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What Is Scrum?

Simple Guide To Scrum Video Course


Course overview

Hi, my name is Simon Kneafsey and I am a Professional Scrum Trainer with Scrum .org & TheScrumMaster My clients include Google, NASA, the United Nations, Toyota, Coca Cola and Microsoft.

I have been using Scrum for 15 years. I am on a mission to simplify Scrum for a million people. I have taught over 10,000 people so far and I can help you too.

This video course will simplify Scrum for you. It will help you to start using Scrum with your team and organisation. It will help prepare you for taking an assessment from Scrum .org.

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TheScrumMaster is on a mission to simplify Scrum & Agile for 1 million people. We have helped 10,000+ people so far. Our practice assessments and learning resources have helped 250,000+... Read more