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Moving beyond standard styles

Improve your charts and data visualizations in PowerPoint

by Red F Creative

Course overview

  • Create stunning charts to communicate your message effectively.
  • Use data visualization techniques to improve your PowerPoint charts.
  • Simplify your graphs so the audience doesn't have to work hard to understand your message.
  • Improve your PowerPoint workflow.
  • Understand the basic PowerPoint chart functionality.
  • Use call outs to re-enforce the message or add some supplementary information.
  • Make your charts less generic and help you stand out.
  • Create a unique variations that aren't available as PowerPoint options for charts.
  • Save any graph style as a template to use whenever you want.
  • Add any image into any bar chart, and avoid the image being stretched.
  • Convert to a non-live graph and have virtually limitless possibilities to customize the style and animation.
  • Produce a stunning stacked 3D pie chart that can be fully customized and animated.

Data visualization is very important in presentations because it turns the raw data into something that is simple to understand. PowerPoint graphs and charts are an excellent way to show information visually, allowing an audience to understand and focus on what you are saying. There are lots of types of graph in PowerPoint, so it's important to choose the type of graph that suits your data and simplify your graphs so the audience doesn't have to work hard to understand your message.

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