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Property: Welcome to Property Law Level 2

Property Law Level 2

by Learndrive

Course overview

Property Law Level 2

Master Property Law intricacies and navigate the legal landscape confidently. Secure your future with our comprehensive Property Law Level 2 Diploma. Command Property and Land Law with unparalleled expertise.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Outline The Basics of Property Law.
  • Explain core Property Rights.
  • Apply Land Law Principles.
  • Differentiate Unregistered and Registered Land.
  • Assess Taxes in Property Ownership.
  • Analyse Joint Ownership issues.
  • Interpret Bailments and Leases within Property Law.
  • Navigate the requirements of Property Licensing.
  • Critique the Law of Mortgages.
  • Evaluate Property Maintenance Insurance obligations.

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