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Power Query Intro and Excel version

Microsoft Office Training Courses

by Coursehub

Course overview

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Complete Microsoft Office (Excel,Word,Data Analysis,Outlook,Access,Windows,Formulas and Functions,PowerBI,Vlookup,Financial Modeling,Power Query) With HR Management & Project Management - All in a Single Purchase.

Do you dream of learning a new skillset for that Microsoft Office job you want? Do you want to upgrade and monetise your existing skills? Do you want an expertly designed, industry-relevant course that you can study anytime, anywhere? Read on!

Take your Microsoft Office Skillset to a new dimension with our industry-standard and profession-aligned courses. Our expert mentors prepared this Microsoft Office Course using advanced resources. It is an excellent opportunity to maximise your Microsoft Office Skill set and gain a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the industry.

The following topics are covered in this Online Microsoft Office Training Courses:

  • Course 01: Microsoft Office Masterclass
  • Course 02: Microsoft Word
  • Course 03: Microsoft Windows
  • Course 04: Excel - Formulas and Functions
  • Course 05: Excel spreadsheet
  • Course 06: Excel Data Analysis
  • Course 07: Excel Vlookup Course
  • Course 08: PowerBI Formulas
  • Course 09: Outlook Tips and Tricks
  • Course 10: Excel - PowerQuery and PowerPivot
  • Course 11: PowerBI
  • Course 12: Quickbooks Desktop 101
  • Course 13: Quickbooks Online 101
  • Course 14: Excel - Power Query
  • Course 15: Excel - Financial Modeling

****Enrol today if you want to know everything about Microsoft Office and increase your dream career skills.****

  • GIFTS Included -
  1. FreeFree Course 01: HR Management
  2. Free Course 02: Project Management

Our instructors share the tools and necessary framework to allow learners to pass all aspects of this course. You will have access to a diverse selection of prominent professional academics and industry leaders. We have packed the entire course with essential insights and examples of both theoretical & practical aspects of Microsoft Office To ensure you excel in your career.

The syllabus is designed considering learner psychology. Every module is a bite-sized piece of understandable interactive learning. You can learn at anytime, anywhere, on any device. The course ensures your professional development with international accreditation.

Why Students Love CourseHUB

  • Course variety:
    Besides this Microsoft Office Course, we have an enormous selection of multi-language course programmes, including mini-courses, diploma programmes, crash courses, career development programmes, and academic courses
  • Self-paced:
    This Microsoft Office Course is a whole new learning experience with a customisable & self-paced course plan
  • Inexpensive and refundable:
    This premium quality course is cost-effective and has a flexible refund policy. Our courses are approximately 25% cheaper than similar courses.
  • Course quality:
    Informative and interactive HD quality audio-visual training sessions relevant to your career, including industry experts' tips, tricks, and hacks. Real-life, project-based active learning for marketable job skills. Quality assurance through peer reviews
  • Learn from anywhere:
    This Microsoft Office Course provides an outstanding learning experience, accessible 24/7 from any of your devices.
  • Build a career and a business:
    Our self-paced professional Microsoft Office Course opens opportunities and gives you the support to become your own boss.
  • Instant feedback:
    We offer assignment evaluations or multiple-choice questions.
  • Outstanding learner support:
    We offer you a committed support team for mentoring via chat, email or telephone throughout the course.

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