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The biases in your perception

The Self-Improvement Blueprint

by Soufiane El Alaoui

Course overview

What you'll learn

  • Discover how and why you pick up bad habits, procrastination or addictions and the tools you'll need to overcome them

  • Discover your unhealthy thinking patterns that compromise your personal or professional endeavors

  • Discover a therapeutic framework to categorize your problems and the critical thinking process necessary to overcome them

  • Discover how to take more responsibility in your personal or professional life

  • Define a meaningful life vision and goals, and discover relevant tools to achieve them

  • Learn how to better manage your emotions, thought processes and behaviors to become proactive in achieving your aspirations

  • Discover how to overcome your fears and limiting beliefs and adopt a growth mindset instead

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Soufiane is a cognitive behavioral therapy practitioner , instructor and certified life coach . With an audience of more than 3.500 students, he’s dedicated to helping people overcome... Read more