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What starts out as a dream-come-true business can quickly turn to endless weeds, flat sales, and overwhelm, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Wondering if you can produce enough on your small space to have a business. This course is the road map to becoming a successful farmer, gardener or florist and hit the reset button on an existing farming business.

Learn about Farming from industry experts and boost your professional skill. This Farming Diploma will enhance your skill and make you ready for the job market. You’ll get expert opinions about the best practices and problems of the Farming. You’ll also gain the skills of Farming to excel in your job and tips to master professional skills in no time.

This Farming Bundle consists the following Professional Career Oriented courses:

  • Farming Course 1: Poultry Farming
  • Farming Course 2: Floristry Academy Diploma
  • Farming Course 3: Horticulture & Organic Gardening
  • Farming Course 4: Mushroom Growing Course

You’ll be connected with the community of Farming professionals and gain first-hand experience of Farming problem-solving. The Farming is self-paced. You can complete your course and submit the written assignment in your suitable schedule.

This Farming will provide you with the latest information and updates of Farming. It will keep you one step ahead of others and increase your chances of growth.

Easily learn the skills and knowledge you desire with our Farming, you get an unparalleled learning experience with us and you get a digital certificate, transcript and a student ID card all included with the course price.

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What makes us the go to choice for people who want to learn about Farming is our dedication and commitment to providing you with the best service possible. You will get unlimited access to the Farming, no matter where you are in the world you will be able to access your Farming any time you want.

Should you have any questions while studying this Farming, our experienced tutors and mentors will answer them via email and live chat.

Farming Package Includes:

  1. Unlimited access to all 4 Farming courses for forever
  2. 4 Farming Digital Certificates, 4 Farming Transcripts and Student ID all included in the price of Farming Bundle
  3. Absolutely no hidden fees in Farming
  4. Directly receive CPD accredited Farming proficiency after course completion
  5. Receive one to one assistance on every weekday from Farming professionals
  6. Immediately receive the Farming PDF certificate after passing
  7. Receive the original copies of your Farming certificate and Farming transcript on the next working day
  8. Easily learn the Farming skills and knowledge from the comfort of your home

The course is self-paced and can be taken from the comfort of your home, office, or on the go! With our Student ID card you will get discounts on things like music, food, travel and clothes etc.

Enrol in our Farming, Gardening & Floristry Course today and start learning.


40 CPD hours / points
Accredited by CPD QS

Course media


Course Curriculum

**Farming, Gardening & Floristry**

**Horticulture & Organic Gardening**

Farming: Module 01: Basic Botany Horticulture

  • Farming: Introduction
  • Farming - Farming - Farming: Plant Tissues
  • Farming - Farming: Plant Cells
  • Farming - Farming: Photosynthetic Tissue
  • Farming - Farming: Osmosis
  • Farming - Farming: Organelles
  • Farming - Farming: Structure and Function
  • Farming - Farming: Basic Structure of a Flower
  • Farming - Farming: The Pistil Consists of Four Parts
  • Farming - Farming: Pollen and Nectar
  • Farming - Farming: Pollination
  • Farming - Farming: Fertilisation
  • Farming - Farming: Basic Plant Physiology
  • Farming - Farming: Photosynthesis
  • Farming - Farming: How to Improve?
  • Farming - Farming: Transpiration
  • Farming - Farming: Nutrient Uptake & Transportation

Farming: Module 02: Plant Classification

  • Farming - Farming: Introduction
  • Farming - Farming: Non-Vascular Plants
  • Farming - Farming: Vascular Plants with Spores
  • Farming - Farming: Vascular Plants with Seeds
  • Farming - Farming: Flowering Plants (Magnoliophyte)
  • Farming - Farming: Divisions of the Plant Kingdom

Farming: 03: Soil Science

  • Farming - Farming: What is Soil?
  • Farming - Farming: The Soil Profile
  • Farming - Farming: Factors Affecting Soil Formation
  • Farming - Farming: Parent Materials
  • Farming - Farming: Organisms
  • Farming - Farming: Climate
  • Farming - Farming: Topography
  • Farming - Farming: Time
  • Farming - Farming: Characteristics of Soils
  • Farming - Farming: Soil Structure and Its Importance
  • Farming - Farming: Different Types of Soil Structure
  • Farming - Farming: Understanding pH and Testing the pH of Soil
  • Farming - Farming: Interpreting the Results of a Soil pH Test

Farming: Module 04: Plant Nutrition Requirements

  • Farming - Farming: Essential Nutrients
  • Farming - Farming: Essential Elements for Plant Growth
  • Farming - Farming: Macronutrients and Micronutrients
  • Farming - Farming: Natural Amendments
  • Farming - Farming: Organic Methods of Gardening
  • Farming - Farming: Climatic Factors That Contribute To the Health of Plants
  • Farming - Farming: Rainfall and Water
  • Farming - Farming: Light
  • Farming - Farming: Temperature
  • Farming - Farming: Enzyme Activity
  • Farming - Farming: Air
  • Farming - Farming: Relative Humidity
  • Farming - Farming: Wind as Climatic Factor

Farming: Module 05: Plant Pests and Diseases

  • Farming - Farming: Introduction
  • Farming - Farming: Organic Pest Control for Fruit and Vegetables
  • Farming - Farming: Allium Leaf Miner
  • Farming - Farming: Ants
  • Farming - Farming: Aphids

Farming: Module 06: Basic Concepts of Organic Gardening

  • Farming - Farming: Introduction
  • Farming - Farming: What Is Organic?
  • Farming - Farming: What Exactly Is Involved In Organic Gardening?
  • Farming - Farming: How Do You Amend Soil?

Farming: Module 07: Weed Control

  • Farming - Farming: Introduction
  • Farming - Farming: When to Control Weeds
  • Farming - Farming: How to Control Weeds Without Chemicals
  • Farming - Farming: Weed Barriers
  • Farming - Farming: Weed-suppressant Fabrics

Farming: Module 08: Plant Propagation

  • Farming - Farming: What is Plant Propagation?
  • Farming - Farming: Sexual Propagation
  • Farming - Farming: Seed
  • Farming - Farming: Germination
  • Farming - Farming: Methods of Breaking Dormancy

Farming: Module 09: Amenity Horticulture, Plant Selection and Native Plants

  • Farming - Farming: Amenity Horticulture
  • Farming - Farming: Areas of Work
  • Farming - Farming: Plant Selection Factor
  • Farming - Farming: Basic Procedure for Planting a Tree

Farming: Module 10: Exotic Plants

  • Farming - Farming: Introduction
  • Farming - Farming: Practical Considerations
  • Farming - Farming: Suitable Plants
  • Farming - Farming: Trees
  • Farming - Farming: Shrubs
  • Farming - Farming: Shrubs – Tender and Half-Hardy

Farming: Module 11: Indoor Plants

  • Farming - Farming: Introduction
  • Farming - Farming: What are Indoor plants?
  • Farming - Farming: How do you plant indoor plants?
  • Farming - Farming: What are the best indoor plants?
  • Farming - Farming: How do you re-pot indoor plants?
  • Farming - Farming: How do indoor plants affect people’s mood?

Farming: Module 12: Lawns

  • Farming - Farming: Introduction
  • Farming - Farming: Traditional Lawn Turf
  • Farming - Farming: Fine Turf
  • Farming - Farming: Shade Tolerant Turf

Farming: Module 13: Planting and Plant Care

  • Farming - Farming: Planting a Tree
  • Farming - Farming: Planting Stress
  • Farming - Farming: Caring for New Plants Prior to Planting

Farming: Module 14: Plant Nodes and Indigenous Plants

  • Farming - Farming: Introduction
  • Farming - Farming: Identifying Nodes
  • Farming - Farming: Plant Internodes
  • Farming - Farming: Pruning
  • Farming - Farming: Propagation

Farming: Module 15: Plant Protection, Landscaping and Garden Design

  • Farming - Farming: Introduction
  • Farming - Farming: Protecting Plants from the Winter

Farming: Module 16: Ornamental Horticulture

  • Farming - Farming: What is Ornamental horticulture?
  • Farming - Farming: What is Floriculture?
  • Farming - Farming: Ornamental Trees and Shrubs
  • Farming - Farming: Bulb Crops

Farming: Module 17: Permaculture

  • Farming - Farming: What Is Permaculture?
  • Farming - Farming: Aspects of Permaculture
  • Farming - Farming: Work with Nature
  • Farming - Farming: Observation Is The Key!

Farming: Module 18: Arboriculture

  • Farming - Farming: Introduction
  • Farming - Farming: History of Arboriculture
  • Farming - Farming: Who Is an Arboriculturalist?
  • Farming - Farming: Difference between Horticulturists & Arborists

Farming: Module 19: Horticulture Statistics

  • Farming - Farming: Introduction
  • Farming - Farming: Vegetables
  • Farming - Farming: Field Vegetables
  • Farming - Farming: Protected Vegetable
  • Farming - Farming: Fruit

Farming: Module 20: Results from the 2018 Seasonal Labour in Horticulture End of Year

  • Farming - Farming: Survey for England
  • Farming - Farming: Key Results for Farms with Horticulture in 2018:
  • Farming - Farming: Detailed Results
  • Farming - Farming: Use of Labour
  • Farming - Farming: Shortfall

**Farming: Floristry Academy Diploma**

  • Farming - Farming: Introduction to the Course
  • Farming - Farming: Introduction to Floristry
  • Farming - Farming: Services Provided by Florists
  • Farming - Farming: Flowers and Plants
  • Farming - Farming: Flower Care and Treatment
  • Farming - Farming: Choosing Popular Flowers and Fillers
  • Farming - Farming: Elements and Principles of Design
  • Farming - Farming: How to Make Floral Arrangements
  • Farming - Farming: Making Bouquet, Corsage, Fruit Basket & Basket Garden
  • Farming - Farming: Wedding Floristry
  • Farming - Farming: Making Funeral Flower Arrangements
  • Farming - Farming: Beautiful Floral Designs
  • Farming - Farming: Getting a Job in the Floristry Industry
  • Farming - Farming: Starting Your Own Floristry Business
  • Farming - Farming: The Conclusion To The Course


Following your completion of the Farming, Gardening & Floristry course materials, you will be able to take an assignment test to assess your knowledge. You will be able to grab the PDF certificates & transcripts for free after passing the test. Original Hard Copy certificates must be bought separately for an extra £8.

Who is this course for?

This Farming, Gardening & Floristry training is suitable for —

  • Students
  • Recent graduates
  • Job Seekers
  • Individuals who are already employed in the relevant sectors and wish to enhance their knowledge and expertise.


To participate in this Farming, Gardening & Floristry course, all you need is —

  • A smart device
  • A secure internet connection
  • And a keen interest in Farming, Gardening & Floristry.

Career path

You will be able to pursue several professions because this course includes various courses as a bonus. This Farming, Gardening & Floristry is an excellent opportunity for you to learn multiple skills from the convenience of your own home.

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