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Environmental Waste Management Course

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  • Duration 105 Hours, Part-time
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Man is a product of nature, and like all the other creatures he has to abide by nature's rules. However, so dramatic have been the technological advances and discoveries of the last few centuries, that man's relationship with the natural world has undergone profound, and in many cases, dangerous changes

How we manage our waste and control substances and items that we consider to just be "rubbish" is a critical factor in the way we need to protect our environment and ensure a quality of life for us and our family.

Environmental Waste Management Course course deals mainly with the management of waste. However, waste cannot be looked upon as a separate issue to the conservation of the environment.


Conservation and Waste

Man and conservation
The "Space Ship Earth"
Ecological and economic value

Domestic Waste

The problem of industrial wastes
The nitrogen cycle
Types of sewers

Street Cleaning and the Disposal of Refuse

Methods of street cleaning
The removal of snow
The disposal of refuse
Using refuse as a fertiliser
Methods of dealing with refuse

The Effects of Industry on the Environment

Types of pollution
The effects of atmospheric pollution
Acid rain
The greenhouse effect
The greenhouse gases

Nuclear Fuel and Waste

Nuclear fission
Nuclear fuel
Nuclear waste
Case Study: Nuclear waste disposal in South Africa
Health risks

Water and its Treatment

Industrial effluent
Impurities in water
Water and health
Prevention and the removal of pollution from water
Methods of purification
Recycled water
Second-hand water

Waste and Recycling

Waste materials
Introduction to recycling
Recycling plastics
Recycling metal
Recycling glass
Recycling paper and rags
Recycling rubber
Gas from landfills
The future
The reduction of domestic waste


There is no experience or previous qualifications required for enrolment on this course. It is available to all students, of all academic backgrounds.

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