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Fitness is the state of physical health and wellbeing that helps a person to perform his/her day to day activities without showing any signs of exhaustion or weakness. However, other aspects like emotional and mental wellbeing are also encompassed by the term fitness. The two main factors that are most important to maintain a good physique are healthy eating habits and an active life. Being fit also means living with decreased risk rate of diseases like heart diseases, diabetes and cancer and also leading a healthier life.

People indulge themselves in physical training, sports and activities like hiking and trekking to achieve the level of fitness they desire. Nonetheless, fitness is the all inclusive concept of achieving a healthy body, mind and soul, which may seem a challenging task to achieve in today’s busy and sedentary way of life. On the brighter side, people are gaining more awareness about living a healthy life. Health industries worldwide are experiencing an increase in their business and thus it has become important that more trained personnel enter the field to offer their services to the clients.

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There are a wide range of jobs available in the fast expanding fitness industry. The course gets the students and professionals ready to take up employment in the industry. Depending on the interest of the student, they can choose to be managers of a sports team or run a local gym. They also get the opportunity to work in different settings like working indoors as fitness instructors or helping sports enthusiasts hone their skills outdoors. They can also choose to work as sports agents or fitness centre directors. A fitness expert’s job is not limited to fixed work hours and they may have to work on weekends and sometimes holidays as well. What gets many going in this field is the passion they have for the job. This course is the right one to take for anyone aspiring to make a career out of fitness or anyone who is already in the field and looking to better their prospects.


· The Skeletal System

· The Muscular System

· The Central Nervous System

· Circulatory System

· Reasons for Fitness

· Understand Your Body

· Fitness Testing

· Principles of Training

· Nutrition and Weight Control

· Fitness Instruction

· Physiology of Stretching

· Home Medicine and First Aid

Who is this course for?

A basic understanding of the scientific details behind exercise and maintaining a fit physique will be provided by the course. The course also gives a fundamental knowledge about the human anatomy and its various bodily systems. To ensure maximum benefit to those who seek the assistance of trainers, it is of utmost importance that the trainers familiarise themselves with both the scientific facts and their practical application.


There are No entry requirements. No background training or qualifications are required. Anyone can enrol at any time, beginners, intermediates and experienced all year round.

Career path

On completion of this course students can apply for the Fitness Manager Positions. Fitness managers create exercise plans, supervise fitness classes and manage day-to-day financial operations of a fitness centre. Many fitness managers are also in charge of retaining existing members, maintaining the exercise equipment and managing personal trainers and class instructors.

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