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DevSecOps Engineering
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By encouraging workplace cultures that prioritise collaboration, communication and shared responsibility, DevOps has transformed the world of code development. The methodology’s emphasis on testing, efficiency and automation helps users to enjoy far greater ROIs; so much so that it has even been adopted by the likes of Netflix, Amazon and even NASA.

‘DevSecOps’ adds essential security considerations to the DevOps methodology. Building on DevOps Foundation, this course discusses how security practices can be incorporated into every stage of the development process. This can save a great deal of time compared to traditional security measures, which take place just prior to release and can cause significant and expensive delays.

By the end of this course, students will be fully prepared to create and support DevSecOps cultures, whether from scratch or as part of an existing DevOps team. They will also be fully prepared for the DevSecOps Engineering (DSOE) examination.


DevSecOps Engineering

Course media


Course duration

This course package contains over 16 hours’ worth of course materials. Students will be able to access the course for six months.

Course outline

The course is broken down into several modules on various aspects of the DevSecOps methodology:

  • Course Overview and Recap
  • Module 1: An Introduction to DevSecOps Engineering
  • Module 2: Culture and Management
  • Module 3: Strategic Considerations
  • Module 4: Security Considerations
  • Module 5: Identity and Access Management
  • Module 6: Application Security
  • Module 7: Operational Security
  • Module 8: GRC and Audit
  • Module 9: Logging, Monitoring and Response
  • Practice Exam Simulators and Course Wrap-up

Benefits of DevSecOps

By integrating DevSecOps security measures into every stage of the code development lifecycle, users can make sure that problems are found and fixed early on. This is far more reliable, cheap and efficient than waiting until the end of the lifecycle. By this point, as most of the code is completed, trying to make any changes can take a significant amount of time and cause expensive delays.

DevSecOps can also help users to create more collaborative working environments. The methodology encourages collaboration, communication and shared responsibility. It ensures that all team members are trained to take security into account, while also putting coworkers in the position to share ideas and experience.


Is this course accredited?

This course has been fully accredited by PeopleCert, a Registered Education Provider of the DevOps Institute.

Does the course contain exams?

The course contains a number of training assets designed to help students prepare for the DevSecOps Engineering (DSOE) examination. This includes interactive videos, knowledge checks and several practice exams. At the end of the course, students can also contact the Good e-Learning team to request a FREE exam voucher.

Keep in mind that in order to sit the DevSecOps Engineering (DSOE) exam, a student must first have passed DevOps Foundation.

How long until I receive course confirmation details?

Students should receive course confirmation details, as well as course access, immediately after purchasing the course.

How long will I have access to materials?

Students have access to materials for six months following the point of purchase.

Who provides this course?

This course is provided by Good e-Learning.

What support does Good e-Learning offer?

The Good e-Learning support team offers 24/7 support from in-house experts trained in DevOps and DevSecOps. They are happy to handle anything regarding course content or access. They can also provide FREE exam vouchers for students who are ready to take the DevSecOps Engineering (DSOE) examination.

What does the course include?

The course comes with a number of assets designed to help students along:

  • FREE exam voucher
  • Exam simulator
  • Revision modules
  • Interactive videos and podcasts
  • Full mobile-compatibility

Who is this course for?

Coding has never been more important, with many companies releasing several updates a day on average. This sheer volume has left security a much more important concern, especially with threats from hackers and the demands of GDPR putting pressure on organisations to take it as seriously as possible.

This course is ideal for anyone with an interest in ensuring an organisation is tackling security as efficiently as possible. Even if you are completely new to DevOps, this course will enable you to start turning security into one of your company’s most valuable assets, with far greater speed, efficiency and reliability.


Students must hold a DevOps Foundation Certificate in order to sit the DevSecOps Engineering (DSOL) examination.

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