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Data Analysis Skills Overview

This Data Analysis Skills training aims to provide delegates with the opportunity to develop their skills within data analysis and identify the most appropriate approach for your organisation. This training is incredibly important for an organisation as it enables the company to understand the data they collect, and how its assessment can be used to improve the organisation’s processes and outputs.

This training course comes under the topic of , which aims to provide training on all the necessary skills needed to produce sufficient evidence to present improvements within an organisation. As well as Data Analysis Skills, this topic includes: and .


Data Analysis Skills Outline

Data Analysis Skills training will cover the following modules:

Module 1: Data Analysis and Synthesis

  • Overview of statistics applied in organisations
  • Defining the problem or opportunity
  • Evidence/fact driven analysis
  • Splitting the data (working at the right level of detail)
  • Cognitive bias, how it skews data analysis, and produces bad outcomes
  • Using inductive and deductive approaches to validate data
  • Building valid hypothetical models, based on sound analysis

Module 2: Developing and Testing Hypotheses

  • Defining tests for your hypotheses
  • Using control groups as a baseline
  • Group selection, the risk of a skewed sample
  • Selecting a reasonable sample from the data population
  • Validating survey data

Module 3: Working with Decision Variables and Optimising Solutions

  • Understanding your constraints
  • Identifying variables that you can control
  • Developing realistic assumptions
  • Optimising your worksheet
  • Managing negatively linked variables

Module 4: Statistical and Other Tools

  • The probability based approach
  • Common traps in using probability
  • Defining the ‘middle’ of the data, mean, mode, media
  • Calculating confidence (standard deviation, the three sigma rule)
  • Different types of probability curves
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Correlation
  • Cause and effect analysis
  • Regression analysis (simple, multi-variate, step by step, and hierarchical)
  • Decision trees
  • Expected monetary value calculations
  • Monte Carlo analysis
  • Heuristics

Module 5: Using Graphics to Present Data

  • When to use charts to enhance comprehension
  • The basics of visual literacy, bringing the data to life
  • The psychology of charts
  • The potential traps of using charts
  • Different types of charts, for different data sets, bar charts, histograms, histographs, tornado diagrams, radar diagrams, area diagrams, grouped columns, stacked columns, pie charts
  • The crucial importance of aligning chart and title
  • Using non-numeric charts to present data
  • Recap of course content
  • Questions and answers
  • Ebbinghaus (memory reinforcing) final exercise

Who is this course for?

Anybody looking to improve their data analysis skills.


Who should attend this Data Analysis Training Course?

This Data Analysis Skills training course is designed for any individual that is responsible for or need the skills to complete data analysis. This course would be especially useful for individuals in Data Analyst or Data Operations roles.


There are no prerequisites for undertaking this course, therefore anybody can attend.

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