of Offending

  • Forensic Psychology: Introduction to theories of offending
  • Forensic Psychology: Theories of sexual offending
  • Forensic Psychology: Theories of violent offending
  • Forensic Psychology: Theories of fire-setting behaviour

Forensic Psychology: Personal Attributes of Offenders

  • Forensic Psychology: Personal characteristics of offenders
  • Forensic Psychology: Personality disordered offenders
  • Forensic Psychology: Psychopathic offenders
  • Forensic Psychology: Mental Illness and offending

Forensic Psychology: Forensic Psychology in Police Investigations

  • Forensic Psychology: An Introduction to Offender Profiling
  • Forensic Psychology: Approaches to Offender Profiling
  • Forensic Psychology: The Effectiveness of Offender Profiling

Forensic Psychology: Forensic Psychology in the Courtroom

  • Forensic Psychology: Eye-witness testimony
  • Forensic Psychology: Expert witness testimony
  • Forensic Psychology: Attitudes towards victims

Forensic Psychology: Forensic Psychology in Practice

  • Forensic Psychology: What works literature in reducing re-offending
  • Forensic Psychology: Incident management (Crisis Negotiation)
  • Forensic Psychology: Introduction: About the Course and the Tutor

**Criminology, Profiling and Forensic Psychology Training**

  • Module 01: Introduction to Criminology and Profiling
  • Module 02: Classification of Crime
  • Module 03: Violent Crimes
  • Module 04: The Crime Scene
  • Module 05: Dealing with Crime
  • Module 06: Understanding Criminal Psychology
  • Module 07: Forensic Science
  • Module 08: Phases of Profiling
  • Module 09: Criminal Profiling: Science, Logic and Metacognition
  • Module 10: Offender Profiling: Pragmatic Solution and Behavioural Investigative Advice
  • Module 11: Victimology
  • Module 12: The Criminal Justice System in England and Wales


Following your completion of the Forensic Scientist course materials, you will be able to take an assignment test to assess your knowledge. You will be able to grab the PDF certificates & transcripts for free after passing the test. Original Hard Copy certificates must be bought separately for an extra £8.

Who is this course for?

This Forensic Scientist course is appropriate for

  • Students who have recently graduated and are looking for work.
  • Anyone interested in this area
  • Those who are already working in related industries and wish to improve their knowledge and skills.


You do not need any prior qualifications or experience to take this Forensic Scientist. You can simply enrol and begin learning right now. Professionals created this Forensic Scientist, which is compatible with PCs, Macs, iPads, and smartphones. As long as you have a good enough internet service, you will be able to access the course from anywhere at any time.

Career path

You will be able to pursue several professions because this course includes various courses as a bonus. This Forensic Scientist is an excellent opportunity for you to learn multiple skills from the convenience of your own home.

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