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Mastering Scrum: The Complete Guide to Scrum Master Certification

by Angelo Tofalo

Course overview

re you keen on learning more about Scrum and Project Management? Want to pass the PSM I exam on my first try?

Look no further

WELCOME to my Course, where you will learn the Scrum Framework, to become an outstanding Scrum Master and everything you need to pass your PSM exam

You will learn:

  • The Agile Principles and the differences with the traditional model of project management

  • The Scrum Framework: Theory, Values, Accountabilities, Events, Artefacts and Rules

  • Real example of how Scrum works: "A day in the Life of a Sprint"

  • Two of the main frameworks for "Scaling" Scrum to multiple teams working together

  • Scrum practice ! : Agile Requirements, Estimation Techniques, Agile Metrics

  • All the tips, tricks and traps to best prepare for the PSM I exam

  • 2 PSM I exam Simulators (160 High Quality questions)

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