Design, Operation and Control of Crystallization Equipment

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Learning Objectives: Crystallization is a separation process used in many industrial applications, such as pharmaceuticals and food industry (sugar and salt). Modelling this process involves the resolution of many equations’ systems related to mass, energy and population balance. Consequently, crystallization process operation and equipment design is particularly critical and needs a deep understanding of thermodynamics and transport phenomena.


  • Solubility curves
  • Saturated and supersaturated solutions
  • Crystallization methodologies
  • Thermal effects associated to crystallization
  • Crystalline structure and morphology
  • Mechanisms of crystal growth and nucleation
  • Crystal aggregation
  • Supersaturation measurement
  • Crystal growth rate measurement
  • Crystal size, shape and distribution control
  • Crystalline defects
  • MSMPR crystallizers
  • Residence Time Distribution
  • Crystal Weight Distribution
  • Fine removal
  • Multistage operation
  • Mechanical vapour recompression
  • Reactive crystallization
  • Fluidized suspension crystallizer
  • Forced-circulation crystallizer
  • Draft Tube Baffle (DTB) crystallizer
  • Surface-cooled crystallizer
  • Direct-contact refrigeration crystallizer
  • Spray crystallization
  • Melt crystallization
  • Batch crystallization
  • Crystallization process control

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