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Trading Training Course - Learn to day trade and swing trade stocks, indices and Forex. If you are interested in learning the skills you need to earn a full-time or part-time income from financial trading then this is the course for you.

Tutored by Anthony Beardsell, Trader and Coach at our Trading Academy, this is a comprehensive online day trading and swing trading training course designed to take you from beginner to proficient trader.

Learn how to read charts so that you can day trade or swing trade any market. We will teach you the skills that you need to win in day trading or swing trading. These skills are applicable to all timeframes and all markets.

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This is a video based Day Trading and Swing Trading training course. We provide you with 70+ online videos that aim to give you the skills to take you from beginner (or intermediate) to pro standard trader.

You will be able to trade from home part-time or full-time and the beauty of trading is that the markets are open 24/7 so you can fit your study and practice around the time that you have available.

We have left nothing out of this course and aim to provide you with all the skills that you need to design and operate a trading plan that works for you, fits your budget and the time that you have available to trade.

Market Basics

Learn how markets move and how you can make money trading stocks that are both rising and falling. We teach you how bull traders and bear traders take advantage of momentum to make money in short term and long term trends.

Which Markets to Trade?

There are hundreds of financial markets to choose from, Forex, Indices like the FTSE 100, Individual Stocks and Shares. We will help you choose the right markets for you to trade based on your trading capital and the volatility in the markets.

Trade Management and Money Management

We will explain how to design a trading plan that makes sense from a mathematical point of view. How to manage the size of your trades in order to accommodate your trading capital, minimise your losses and maximise your profits.

Trading Indicators

We explain, illustrate and give examples of how to use the following indicators to help you to improve the probability of successful trades:

  • Stochastic
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Pivot Points
  • RSI
  • Moving Averages

Candlestick Patterns

Learn the best candlestick patterns to indentify and trade reversals and momentum trades. Discover what the candlesticks mean in terms of trader psychology and how they give clues as to what the market may do next.

  • Doji
  • Reversal Bars - Pin Bars
  • Hammers
  • Morning/Evening Stars
  • Piercing Patterns
  • Engulfing Candlesticks
  • Inside Bars
  • Outside Bars
  • False Breaks and Traps

Price Action Trading

Learn to read charts as a pro trader. Learn how to interpret price action in order to take advantage of trending and range bound markets.

Managing Trades

We will explain how to enter and exit your trades, what the of orders to use including stop and limit orders. How to place protective steps in order to limit losses.

When and how to scalp trade. When and how to swing trade.

Trading Systems - Indicator Based

We provide you with a number of trading systems that we use to trade the markets. These are off-the-shelf trading systems that we use in our own day trading and swing trading.

You will learn how to trade these systems and identify opportunities using these systems so that you can be trading from day 1 of finishing your course.

Your Trading Plan

Finally our course tutors will help you build a trading plan that fits your budget and personality and that you can use to start earning a living from trading.

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Home based Day Trader/Swing Trader

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