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HR Management: Module 02 Part 02

HR Management, Confidentiality and Sexual Harrassment Prevention Diploma

by Empower UK Employment Training

Course overview

HR Management, Confidentiality and Sexual Harassment Prevention Diploma

Elevate your understanding of human resources with the HR Management, Confidentiality, and Sexual Harassment Prevention Diploma. This comprehensive course encapsulates vital topics including HR objectives, the sanctity of workplace confidentiality, and preventative measures against sexual harassment.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the core objectives of HR Management.
  • Gain insights into HR management development strategies.
  • Comprehend the significance of workplace confidentiality.
  • Grasp the importance of confidentiality in teamwork settings in HR Management.
  • Learn preventive measures against sexual harassment.
  • Familiarise yourself with organisational policies designed to combat sexual harassment.

This HR Management, Confidentiality and Sexual Harassment Prevention Diploma Includes The Following Courses::

  • Course 01: HR Management
  • Course 02: Workplace Confidentiality Training
  • Course 03: Sexual Harassment Awareness Training

Key Employment Opportunities:

  • HR Manager - £42,774
  • HR Administrator - £23,743
  • HR Coordinator - £27,472

More Benefits:

  • Assignment on HR Management
  • Free Digital Reed Certificate on HR Management, Confidentiality and Sexual Harassment Prevention Diploma
  • Compatible with iPhone & Android Devices
  • Moneyback Guarantee

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