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This 3 course fitness and nutrition bundle is designed to help you lose body fat and build muscle through an improved diet plan and a healthy workout regime. You will learn the right diet and foods to eat before and after training and how different exercises can greatly improve your physique, wellbeing & general health.

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  • This 3 course bundle is made up of 173 lectures, witch 9 hours of video content & supporting handout materials
  • Access to sample meal plans and learn how to plan meals tailored to you.
  • Find out how to change what you eat when exercising, so you can perform at your best!
  • Learn about the five pillars of health including nutrition, movement, stress management, hormonal balance, and personal beliefs.
  • Gain a knowledge of different exercises and working muscle groups and a knowledge of how muscles function.
  • You will learn about the benefits of cardiovascular training and the different types of cardio that are part of this fitness programme.
  • This bundle is ideal for anyone looking to make healthy changes to their lives with a diet & fitness plan that can be adapted to all levels.

The first course in this bundle will teach you the importance of a balanced diet and you will learn how to give your body the nutrients it needs, so that you feel your best, all day long. You will gain a firm understanding about the digestive system & the important food categories, like fat and carbohydrates. Then you’ll combine your new expertise to plan healthy meals as part of a balanced diet.

The 4 Week Functional Health Transformation course delves into health issues on a cellular level to deliver lasting health. You'll learn about the five pillars of health including nutrition, movement, stress management, hormonal balance, and personal beliefs and powerful concepts that have helped some of clients reverse various health conditions.

This fitness diploma provides an easy to follow training & cardio fitness programme, as well as a healthy protein packed meal plan and training demonstrations designed to help manage your weight and increase strength. Transform your lifestyle through diet and exercise and become healthier and more energetic. You will learn about how your attitude and mindset affect your lifestyle and the benefits of cardiovascular training.


Nutrition: Balanced Diet & Health

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Body Composition

Part 3: Basic Nutrition Knowledge

Part 4: Blood Sugar Regulation

Part 5: Building Menu Plans: Blood Sugar Regulation in Practice

Part 6: Menu Plans for Exercise: Blood Sugar Regulation in Practice

Part 7: Sleep & Hydration

Part 8: Sustainable Balanced Diets

Part 9: Practical Advice

Part 10: Quiz

Fitness & Nutrition: 4 Week Functional Health Transformation

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Diet

Part 3: Mindset - Using the subconscious mind to achieve health

Part 4: Stress

Part 5: Implementation

Fitness Diploma: Personal Training Masterclass

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Preparation

Part 3: Nutrition

Part 4: Weight Training

Part 5: Cardiovascular Training

Part 6: Leg Exercise Tutorials

Part 7: Back Exercise Tutorials

Part 8: Chest Exercise Tutorials

Part 9: Shoulder Exercise Tutorials

Part 10: Triceps Exercise Tutorials

Part 11: Biceps Exercise Tutorials

Part 12: Bodyweight Exercise Tutorials

Part 13: Abdominal Exercise Tutorials

Part 14: Supplements

Part 15: Closing

Part 16: Bonus Lectures

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Who is this course for?

This 3 course bundle is recommended for:

  • Those looking to get in shape and eat well, being confident in their body.
  • Aspiring personal trainers and/or nutritionalists
  • Those looking for a holistic health and fitness regime


There are no prerequisites for this 3 course bundle.

Career path

This bundle could lead to a career as a personal trainer, dietician, nutritionist or even as a life-coach.

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