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What we Learn Here...?

PCB Design Course using Eagle CAD in English

by Swarna Institute of Technology

Course overview

PCB Design and electronics circuit are basements for all type of electronics products. PCBs are derived from the analog and digital circuits which are prepared according to the application required. Printed circuit boards are the main pillars of the Electronics world. Every Electronics products has PCB inside it, from consumer gadgets like computers, smart phones and gaming consoles to industry and even high-tech products.

The key points you are going to learn from this courses are...

  • Basics of Electronics with respect to PCB Design. In brief you will learn about the active electronics components and passive electronics components & circuits.
  • Work with Power Supply Circuit designing and circuit simulation. Waveform analysis and component behavior on various conditions. Application wise circuit design
  • Schematic Creation using Eagle CAD PCB design tool. Initially you will learn about the how to make proper electronics symbols in library of Eagle CAD PCB Design
  • Multi-sheet schematic creation using off page connections and bus connection application. Will learn about the Design Rule Check (DRC) specifically ERC and DRC.
  • Footprint or 2D Layout of the SMD, PTH and BGA components with wide variety of interface connectors. Learn about Bill of Material (BOM) & Component datasheets.
  • Switching from schematic to PCB Board design. Creating the different types of board shapes and size. Import footprints into board design. Setting Layer stalkup
  • Component placement on Top side of the PCB and Bottom side of the PCB. 2-Layer Routing practice. Setting up the Gerber layers for Manufacturing the designed PCB

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