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Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming +Dog Training | 2 Courses Bundle Prepared by Animal Care Experts | FREE Transcript & Resource Pack Included

The Animal Care


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Dog Grooming+Dog Training with FREE Dog Behaviour Course. (3 Courses)

The Dog Grooming+Dog Training course is the ultimate training program, designed to enlighten learners with the knowledge they need to take care of their Animals. Walking you through the basics to more specialist topics, this Dog Grooming+Dog Training course covers everything you need to know for the well-being of your pet, grow your pet or Animal Care business and much more.

The Animal Care is offering the advantage of completing multiple courses in bundles so that you will receive a special and more accessible price than obtaining each one separately.

Get a FREE "Dog Behaviour Course" with your Dog Grooming+Dog Training Bundle Course.

So, this Dog Grooming+Dog Training Bundle Course includes the following courses:

  1. Dog Grooming
  2. CPD Certified Professional Dog Trainer
  3. Dog Behaviour Course (FREE)

Discover tips and guidance that will steer you towards excellence, with 28 expertly crafted modules designed by Animal Care Experts. Whether you want to ace that job interview, grow your confidence in the workplace, or gain the skills for self-mastery, this Dog Grooming+Dog Training course is tailor-made to help you achieve your true potential.

What’s more, with our Dog Grooming+Dog Training course, you’ll get to know your aspirations, strengths and weaknesses and how to nurture your pets. There are no specific entry requirements for this Dog Grooming+Dog Training course, which can be studied on a part-time or full-time basis.

Learning Outcome of Dog Grooming+Dog Training Course:

  • Familiarise with the best ways to take care of your dogs
  • Acquire specialised skills in Dog Care
  • Get valuable insight knowledge from Industry Experts
  • Learn how to handle the sudden situation with an instant solution
  • Get 24/7 tutor support
  • Opportunity to learn from trained professionals

Why Dog Grooming+Dog Training Bundle Course:

  • 100% Online
  • Learn At Your Own Pace
  • Expert Instructors/Trainers
  • Students From All Over The World
  • Video Lessons
  • Further Reading Where Necessary
  • Practical And Effective Guidelines.
  • CPD Accredited Certification.
  • Certificate (Digital And Hardcopy)

Keep your pets safe with our Special "Pet Care & Safety" guide. Get this as a Complimentary Gift with this Dog Grooming + Dog Training Bundle.


11 CPD hours / points
Accredited by CPD Qualification Standards

Course media


  • Animal Care - download
  • Animal Care 10 Exciting Careers - download
  • Pet Care and Safety Tips - download
  • Rights and obligations of pet owners - download
  • These are 9 strange but true animal laws all pet owners should be aware of - download


This all-inclusive Dog Grooming+Dog Training course is compiled for devoted learners who want to access all 2 courses and receive focused and specialised knowledge in the respective titles.

This Dog Grooming+Dog Training Bundle consists of 28 lessons and will cover the theoretical and practical points around a healthier life for animals, considering diets, food preparation, and physical activity. You do not need previous experience to take this Dog Grooming+Dog Training course.

**** Course Curriculum****

***Dog Grooming***

Dog Grooming - Module 1: The History of Dog Grooming

  • Dog Grooming: The History of Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming - Module 2: Why Do We Groom?

  • Dog Grooming: Why Do We Groom?

Dog Grooming - Module 3: Anatomy

  • Dog Grooming: Name Those Body Parts!

Dog Grooming - Module 4: Breed Groups and Coat Types

  • Dog Grooming: The breed groups
  • Dog Grooming: Coat types

Dog Grooming - Module 5: Equipment and Techniques

  • Dog Grooming: Brushes
  • Dog Grooming: Combs
  • Dog Grooming: De-Matting Tools
  • Dog Grooming: Coat Kings
  • Dog Grooming: Stripping Equipment
  • Dog Grooming: Clippers
  • Dog Grooming: Blades
  • Dog Grooming: Comb Attachments
  • Dog Grooming: Scissors
  • Dog Grooming: Nail Clippers
  • Dog Grooming: Ear Care
  • Dog Grooming: Toolbox
  • Dog Grooming: Restraints
  • Dog Grooming: Grooming Tables and Work Stools
  • Dog Grooming: Oiling Equipment
  • Dog Grooming: Sterilisation
  • Dog Grooming: Finishing Touches

Dog Grooming - Module 6: Keep Your Dog Healthy and Clean Part 1

  • Dog Grooming: Bathing Your Dog
  • Dog Grooming: Bathing a Puppy
  • Dog Grooming: Choosing a Shampoo
  • Dog Grooming: Protecting Your Dog’s Eyes and Ears During Bath Time
  • Dog Grooming: Brushing Your Dog
  • Dog Grooming: Long Hair That's Frequently Matted
  • Dog Grooming: Skin Problems
  • Dog Grooming: Other Skin Problems
  • Dog Grooming: Causes of Skin Problems
  • Dog Grooming: Knowing When to See the Vet

Dog Grooming - Module 7: Keep Your Dog Healthy and Clean Part 2

  • Dog Grooming: Brushing Your Dog
  • Dog Grooming: Long Hair That's Frequently Matted
  • Dog Grooming: Skin Problems
  • Dog Grooming: Other Skin Problems
  • Dog Grooming: Causes of Skin Problems
  • Dog Grooming: Knowing When to See the Vet

Dog Grooming - Module 8: Things to Look for Before You Groom a Dog

  • Dog Grooming: Skin Conditions
  • Dog Grooming: Changes in Temperament
  • Dog Grooming: Eyes & Ears
  • Dog Grooming: Teeth

Dog Grooming - Module 9: Pre-grooming and General Care

  • Dog Grooming: Eyes
  • Dog Grooming: Ears
  • Dog Grooming: Mouth
  • Dog Grooming: Facial Care
  • Dog Grooming: Nail and Claw Care
  • Dog Grooming: Anal Glands
  • Dog Grooming: Causes of Hair Loss
  • Dog Grooming: Lumps and Bumps

Dog Grooming - Module 10: Preparation

  • Dog Grooming: Handling
  • Dog Grooming: Introducing A Dog to Grooming and Handling
  • Dog Grooming: Human–Dog Interaction
  • Dog Grooming: In the Salon
  • Dog Grooming: Dog–Dog Interaction
  • Dog Grooming: Grooming Out
  • Dog Grooming: Matted Coats
  • Dog Grooming: Rough Trimming

Dog Grooming - Module 11: Skin Conditions Part 1

  • Dog Grooming: Structure of the Skin
  • Dog Grooming: Functions of Skin
  • Dog Grooming: Skin Glands

Dog Grooming - Module 12: Skin Conditions Part 2

  • Dog Grooming: Nails, Claws and Footpads
  • Dog Grooming: Coat Growth
  • Dog Grooming: Parasitology

Dog Grooming - Module 13: How to Bathe Your Dog

  • Dog Grooming: Power of Positive Association
  • Dog Grooming: Protect the Ears
  • Dog Grooming: Start Young
  • Dog Grooming: Use the Right Shampoo
  • Dog Grooming: Work from the Neck Down
  • Dog Grooming: Dry Right

Dog Grooming - Module 14: How to Get Your Dog to Love Bath Time

  • Dog Grooming: Don’t Rush
  • Dog Grooming: Bring A Positive Attitude
  • Dog Grooming: Make It Fun
  • Dog Grooming: Enlist Canine Assistance
  • Dog Grooming: Make the Water Comfortable
  • Dog Grooming: Begin Young
  • Dog Grooming: Bring Food into the Tub
  • Dog Grooming: Still Struggling?

Dog Grooming - Module 15: Drying Your Dog After a Bath

  • Dog Grooming: Ensure the Dog is Comfortable
  • Dog Grooming: Use a Happy Hoodie
  • Dog Grooming: Let Him Air Dry
  • Dog Grooming: Towel Dry

Dog Grooming - Module 16: Bathing and Drying: General Considerations

  • Dog Grooming: Shampoos and Conditioners
  • Dog Grooming: Bathing Procedure
  • Dog Grooming: Drying
  • Dog Grooming: Equipment for Drying
  • Dog Grooming: Towel Drying
  • Dog Grooming: Other Methods of Drying

Dog Grooming - Module 17: Grooming Details (Clipping, Scissors, Ears, Teeth, Feet, Bottoms)

  • Dog Grooming: Clipping the Nails
  • Dog Grooming: Brushing/Combing
  • Dog Grooming: Bathing
  • Dog Grooming: Drying
  • Dog Grooming: Clean the Ears
  • Dog Grooming: Trim Toenails
  • Dog Grooming: Brushing Teeth

Dog Grooming - Module 18: Basic First Aid Part 1

  • Dog Grooming: Aims and Objectives
  • Dog Grooming: Evaluation
  • Dog Grooming: Initial Management
  • Dog Grooming: Handling and Transport
  • Dog Grooming: Checks and Observations
  • Dog Grooming: Life Saving Techniques
  • Dog Grooming: Bleeding (Haemorrhage)
  • Dog Grooming: Shock
  • Dog Grooming: Heart Condition
  • Dog Grooming: Poisoning
  • Dog Grooming: Insect Stings

Dog Grooming - Module 19: Basic First Aid Part 2

  • Dog Grooming: Fractures
  • Dog Grooming: Dislocation
  • Dog Grooming: Soft Tissue Injury
  • Dog Grooming: Wounds
  • Dog Grooming: Eye Injuries
  • Dog Grooming: Paraphimosis
  • Dog Grooming: Metabolic Problems
  • Dog Grooming: Heat Stroke
  • Dog Grooming: Bandaging
  • Dog Grooming: Anatomical Directions

**Dog Training - CPD Certified**

Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: Dog Training - Feeding Time - Aggression and Stealing Food

Module 3: Dog Training - The Right Way to Greet a Dog

Module 4: Dog Training - Separation Anxiety

Module 5: Dog Training - Dog Language - What They're Really Saying!

Module 6: Dog Training - The Answers To 10 Popular Dog Questions You Are Likely To Be Asked

Module 7: Dog Training - The Answers To 10 Common Puppy Training Questions That You'll Likely To Be Asked

Module 8: Dog Training - Dog Training Consultations With Clients

**Bonus Video** A Demonstration Of A Real-Life Dog Training Consultation

Every individual course in this Dog Grooming+Dog Training bundle includes online assessments so that you can put into practice everything you have learned in the courses.


Our Dog Grooming+Dog Training bundle course is fully accredited. Rest assured with our accredited courses, because we strive to provide up-to-date skills and knowledge to help you become more competent and effective in your field of interest.


Once you’ve successfully completed your Dog Grooming+Dog Training course, you can obtain the Digital (PDF) Certificate for only £2.49. Also, you can have your printed certificate delivered by post for only £4.99 (FREE POSTAGE). With this affordable pricing on certificates, we’re also offering the PDF Transcript for FREE.

All of our courses are fully accredited, providing you with up-to-date skills and knowledge and helping you to become more competent and effective in your chosen field. Our certifications have no expiry dates, although we do recommend that you renew them every 12 months.

Who is this course for?

The Dog Grooming+Dog Training bundle is certified by CPD, making it ideal for anyone trying to learn potential professional skills. The Dog Grooming+Dog Training course is available for all students regardless of any academic background. No experience or qualification is required.


Our Dog Grooming+Dog Training bundle does not require any pre-knowledge to pursue the course. And it is compatible with any kind of device. You will get the same experience in learning whether you are using Windows, Mac, a smartphone or tablet. You can access the course materials with any kind of connection, from anywhere, without any limitation!

Career path

After finishing the Dog Grooming+Dog Training bundle, you will be able to establish communication with your pet more accurately and effectively. You will have a sound understanding of the ins and out of Animal Care. This accredited Dog Grooming+Dog Training bundle can be the stepping stone to brighten up your career working with animals.

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Pamela A asked:

hi is the exam at the end a multi question with a mock to practice or is it another way thank you


Hello Pamela, The exam in the end is an MCQ-based exam.

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.


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