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Equity Capital Markets



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Equity Capital Markets

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IPO Stands for Initial Public Offering. When any private organization wants to grow but lacks capital required for it, instead of taking debt from banks, it decides to go public and sell shares. It goes to Investment Bank to set up IPO. Investment Bank arranges for IPO where shares are divided as per the capital requirement and in this way public buys those shares and business gets money.


Through these tutorials we are going to see how the IPO modeling process take place in an investment bank. This training would be covering up various IPO analysis w.r.t companies like Ali Baba in detail.

The training will include the following;

  • Introduction On Equity capital markets
  • Introduction On IPO
  • Venture Capital ( IPO )
  • Advantages of IPO
  • Disadvantage of IPO
  • Process of IPO
  • Underwriting
  • Live IPO Modeling and Valuation

Course Curriculum

  • Section Name Introduction
  • Video Name Introduction to Equity Capital Markets
  • Video Name More on Equity Capital Markets
  • Video Name Initial Public Offer
  • Section Name Venture Capital
  • Video Name Agenda of Financing New Ideas
  • Video Name Venture Capital Funds
  • Section Name Advantages of IPO and Disadvantage of IPO
  • Video Name Understanding IPO Capital
  • Video Name Advantages of IPO
  • Video Name Disadvantages of IPO in Public Level
  • Section Name Process of IPO
  • Video Name The IPO Process
  • Video Name Book Building Process
  • Video Name How Book Building Process Works
  • Video Name How Lead Underwriter Works
  • Section Name Registration
  • Video Name Understanding Registration
  • Video Name Concept of Marketing
  • Video Name Offer Pricing
  • Video Name Planning an IPO
  • Video Name More On Pricing
  • Video Name IPO Underpriced
  • Video Name After Marketing
  • Video Name Other Divestiture Methods
  • Video Name Methods of Going Public
  • Video Name Underwriting Agreement
  • Video Name Best Effort Agreement
  • Video Name IPO in the UK
  • Video Name Dutch Auction
  • Video Name IPO Underpricing
  • Video Name Implied Bidding Patterns
  • Video Name QIP and FPO
  • Video Name FPO Secondary Offering
  • Section Name Issue
  • Video Name Understanding Right Issue
  • Video Name Working with Right Issue
  • Video Name Cases in Right Issue
  • Video Name Price Ratio
  • Video Name Cost of Capital
  • Video Name Valuation Metrics
  • Video Name IPO Raw Model
  • Video Name IPO Fees and Expenses
  • Video Name Issuer Assumptions
  • Video Name Underwriting Discount
  • Section Name IPO Model
  • Video Name FDSO Metrics
  • Video Name Option Outstanding
  • Video Name Overallottment Shares
  • Video Name Pro Forma Shares
  • Video Name Calculating Offering Size
  • Video Name IPO Discounts and Fees
  • Video Name Market Capitalization
  • Video Name Potential Price Range
  • Section Name PE Multiple Method
  • Video Name Forward PE Multiple
  • Video Name IPO Transaction Assumption
  • Video Name Building Up Data
  • Video Name Implied Offering Price
  • Video Name Capital and its Trading
  • Video Name Primary and Secondary Issued
  • Video Name Overallottment
  • Video Name Net IPO to Issuer
  • Video Name Net Proceeds
  • Video Name Equity Value Pricing
  • Video Name IPO Offering Price
  • Video Name Primary Shares Issued
  • Video Name Post Money Equity Value
  • Video Name Total Offering Size
  • Video Name Calculating Valuation Multiple
  • Video Name Non Controlling Interest
  • Video Name Calculating EV by EBITDA
  • Video Name Evaluating IPO Case Study
  • Section Name CCD Case Study
  • Video Name Assumptions Based on Growth
  • Video Name Dividing Revenue
  • Video Name Group Companies
  • Video Name Methodology Terms
  • Video Name DCF Valuation
  • Video Name Calculating Market Share
  • Video Name Revenue Per Outlet
  • Video Name General and Administrative Expenses
  • Video Name Market Share of Brands
  • Video Name Geographical Spread of Brands
  • Video Name Notes on Assumptions
  • Video Name Pareto Analysis
  • Video Name Calculating Raw Material Cost
  • Video Name Percentage of Fee Revenue
  • Video Name Use of IPO Funds
  • Video Name Current Liabilities
  • Video Name Summary on Income Forcasting
  • Video Name Other Operating Income
  • Video Name Expense and Material Cost
  • Video Name Selling and Administrative Expenses
  • Video Name Evaluating on Working Capital
  • Video Name P and L and Balance Sheet
  • Video Name Application of Funds
  • Video Name Sources of Funds
  • Video Name Existing Loans and Repayments
  • Video Name Loan Schedule
  • Video Name Calculating Depriciation
  • Video Name Acculated Depriciation
  • Video Name Total and Gross Block
  • Video Name BS and P and L Data
  • Video Name Equity and Liabilities
  • Video Name Goodwill on Consolidation
  • Video Name PBT for MAT
  • Video Name Effective Tax Rates
  • Video Name Utilization Tax Credit
  • Video Name Actual Tax Paid
  • Video Name Deferred Tax Asset
  • Video Name Deferred Tax Asset Liability
  • Video Name Cash Flow Statement
  • Video Name Cash Flow from Financing
  • Video Name Cash Flow from Operations
  • Video Name Cash and Cash Equivalent
  • Video Name Formula and DCF Technique
  • Video Name Evaluating Depriciation
  • Video Name Discounting Factor
  • Video Name Formula Definitions
  • Video Name Repayment of Terms Loans
  • Video Name Calculating EBIT
  • Video Name Calculating Outside Liabilities
  • Video Name Current Ratio Excluding Cash
  • Video Name EV-EBITDA Valuation
  • Video Name Long Term Debt
  • Video Name Calulating Average WACC
  • Video Name Calulating Average EBTDA
  • Video Name PE Multiple Method
  • Section Name Conclusion
  • Video Name Conclusion with PE Multiple
  • Video Name Final valuation of DCF
  • Section Name Reference Files
  • Video Name Reference Files

Who is this course for?

  • Treasurers
  • Accountants Analysts
  • Sales Managers
  • Investment bankers
  • Fund managers
  • Finance professionals
  • Anyone who want to learn about equity capital markets


  • Basic Computer Knowledge
  • Passion to Learn
  • Basic idea about Financial Modeling

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