Diploma in Law (Level 3) - With Practical Legal Experience

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9 Months
100 CPD points / hours
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  • Tutor is available to students

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  • This is the only course that will provide you with practical experience.
  • After successful completion of each module you will have an opportunity to work in a law firm for a day and gain hands on experience.

The Diploma in Law covers:

1. Contract Law

2. The English Legal System

3. Communication & Legal Terminology

4. Academic & Research Skills

Are you:

  • interested in studying law & would like to study a law degree at an English University?
  • interested in studying English law?
  • studying your law degree and you need extra support in your studies?
  • a CILEX student and you require extra support in your law studies?

Then this course is for you!

Note that an enrolment fee of £150 and the final certificate fee of £100 will be charged separately.


100 CPD points / hours


This course will improve:

  • your understanding of Contract law and teach you how to answer assignment(s);
  • your understanding of the English Legal System and give you an insight into the different sources of UK legislation, how judges interprete statutes as well as an understanding of the hierarchy of courts in England & Wales;
  • your understanding of the principles of effective communication and how to minimise any barriers that can affect you relationship with your client;
  • your understanding of primary & secondary sources including EU legislation and how to cite sources correctly.

Enrol Now! Learning from lawyers if fun!


  • You are being taught by qualified lawyers
  • You can study in your own time
  • You will be given support during the course
  • The course comprises of tests, quizzes and assignment(s)
  • By doing the tests and quizzes you will understand how you are progressing & if you require further help
  • Upon successful completion you will receive an accredited & recognised diploma

Who is this course for?

  • Students who have gained 5 GCSE's in their exams and are interested in studying law;
  • International students who would like to improve their knowledge of English law and can demonstrate a good understanding of English;
  • Law students who are studying their law degree, Graduate Diploma in Law or CILEX and need further support in one or more of the modules.


Entry requirements for the Diploma in Law:

  • 5 GCSE's including maths & English at grades C or above; or
  • other related level 2 subjects; or
  • other equivalent international qualifications

Assessment by LCATE:

If a student does not have the respective entry qualifications, the student can still enrol on this course provided that the student:

  • can demonstrate their level of English to a member of staff of LCATE; or
  • provides a letter from their employer to LCATE demonstrating their knowledge and competence of English.

Career path

  • Solicitor
  • Barrister
  • Paralegal

The above careers is all subject to the student successfully completing the Diploma in law,successfully completing a law degree or the 'Graduate Diploma in law' and the other respective qualification(s) necessary for the student to qualify as a solicitor, barrister or a paralegal.

The Diploma in Law is an access to university course.

Questions and answers

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ruben asked:

how much does it cost for the monthly subscription of the course?


Hello Ruben, nice to hear from you!. Before you start the diploma and part with a lot of money.I would suggest that you enrol on the Contract Law Certificate course as this is currently on a discounted price of £30 and forms part of module 1 of the Diploma in Law. After completion of this course then you can enrol on the other 3 modules: the English Legal System, Communication & Legal Terminology & Academic Skills & Research. There is an offer at the moment! Wishing you well and thank you!

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.

Max asked:

I have always been fascinated by law. I do currently work but not in my dream environment. I have GCSEs and determination. Is this course for me?


This is an online course. It comprises of 4 modules. Each module takes 4 months to complete. It is an access to university course and is equivalent to A levels. There is an extra fee to register and a further fee for you final certificate.

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.

Silvia asked:

Will I need to write essays to complete this course. What are the assignments?


Yes during the course there are a number of written assignments that you must complete. Every module will set its own assignments. Generally there are 2 or 3 in each module and there are 4 modules. Hope this helps! Yasmine Lupin (LCATE)

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.

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