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Teaching English as a Foreign Language - 120 Hours TEFL / TESOL / ESOL (CPD Certified)

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Unlock a World of Opportunities with Teaching English as a Foreign Language - 120 Hours TEFL / TESOL / ESOL Course Training!

In today's globalised world, effective communication is the key to success. If you want to enhance your language skills and open doors to new opportunities, our ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) Course Training is your pathway to excellence.

Why Teaching English as a Foreign Language - 120 Hours TEFL / TESOL / ESOL Course Training Matters?

  1. Global Communication: English is the global lingua franca, and mastering it empowers you to communicate with people from diverse backgrounds worldwide.

  2. Career Advancement: Many employers require English proficiency, and having strong language skills can give your career a significant boost.

  3. Academic Excellence: If you're pursuing higher education or research, English proficiency is often a prerequisite for admission to top institutions.

  4. Travel and Exploration: English is spoken in many countries, making your travel experiences more enriching and hassle-free.

  5. Cultural Exchange: Learning English opens doors to understanding and appreciating different cultures through literature, media, and conversation.

What Our Teaching English as a Foreign Language - 120 Hours TEFL / TESOL / ESOL Course Offers:

Module 1: Language Fundamentals

  • Build a strong foundation in English grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

Module 2: Conversation Skills

  • Gain confidence in speaking and participating in conversations on various topics.

Module 3: Reading Comprehension

  • Improve your reading skills and comprehension of written materials.

Module 4: Writing Proficiency

  • Enhance your ability to express thoughts, ideas, and opinions in well-structured written form.

Module 5: Cultural Insights

  • Explore English-speaking cultures, traditions, and customs.

Module 6: Real-World Application

  • Apply your language skills in real-life scenarios, from job interviews to travel experiences.

Who Can Benefit?

  • International Students
  • Professionals Seeking Career Advancement
  • Travel Enthusiasts
  • Academics and Researchers
  • Cultural Enthusiasts
  • Anyone Eager to Master English

Why Choose Our Teaching English as a Foreign Language - 120 Hours TEFL / TESOL / ESOL Course?

  • Proven Expertise: Our instructors are experienced language experts dedicated to your success.
  • Flexible Learning: Access course materials and lessons at your own pace, fitting learning into your busy schedule.
  • Interactive Approach: Engage in immersive language activities, conversations, and cultural experiences.
  • Global Community: Connect with fellow learners from around the world, fostering a global perspective.
  • Confidence Boost: Build the confidence to excel in both personal and professional English communication.

Don't miss the opportunity to unlock a world of possibilities through our ESOL Course Training. Join us today and embark on a transformative journey towards English language mastery. Your journey starts here!

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1h 43m
    • 1: Module 01: Introduction to English Language Teaching & Learning 06:00 PDF
    • 2: Module 02: Linguistics 07:00 PDF
    • 3: Module 03: English Pronunciation 07:00 PDF
    • 4: Module 04: Teaching Grammar and Vocabulary 07:00 PDF
    • 5: Module 05: Language Teaching Methodologies 06:00 PDF
    • 6: Module 06: Teaching Receptive Skills: Reading 07:00 PDF
    • 7: Module 07: Teaching Productive Skills: Writing 08:00 PDF
    • 8: Module 08: Teaching Receptive Skills: Listening 06:00 PDF
    • 9: Module 09: Teaching Productive Skills: Speaking 07:00 PDF
    • 10: Module 1-Communication.docx 17:00 PDF
    • 11: Module 2- Making It Clear with Body Language.docx 08:00 PDF
    • 12: Module 3- Body language and etiquette.docx 07:00 PDF
    • 13: Module 4- Casual Conversations.docx 05:00 PDF
    • 14: Module 5 - Weather, Color and Clothes.docx 05:00 PDF

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Module 01: Introduction to English Language Teaching & Learning

  • Learning Outcome 1: Understand the principles and key concepts of English Language Teaching (ELT).
  • Learning Outcome 2: Gain insights into the historical and cultural aspects of language learning.

Module 02: Linguistics

  • Learning Outcome 3: Develop a foundational understanding of linguistic theories and how they relate to language teaching.
  • Learning Outcome 4: Acquire knowledge of phonetics, morphology, and syntax to support effective language instruction.

Module 03: English Pronunciation

  • Learning Outcome 5: Master the phonetic alphabet and techniques for teaching correct English pronunciation.
  • Learning Outcome 6: Identify and address common pronunciation challenges faced by English learners.

Module 04: Teaching Grammar and Vocabulary

  • Learning Outcome 7: Gain expertise in teaching essential grammar rules and vocabulary-building strategies.
  • Learning Outcome 8: Create engaging lesson plans that effectively convey grammar and vocabulary concepts.

Module 05: Language Teaching Methodologies

  • Learning Outcome 9: Explore various teaching methodologies and approaches, including communicative language teaching (CLT) and task-based language teaching (TBLT).
  • Learning Outcome 10: Evaluate and adapt teaching methods to suit diverse learner needs and contexts.

Module 06: Teaching Receptive Skills: Reading

  • Learning Outcome 11: Develop strategies for teaching reading comprehension, critical thinking, and literary analysis.
  • Learning Outcome 12: Select and adapt reading materials to engage students of different proficiency levels.

Module 07: Teaching Productive Skills: Writing

  • Learning Outcome 13: Guide students in developing effective writing skills, including composition, essay structure, and creative writing.
  • Learning Outcome 14: Provide constructive feedback and assessment strategies to improve writing proficiency.

Module 08: Teaching Receptive Skills: Listening

  • Learning Outcome 15: Foster active listening skills and the ability to comprehend spoken language.
  • Learning Outcome 16: Incorporate multimedia and technology to enhance listening comprehension exercises.

Module 09: Teaching Productive Skills: Speaking

  • Learning Outcome 17: Cultivate effective oral communication skills, including pronunciation, fluency, and presentation.
  • Learning Outcome 18: Design interactive speaking activities to encourage meaningful language production.

This comprehensive curriculum equips you with the knowledge and skills needed for English Language Teaching and empowers you to create dynamic and engaging learning environments for your students.

Certificate of Completion

After completing the Teaching English as a Foreign Language - 120 Hours TEFL / TESOL / ESOL diploma course, you will be able to obtain your free PDF certificate of course completion.

Who is this course for?

The ideal audience for this course includes individuals who are passionate about teaching English as a second language and are seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge in this field. Here are the potential target groups:

  1. Aspiring ESL Teachers: Individuals who aspire to become English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers and want to build a strong foundation in language teaching principles and methodologies.

  2. Current ESL Teachers: ESL teachers who are already in the field but want to upgrade their skills, explore modern teaching methods, and stay current with best practices.

  3. Tutors and Language Coaches: Tutors or language coaches who work one-on-one or in small groups with English learners and wish to improve their teaching techniques and approaches.

  4. Language School Instructors: Instructors working in language schools or institutions that offer English language courses and want to provide high-quality instruction.

  5. Volunteer Educators: Individuals volunteering to teach English to non-native speakers in community programs, refugee centers, or nonprofit organizations who want to be more effective in their teaching.

  6. International Educators: Educators planning to teach English in international contexts, such as teaching English abroad or in international schools.

  7. Language Program Coordinators: Professionals responsible for designing language programs, curricula, or training modules for ESL instructors.

  8. Career Changers: Individuals considering a career change into English language teaching and seeking a comprehensive understanding of the field.

  9. Language Enthusiasts: Language enthusiasts who have a passion for linguistics and teaching and wish to explore English language teaching as a fulfilling endeavor.

  10. Students Pursuing Language Degrees: Students pursuing degrees in linguistics, language education, or related fields who want to complement their academic knowledge with practical teaching skills.

This course caters to a diverse audience with varying levels of teaching experience and provides valuable insights into effective English language teaching methods, making it suitable for both newcomers and experienced educators in the field.


The Teaching English as a Foreign Language - 120 Hours TEFL / TESOL / ESOL course has no formal entry requirements.

Career path

  • ESOL Instructor: Entry-level position with a typical UK salary ranging from £18,000 to £25,000 per year.
  • Certified ESOL Teacher: With experience and qualifications, salary can advance to between £26,000 and £40,000 annually.
  • ESOL Coordinator or Curriculum Developer: Experienced professionals in these roles may earn £41,000 to £60,000 or more, depending on expertise and responsibilities.

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