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Customer Service Level 4 Diploma Endorsed by ABC Awards | 90 CPD Point | CPD Accredited Certificate

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Level 4 Diploma Customer Service (Certificate of achievement)
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Customer Service Diploma

Certificate of achievement in Customer Service Level 4. Additional CPD Accredited Certificate with 90 CPD points available with no extra study

This intensive yet accessible Level 4 Customer Service has been designed for newcomers to Customer Service, with no specific knowledge or experience required. Whether already working in the field or pursuing your first professional position, this insightful Customer Service course could kickstart a rewarding career for life! Study the basics of quality Customer Service, the benefits of customer excellence and the importance of meeting and exceeding expectations. Enrol Customer Service Diploma course today for the chance to earn a fully-endorsed Customer Service award!Ready to take your career in Customer Service to the next level? CPD Courses is proud to offer this exclusive Customer Service Diploma - Level 4 the perfect opportunity to transform your career prospects starting right now!

Today’s customer isn’t willing to accept anything other than flawless service. If businesses are unable to deliver a comprehensively pleasant and memorable experience, it’s game-over. Customers expect the brands they work with to predict and satisfy their requirements, exceed their expectations and go the extra mile as standard. It is no longer enough to simply ‘tick’ the basic boxes and expect customers to remain loyal. If you cannot give them what they expect, they’ll take their business elsewhere. Which is precisely why in the eyes of employers worldwide, qualified and capable Customer Service representatives are assets of priceless value.

Discover what it takes to climb the ladder in a Customer Service setting with this inspiring Customer Service Diploma Leve 4 ! Whether new to customer service or looking to advance an existing position, this Customer Service Diploma Level 4 fully-endorse course could make all the difference. Find out what makes the difference between superior and substandard Customer Service , exploring the capabilities, qualities and character traits of the ideal Customer Service representative.

If looking to enhance your CV and improve your career prospects for life, CPD Courses is standing by to help!


Level 4 Diploma Customer Service (Certificate of achievement)
Awarded by ABC Awards

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Customer Service Diploma

To provide every customer with an exceptional experience is to build a strong and successful business. Now more than ever, it’s the service and support customers are provided with that’s most prominently remembered after the experience. Leave a positive impression and they’ll not only be back for more, they’ll also bring others along for the ride. By contrast, leave a sour taste in their mouth and your reputation could suffer irreparable damage. If looking to master the art of premier customer service, targeted studies could make all the difference!

Customer Service - Course Benefits

When studying for a Customer Service Diploma with CPD Courses, every candidate enjoys the following benefits:

  1. Provision of all essential course materials and lecture notes, along with case studies, practical exercises and key supporting documentation.
  2. 24/7 access to our exclusive digital learning platform and convenient online assessments at the end of each unit.
  3. The dedicated support of an experienced, qualified and professional tutor for ongoing assistance while completing your course.
  4. Complete access to recommend reference books, study aids and more via our extensive e-library.
  5. The opportunity to earn a fully-endorsed certificate from a recognised awarding organization, enhancing your CV and career prospects for life!

Customer Service - Learning Objectives

Our foundation-level Customer Service Deploma Level 4 has been designed to lay a strong foundation, upon which to begin building a rewarding career in a customer service setting. Ideal for candidates looking to continue their studies at a higher level or pursue entry-level positions, Customer Service course content focuses on the fundamentals of contemporary customer service provision. Upon completion of the Customer Service course, candidates benefit from the targeted skills and knowledge needed to step confidently into a variety of Customer Service roles.

Over the Customer Service Diploma Level 4 course of two intensive yet accessible modules, learners are introduced to the concept of customer service provision from a modern business perspective, along with an explanation of essential communication skills, how to meet customers’ expectations and strategies for dealing with difficult customers/situations.

Key skills, talents and knowledge picked up along the way include:

  • A detailed understanding of the importance of quality customer service
  • The confidence to handle challenging customers and difficult situations
  • The ability to nurture and develop meaningful customer relationships
  • Advanced communication skills for customer service applications
  • The opportunity to climb the career ladder in a customer service setting

Customer Service - Course Outline

Our entry-level Customer Service Diploma is delivered over the course of nine insightful modules - each concluding with an online assessment to verify your acquired knowledge and competencies. Your assigned tutor will provide you with comprehensive support at all times, in order to assist with your successful completion of each module.

Module 1 - Customer Services: An Introduction

This module covers the following topics:

  • Elements of Customer Service:
  • Classification of Customer Service
  • Service Quality & Customer Service
  • Effects of Poor Service on a Business
  • Benefits of a Customer-Centred Organization
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Knowing your Customer’s Needs and Requirements
  • Changing Nature of Customer Service
  • Reasons for Developing Long-Term Relationships with
  • Importance of Customer Feedback and Complaints
  • Plus more

Module 2 - Knowledge of customers

This module covers the following topics:

  • Identifying Customer Expectations
  • Listening, Questioning and Confirming
  • Benefits of Meeting Expectations
  • Means of Identifying Customer Needs
  • Triggers and Customer Needs
  • Plus more

Module 3 - How to Develop a Customer Care Strategy?

This module covers the following topics:

  • Involvement of the Top Management
  • The Role of the Manager and the Role of the Leader
  • Important Areas of Focus for Customer Service Strategy
  • Establishing a Customer-Focused Culture
  • Plus more

Module 4 - Implementation of Customer Services Strategy

This module covers the following topics:

  • Marketing a Service Strategy
  • Engender Ownership
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Establish a Steering Group
  • Plus more

Module 5 - Customer Services: Training and Development

This module covers the following topics:

  • Importance of Training and Development in Customer Service
  • Identifying Training and Development Objectives
  • Training and Development Methods
  • Building Customer Service into all Training and Development Activities
  • Plus more

Module 6 - Importance of Good Communication Skills

This module covers the following topics:

  • Importance of Effective Communication
  • Developing A Communication Strategy
  • Communicating Service To External Customers
  • Communication of Service Quality to the Internal Customer
  • Training Material
  • Plus more

Module 7 - Creating Long-Lasting Customer Relationships

This module covers the following topics:

  • Incentives and Loyalty Schemes
  • Sales-Force Automation
  • Marketing Automation
  • Operational CRM
  • The Goal of CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • The Primary Stages of the CRM Value Chain
  • Plus more

Module 8 - Managing Unprofitable Customers

This module covers the following topics:

  • Dealing with Unprofitable Customers
  • Customer Behaviour and Customer Behaviour Database
  • Customer Value Analysis
  • Change Unprofitable Customers into Profitable Customers
  • Evaluating Your Customers’ Value, Segment by Segment
  • Plus more

Module 9 - Benefits of Customer Feedback

This module covers the following topics:

  • Barriers to Listening
  • The Monitoring of Complaints and Compliments
  • The Value of Listening to Customers
  • Monitoring Customer Satisfaction
  • Self-Completion Questionnaires
  • Measuring Customer Loyalty
  • Plus more

Who is this course for?

Customer Service Diploma

This exclusive, fully-endorsed Customer Service Diploma Level 4 is perfect for anyone with a genuine interest in climbing the ranks in a Customer Service setting. Whether looking to secure your first professional position or interested in promotion, targeted studies could prove invaluable. Business owners, entrepreneurs, managers, supervisors and team leaders at all levels could benefit significantly from the teachings of this exclusive distance learning program.

CPD Courses was established to provide ambitious candidates worldwide with access to the highest-quality online courses and training programmes. Study Customer Service in your own time and at your own pace, with no deadlines or time restrictions to worry about. All course materials and learning resources are included as standard, meaning the price you see is the price you pay – no hidden extras at any time. What’s more, every student benefits from the ongoing support of their own personally-assigned tutor, along with the wider CPD Courses student support team.

If you’re ready to take the first important step toward the career you know you’re capable of, CPD Courses is here to show you the way!


Customer Service Diploma

There is no particular entry requirement.

OPTION-I: Endorsed Certificate of Achievement from ABC Awards

At the end of the course, learner can claim an endorsed certificate by paying £95 accreditation fee+postal charges.

Certificate of Course Completion

(soft copy) can be claimed for £15. If you need hard copy of this certificate you will pay £25

OPTION-II: CPD Certificate

Upon successful completion of the course, a fee is payable for a CPD Accredited Diploma in PDF format or hard copy.

CPD Accredited Diploma (PDF format)=£30

CPD Accredited Diploma (Hardcopy)=£85

Postage Charges:

National £9

International £15

Career path

Customer Service Diploma

Upon successful completion of our Customer Service Diploma, candidates may choose to pursue an extensive range of careers including:

  • Customer Care Executive
  • Customer Care Operator
  • Customer Care Representative
  • Customer Care Supervisor
  • Customer Service Associate
  • Customer Service Engineer
  • Customer Service Greeter
  • Customer Service Lead

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