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Course Introduction: The Ultimate Guide to Blender 3D Rigging and Animation

The Ultimate Guide to Blender 3D Rigging and Animation

by 3D Tudor

Course overview

Join 'The Ultimate Guide to Blender 3D Rigging and Animation’ to learn how to use Blender for animation to master most basic, intermediate, and complex functionalities.

The top 6 points about the course:

  1. Following through a full introduction to animating in Blender with basic animations;
  2. Learning how to animate tank tracks so that they stick to any type of terrain;
  3. Creating create handles and drivers to have your tank tracks move realistically;
  4. Mastering the art of character rigging and animating walk cycles;
  5. Finding how to make moths move around a light source using Blender’s particle boid system;
  6. Maximising the benefits of animated textures to create flames and fire streams.

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