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TEFL/TESOL: Welcome to TESOL course

TESOL: Become an English Teacher

by Learndrive

Course overview

TESOL: Become an English Teacher

Unlock Global Opportunities with Our TESOL/TEFL Course!

Ever dreamt of globe-trotting while sharing the power of the English language? Dive into the world of TESOL/TEFL and turn that dream into reality! As English becomes increasingly vital globally, so does the demand for passionate, skilled educators like you.

Why stay in one place when you can explore diverse cultures, listen to myriad dialects, and be a storyteller of your adventures across continents? With this course as your compass, you're all set to embark on a transformative journey of teaching English abroad.

Our TESOL/TEFL course offers more than just theory. It's a deep dive into the practical elements of teaching English. From mastering English grammar and vocabulary to innovating with modern teaching technologies, we've got you covered. You'll also gain expertise in crafting tailored lesson plans and material that resonate with students' unique needs, all while understanding the best methodologies to make your teachings impactful.

So, are you ready to carve a path in the realm of English teaching, touch lives, and collect stories from around the globe? Your gateway awaits!

Learning Outcomes of this TESOL Course:

  • Apply TESOL principles in effective language teaching.
  • Demonstrate TESOL teaching techniques for language skills.
  • Analyze TESOL-related grammar concepts.
  • Construct TESOL-appropriate sentence structures.
  • Evaluate TESOL strategies for teaching listening skills.
  • Employ TESOL methods for enhancing speaking abilities.
  • Apply TESOL strategies to improve reading comprehension.
  • Implement TESOL approaches to enhance writing proficiency.
  • Assess TESOL techniques for mastering pronunciation.
  • Incorporate TESOL classroom management and feedback methods.

The TEFL/TESOL course equips you with both practical skills and theoretical knowledge in English language teaching. From innovative teaching methods and lesson planning to a deep understanding of grammar and effective classroom management, this course readies you to be a standout educator.

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£12 inc VAT (was £15)

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