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Ext JS Training Course

The internet is the life source of all modern life and communication. It has in fact, impacted almost every aspect of life and it is almost impossible to think of life without any internet. Just think about it. To find some information, almost all the people Google information, whenever they want to find some new information or even update their old information. All this means, that many people have access to information literally at their finger tips. For instance if you want to see the latest movie, you can literally click the mouse and you have the tickets delivered to your phone. In fact, many people cannot imagine their lives with social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In short, the internet has made the entire world a small village and enabled communication to be conducted in a fast and rapid fashion. Also, with internet reaching every corner of the world, it has literally become possible to connect and engage with audiences on a global scale.


What are some of the most important uses of the internet?

The internet has many uses and it has affected almost every area of business and society on the whole. Some of the include the following:

  1. The internet is the biggest and most easily accessible source of information: For the normal person, the internet is nothing but a collection of a number of web pages. And there are innumerable websites that serve a number of purposes. These include news websites, social networking sites, websites that provide information and websites of brands among other things. Further, websites are updated at regular intervals so that they can provide relevant information to the client at all possible times and duration. Now days as websites are high in terms of sophistication and usability, they ensure that user finds the concerned information in a matter of seconds. Whats more is that users can share the same information through various channels including blogs, emails and social networking channels among other mediums. The internet has definitely made it easier to access and share information in a simplified and easy manner, than ever before.
  2. The internet has facilitated the conduction of business and advertising in a very simple manner: Today, the internet has invaded almost every aspect of business and brand functioning as organisations across all sections have a website in order to reach out to their target audience in a simple and effective manner. Websites are important mediums that not just help brands to communicate with their target audience but also advertise their products/services in a better and enhanced manner. So the internet is a great source of promotion not just for products and services but also for a particular event or cause that the brand would want to associate themselves with. Many brands and business depend on internet for their daily activities and without it, the structure of the entire company will come down in a second.
  3. The internet is an important tool for education: Internet has grown and is today accepted by almost all sections of society. In fact, it is a really popular source of knowledge for students who use it to find their study material on one hand and to apply to colleges of their choice on the other hand. The world has become a virtual place and a lot of education happens on the internet today. For various purpose like checking exam result, exam schedule and applications, the internet is an important source of information for a lot of students among other things. In fact, for students a lot of information is just a click away and this means that it is easier for them to gain and use this information in a simple and systematic manner.
  4. The internet is a tool for networking and communication: The internet has made communication of information and ideas very simple and easy for people around the world. In fact, with the popularity of social media channels, it has become even more easier for people to connect on not just a national but global scale as well. Through channels like websites, chat websites and blogs it has become easier for brands and companies to communicate in an effective manner. From personal to professional needs, these channels are effective mediums and can help people connect without boundaries and borders.
  5. The internet is a great medium of entertainment: Another great use of the internet is that it helps to entertain individuals. Facilities like listening to online music, downloading music and movies, it creates platform for entertainment options. In addition, there are many other ways in which people can entertain themselves on the internet that includes watching videos and sports videos among others. In short, watching videos is a great source of entertainment for many people on the internet.
  6. The internet is a great source of medical help: The healthcare industry is something that affects almost all the individuals on the planet. With a lot of information and research being conducted on medical diseases, the internet has made it much easier to collaborate the same on a single platform. This is in fact even helped doctors and hospital administrators to reach out to their patients through the use of apps which have made diagnosis of diseases much more easier and better. Care and treatment of patients with doctors conducting surgeries through the use of camera is slowly becoming a reality and this in turn is affecting the lives of millions of people around the globe.

It has therefore been established that the internet is a great source of information for brands and organisations across all sectors. This is in turn accelerated due to the fact that brands are using the internet to grow and develop in a strategic manner. The process of buying products/services over the internet is gaining immense popularity and with time, it is expected that will become the conventional method of buying products for all people. However websites cannot be the single medium through which brands can communicate with their target audience. The growth of smartphones and tablets are ensuring that people use web apps rather than going to the website for information. In fact, smartphones will soon replace desktop computers, because now people want all the information on their hand held device itself, which means that brands will have to create specialised strategies that address the use of smartphones and tablets, in comparison to desktops. Such web applications are made with the use of programming language that includes Java and PHP. By installing them in smartphones, users can easily access the information that they need without having to visit the website.

Course Description

  1. EXTJS Introduction: Here you will learn about EXTJS Introduction in a better manner and the benefits in an enhanced fashion.
  2. Basic Concepts of EXTJS: Here you will learn about Basic Concepts of EXTJS, with much better clarity.
  3. Running EXTJS Program: This section will help you understand how to run EXTJS Program in an effective fashion.
  4. Execution and Finding Errors: In this section, you will learn the importance of execution and finding errors.
  5. Ext Grid Introduction: Here you will learn about Ext Grid Introduction.
  6. Introduction to Apps Creation: This section will help you understand the introduction to apps creation.
  7. Application Creation in Details: Here you will learn about application creation in details.

Who is this course for?

What are the requirements/pre-requisites to learn Ext JS Tutorials course?

A basic training in Ext JS tutorials is a really good idea because it will help you build interactive web applications. Here are some skills that individuals will need to possess before they enrol for this course:

  1. If you are interested in learning more about this course, it is essential that you have a good understanding about how a computer system functions
  2. If you want to learn more about Ext JS, then you must have a good understanding about Extjs Framework
  3. You must possess a computer system that has an active internet connection
  4. A passion to learn about Ext JS will definitely stand you in good stead

Who should undertake this training?

The ideal target audience for this course would include people who are trying to gain a more in-depth knowledge about web applications in an enhanced fashion. These include application developers, database administrators, developer, forms developer, portal developer, system analysts and technical consultants. While these are the target audience for this course, there are many applicants that will totally be a perfect fit for being a part of this program.


  • Is it difficult to become trained in the field of Ext JS?

Definitely not. Especially if you have experience in the field of programming, this course will help people to enhance their knowledge and experience about the field of web applications. By being a part of this course, the individuals will be able to enhance their knowledge and skill set in an successful manner. With an emphasis on learning various programming languages, the developers can effectively create good and successful web application programmes for clients across all sectors and organisations.

  • Where can one apply to learn about ExtJS?

There are many institutes and organisations that offer this kind of training for individuals who are interested. In fact, learning about ExtJS is a great way in which individuals can learn about the programming language with taking out extra time and effort from the career. At EDUCBA, we bring together the best resources and techniques to help programmers understand the benefits and challenges of web applications in a manner that is both simple and effective. In fact, after doing this course, you will become great assets to their companies as they can create effective web applications that will help brands to communicate with their target audience in a simple and effective fashion.

Career Benefits of this training

Everyone knows that the internet is a great source of information and connection for brands across all sector. This means that web application services are gaining prime importance as brands are looking for new and innovative methods of connecting with their audience.

And this is where computer programmers, especially those that understand the language of web applications will have an integral role to play in this endeavour as well. This is gaining a lot of importance also because people are slowly shifting from desktop computers to smartphones to access a wide range of information and through the use of these apps, customers can easily buy and purchase products/services of their choices. So while web applications are important, it is important that brands are accessible on all popular platforms including Android, iOS and Windows. Another thing to keep in mind is that this course makes you eligible to be a good programmer with all the vital qualifications and requirements. There are several ways in which an individual can gain this right and learning about web applications is one such way to enhance and improve your portfolio. Overall,a good understanding about the world of programming is therefore highly critical for all brands and organisations that want to benefit from this and that is why computer programmers are an essential element in the growth story of all brands.

Questions and answers

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What does study method mean?

Study method describes the format in which the course will be delivered. At courses are delivered in a number of ways, including online courses, where the course content can be accessed online remotely, and classroom courses, where courses are delivered in person at a classroom venue.

What are CPD hours/points?

CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development. If you work in certain professions or for certain companies, your employer may require you to complete a number of CPD hours or points, per year. You can find a range of CPD courses on, many of which can be completed online.

What is a ‘regulated qualification’?

A regulated qualification is delivered by a learning institution which is regulated by a government body. In England, the government body which regulates courses is Ofqual. Ofqual regulated qualifications sit on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF), which can help students understand how different qualifications in different fields compare to each other. The framework also helps students to understand what qualifications they need to progress towards a higher learning goal, such as a university degree or equivalent higher education award.

What is an ‘endorsed’ course?

An endorsed course is a skills based course which has been checked over and approved by an independent awarding body. Endorsed courses are not regulated so do not result in a qualification - however, the student can usually purchase a certificate showing the awarding body’s logo if they wish. Certain awarding bodies - such as ABC Awards and TQUK - have developed endorsement schemes as a way to help students select the best skills based courses for them.


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