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This programme is designed for people who wish to gain an understanding of principles and practice of Customer Service Excellence, in any work environment where customer service excellence is a requirement. No prior knowledge is required.


The objectives of the course are to:

  • Understand excellent service and why it is important
  • Define service excellence
  • Identify what customers want
  • Devise a plan for service excellence
  • Deliver a service excellence project
  • Monitor and assess the effectiveness of the plan
  • Maintain service excellence in your organisation


The course is designed for home study or distance learning and is comprised of comprehensive printed course notes presented in an A4 ring binder, together with course assignments and study guide. Tutor support and a student helpline facility are integral to the course, and students have a full 12 months in which to complete their studies. Actual study time will be of the order of 90-100 hours.

The course is divided up into seven study units, each with one tutor marked assignment to be completed. Each assignment contains approx 8-10 written tasks to be completed which are then submitted to a subject tutor for marking. Where required assignments can be re-submitted after amendment in the event that the assessment standards are not full met on first submission

The course units and topics are as follows:

Unit 1: What is Customer Service Excellence?

Why Plan for Excellence?

Traditional Quality Systems

Modern Quality Systems

Unit 2: Why is Service Excellence Important?

Financial Necessity

Legal Necessity

Marketing Necessity

Survival Necessity

Stakeholder Necessity

Unit 3: : What Do Customers Want?

Identification of Needs

Revealed Requirements

Expected Requirements

Emotional Requirements

Finding Out What Customers Want

Market Research

Unit 4: How to Plan for Service Excellence

Where Do You Fit In?

Understanding the Situation

Deciding on Standards


Aims and Objectives

Making a Plan for Any Size of Quality Project

Unit 5: How to Deliver Service Excellence

Project Plan with Quality Milestones

Quality Requirements and Objectives

Organisation and Responsibilities

Conventions and Standards

Controlling Change

Resources and Deliverables

Supplier Control

Quality Techniques

Unit 6: How to Monitor Service Excellence

Quality Assurance

Corrective Action

Design Reviews

Quality Audits and Reviews

Testing and Reliability

Training for Service Excellence

Unit 7: How to Maintain Service Excellence

Quality Evaluation

Improving Skills

Improving Service

Who is this course for?

The course is designed for anyone woho wishes to understand the importance of customer service and develop te skills of implementing and practicing customer service excellence in their work role.


There are no study pre-requirements as the course is intended for learners who have not studied this topic beforehand.

Career path

The course is suited to any one in any business sector where customer service is an important skill.

Questions and answers

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Rajvinder Kaur asked:

I wish to work as a this course gives any guarantee of work.


Thank you for your query. All jobs are based upon selection criteria set by the individual employer and these will vary from one post to another. Consequently whilst this course provides evidence of customer care skills, it cannot on its depend give a guarantee of employment. Kind regards, Study House

This was helpful. Thank you for your feedback.

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