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Variable Names

Python Bootcamp In a day+Python Programming for Beginners

by Pashun Consulting Ltd

Course overview

What you'll learn

  • You will become a Master of Python Programming fundamentals

  • You will Learn how to install Python to get up and running in no time

  • You will learn how to process data to create Olympics Medals Tables in a less than a day

  • A massive boost in confidence applying as a Python Programmer for developer jobs

  • How to solve multiple specific problems for a customer in the real world

  • A complete overview of the basics with exercises to test your knowledge of storing, processing & storing information, working with files and much more...

  • How to be fluent in writing python code and work with all the fundamentals of the language such as a list, string, function, dictionary, array, set & much more

  • How to use Python’s data analysis capabilities to analyse data from a real world data source

  • You will be able to take this course with no prior knowledge and run the steps flawlessly

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